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SMR 198: Mission Impossible FallOut

Rod and Karen review the 6th movie in the Mission Impossible franchise, “Mission Impossible: FallOut.” We also talk a bunch of new trailers and a couple of your comments.



    08/02/2018 at 5:20 PM

    Fallout is almost my favorite M:I film when compared to Ghost Protocol. Both films are intense, well-directed & compelling. Before I go into the rest my positives of this film, I have to get this off my chest: There’s no reason for Michelle Monaghan to be in this movie. I get why she’s in it, but she amounted to being motivation for Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. Her story ended after M:I 3, so I don’t know why they needed to put her in there.

    That being said, Cruise is soooooooooooooo lying about his age. Does he have a Lazarus Pit at Scientology or something, because his drive, determination & screen presence is amazing to me. Just, wow. Rebecca Ferguson should be Cruise’s replacement, if Tomorrow decides to take a backseat to the M:I franchise. Solid story arc, good fighter, smart & has a similar determination to that of Ethan. I would like to see a M:I film with her, Paula Patton, Maggie Q & Thandie Newton’s characters. An M:I spinoff of sorts. Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Henry Cavill, Sean Harris & Angela Bassett were strong with their parts; however, I would’ve liked to have seen more of her. Pretty much aside from Monaghan & Vanessa Kirby, everyone is good.

    While I did like that final fight between Cruise & Cavill, it just didn’t match that goodness of the one in Ghost Protocol with Cruise & the late Michael Nyquist (John Wick) in that car deployment room. Just thinking about that scene as I write it. Otherwise, Fallout was greatness.

  2. The White Widow plot probably originally had a bigger role but must have gotten cut. In the movie she’s the daughter of Max who was the evil businesswoman big bad of the first Mission Impossible, but they never really did anything with that or even brought it up.

    And Soloman Lane was just one of those white liberals who said Trump’s election would start the revolution. The greater the suffering the greater the peace, Rod.

    Still easy five outta five

  3. Hey Rod & Karen,

    Tom Cruise does it again. This movie was action packed from beginning to end. Tom Cruise must be the best in shape over 50 y/o actor in Hollywood. That running scene was crazy; on top of roofs, through offices, in the streets. I was like DAMN. I loved all the action (fight scenes, car & helicopter chases, etc.). Henry Cavil was great as the “good/bad guy” and I always enjoy Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg as Ethan’s faithful crew. And of course, Angel Basset was a BOSS in this movie, when she bust through that door onto the air field she wasn’t taking any shit from anybody…lol. Now that Baldwin’s dead hopefully Angela will be in the next movie. Also, I agree with you that the ex-wife sub-plot was not needed at all. Peace.

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