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BDS 266: What’s Going On At The Top Of Things

Rod and Justin are joined by Audrey to discuss listener feedback, Durant gets spicy on CJ McCollum, Ricky Seals-Jones arrested, NFL and NFLPA meeting on kneeling, owners on kneeling, Tom Brady’s dad bod, Julio Jones might hold out, James Harrison on Tomlin, Serena Williams news, Derozan,  OBJ says he’s being extorted, Melo to the Hawks, 50 Cent beefing with Floyd, new NFL sexual harassment suit, Dwight for the HOF, D Wade to China offer, Lamar Odom involved in Hooters shooting, Justin Watkins domestic charges, man impersonates Bruins owner, Vince to the Hawks, Josh Gordon to miss camp, Beasley to Lakers, Steph to Hollywood, Jerome Allen took a bribe, Ryan Lochte gets suspened, Michigan State racist back on the team and Clemson has a striptease video leak.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jurban Meyer,

    Jim Tressel got fired from Ohio State for lying to the NCAA about players selling their own gear to a barbershop. The NCAA ain’t shit, so I understood why Tressel got fired but I think he did the right thing.

    But Urban Meyer? Nigga how are you keeping a dude (Zach Smith) who beat the hell outta his wife on your staff for almost a decade? That’s rhetorical; it’s standard issue toxic masculinity mixed with the abusive coach being Earl Bruce’s grandson (Earl Bruce was a legendary coach at Ohio State)? And those being the only things that kept Smith on the staff cuz folks been known Smith was *not* a good coach? Godfuckingdamnit. Meyer should be fired for this. Ugh.

    Like goddamnit Urban, you can literally hire someone who is actually good at the fucking job that isn’t also a piece of shit. Smith getting drunk and throwing his wife across a room into a wall ain’t a youthful growing pain of a relationship; that shit a precedent.

    Shouts out to Kevin Love for securing that bag off the Cavs! Lord how times change. I’ve gone from roasting this man relentlessly to just kinda accepting him as a 4 who is earthbound, doesn’t play defense and bruises like fresh fruit. I kinda wish Love were a bit of an asshole though and would hop on IG talking about how Isaiah Thomas should climb on top of Love’s wallet, since he’d be eye level with a chanpionship ring and also the closest he’s ever getting to a ring.

    Regarding Isiah Thomas getting an old nigga deal in Denver? In the words of Chicago native and firearm enthusiast Chief Keef, “God you’s a broke boy!” What a Small Baller. Disgusting.

    JNKO Jeans King Michael Jordan once said “Republicans buy shoes too.” Lebron James said, “These kids who fell yhrough the cracks and have been failed by their schools need to learn too. In fact, their parents need help too.” Like…LeBron built a *public* school, no less. This nigga put the systemic issues on trial! LeBron James is the Serena Williams of Philanthropy, goddamnit. And if you don’t fuck with LeBron and you Black? I’m gonna check your hairline and assume you vote Republican.

    Have a great show and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. cocoqt81

    I think my comment disappeared. Lol just wanted to say again last week’s episode was hilarious. I’m sure ya’ll will get to all the stories that made us laugh and cringe this week, so I’ll sit back and listen. Smooches!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, Rod and Jristan Thompson. Just wanted to say last week’s episode was so good. I am here for KD’s sassiness. I’m sure ya’ll are gonna hit all the stories that made us laugh and cringe this week, so I’ll sit back and listen. Have a good weekend. Smooches!

  4. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Meyers

    Man what the entire fuck is wrong with Zach Smith, Urban Meyer and more importantly Ohio State? Being an Alabama fan, I have always thought that Urban was one of the greatest coach around right now. But this coupled with reports about how he treated players at Florida makes me think he’s just an opportunist. While I know college football is an arms race in getting the biggest, fastest niggas to make the populace happy there has to be some limits. He up here acting like if the players are good, they should do what ever they want. Do you guys think paying the players or letting high school graduates would fix this? I mean the amount of money they are making may make the players, coaches, and owners think they are impervious to consequences.

    All right brothers,


    Andre R

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaymond Green

    I don’t understand how anyone can say the Warriors are bad for basketball. We go from roasting the shit outta Dame on his own podcast last week to Donkey getting mushed in the face my Third Trimester Tristan. How are you gonna talk all that shit about being built different then when it’s time to see that man in the streets you’re the one back pedaling? He saw a lanky lightskin nigga from Canada and thought he was a pushover, and now he’s sounding like one of those dudes who shouts they’re from New York before they get punched in the mouth.

    And really gotta shout out Bron man. Everybody is rightly praising him for putting his resources into a school, but the levels that went into it are what blow me away. Job placement and GED options for the parents to help get THEM on their feet is huge. That’s addressing systemic issues that too often go overlooked. Free meals and food pantries for families, your fave could never!

    And on the other side of the coin we have Dak and the Coon, I mean Cowboys. Jerry got rid of that loud mouth nigra Dez and the rest of the darkies haven’t put one toe out of line! But shout out to him being in the homeboy hall of fame and getting his buddy Papa John out of the headlines.

    Alright y’all appreciate the show as always, have a great week. Hope Justin is still talking shit about catching people at the live show with those hands when Audrey’s not there to back him up.

  6. rodimusprime

    Salutations rod da god and j thrill

    First and foremost congrats to the kang! Opening that I promise school! Remember when Michael Jordan had open his school? Me either! I love the fact he has so much going on off the court!

    But speaking of court! You Justin and I are old enough to remember the the nbas 50th anniversary. That’s when they named the 50 greatest players. My question for the panel is do you guys think they will do this again and perhaps name it the 100 greatest players? It’s a list players like bron and Kobe and others deserve to be apart of.

    Shouts to Audrey who did a great job last week! I hope you grace the show one day lol!

    Peace fellas

    Fyah works

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