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#Walking FTWD: Season 4: 09 People Like Us

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. Selester63

    What up Rod & Karen,

    This episode was a good start to the 2nd half of the season. So, Morgan wants to go back to Alexandria, interesting. I wonder where that storyline is going to lead. I’m looking forward to the new characters that will be introduced and if our crew will find a new home base. Thanks for the late-night recaps. Peace.

  2. Turq

    Hi Guys-

    Monday mornings sucks, but I can always count on your FTWD recaps to make it a little better. Who knew a little smooth R&B and the prospect of a zombie hurricane could make me forget how much corporate America sucks, even if it’s just for an hour.

    Do you guys think Salazar will ever come back? Maybe the hurricane will blow him in the general direction of the group. Maybe Maddie had to kill him. Either way, I hope he comes back because that actor is so good.



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