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BDS 264: So That’s Why They Call Him Shady

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Papa John resigns, A’ja Wilson on NBA pay gap, LeSean McCoy accused of setting up ex, David Tepper keeping statue of Mister, Ben Simmons says he’s being stalked by Tinashe, Maria Sharapova losing, Serena winning, concussions, KD goes in a kid’s DMs, Brandon Browner charged with attempted murder, Barry Cofield arrested on that heroin, AJ Francis mother’s ashes spilled, LiAngelo joins JBA, Lebron, D Rose earns money from shoes, Kim K wants Tristan Thompson to unblock her, Becky Hammon promoted, Floyd Mayweather Sr having a kid, Marcus Smart, Pacman delivers the fade, Kermit Washington going to prison, Jeff Fisher, Lamar Odom going to China, one and done must go in NBA, Billy Knight, Kellen Winslow in court, Shaq meets his crush, NFLPA files grievance, NBA free agency will begin sooner next year and Cardinals president wants players to shut up.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jarry Fedora,

    I hope all is well.

    Congratulations to Kawhi on becoming the new Beast of the East and to the Toronto Raptors for actually getting a great player. On princple, the Raptors did DeRozen dirty, but nigga DeMar DeRozens are a DeDime in a DeDozen; Toronto might actually have a chance at making the Finals!

    How long do y’all think it will take Raptors fans to get used to seeing the best player in the East drop 40 in a game and it not be against them? Also, when are the Raptors having their banner raising ceremony for LeBron going West?

    Isiah Thomas getting the veteran minimum from Denver? Damn. It’s a little said see his money get stunt worse than his growth. Maybe he can sign a deal with Big Baller Brand? Have his own line: Small Baller clothing! Perfect for every volume shooter under 5’9 whose had to fight all they life!

    That kid saying that KD ain’t a leader? I could hear that shit burn through his unbrushed soul. Why can’t KD embrace being hated? One of the best comebacks he could have against folks is calling them broke, but instead KD would rather try to duke it out over his leadership qualities?

    Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J Hogan. When I saw this only thing I could think of was nobody gets canceled. Maybe Papa John’s can sponsor wrestling after two years cause I’m sure Vince McMann trump supporting stand for the anthem ass think Papa John was wronged

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod and Jyle Lowry. Your days are numbered, boo. Anyway, Kawhi is finally out of San Antonio and I think he’ll like Toronto. It’s such a cute city! I went there for my 30th bday which was damn near 7 years ago and I definitely wanna go back. Hopefully the young fella will give it a chance. Anyway, I’m glad this email came thru because I’ve literally been giggling for like an hour. Charlie Villanueva was on Twitter and he said they told him the only way he’d be traded was if Michael Jordan came out of retirement. Then he was traded like the next week. I laughed so hard because at that very moment he should have started packing his bags. There was no reason for them to tell such a big lie lmao. Idk why that was so funny to me, but I really had a good laugh about it. I guess that’s just where I am in life. Lol anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend. Smooches!

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  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Hader

    How bad was this dude getting lit up for someone to be mad enough to find all his old tweets in the middle of the all-star game? I mean it’s baseball, so nobody Black even knew who he was to Twitter CSI his ass. Did he just have one of those faces even white folks were like “I bet this nigga says nigga a lot”? Did Papa John leak these tweets? Or was it his agent trying to get him to get picked up by Boston? Just the range of hate was impressive, really hit all corners, a true all-star of bigotry.

    So I’ve been watching folks go in on Toronto all day for apparently going back on the word to Demar Derozan, and maybe I’m tripping but… so? I understand the principle and it’s hard enough for them to sign free agents before this but, Derozan is just not that good. If you have a chance to add Kawhi who was probably the third best player in the league before he got hurt nigga everybody is on the table. I’m surprised they didn’t try to get rid of Lowry too! There’s no LeBron in your conference anymore, you better risk it all and hope Boston and Philly are still too young and you sneak into the finals. It’s not like anyone other than Canuck Duke took you seriously in the first place, what do you have to lose?

    And you had jokes about LiAngelo Ball joining the JBA, but look at him come out and drop 53!!! Who’s laughing now huh?! We don’t have to look at how many shots it took him or how many minutes he played, Neva lost! It’s gotta be the shoes!

    Alright y’all, have a great week. Good luck to Justin when he gets the cops called on him for a hard foul now that it’s on the table for Chase.

  5. KobaX

    Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed when you said ‘it’s true’ about the KD comment lol!! I said the same thing to my brother earlier.. BTW it’s patently absurd that I still laugh at the BDS intro but that goddamn Mario ‘boing’ gets me every time. peace

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