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BDS 270: Urban Decay

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ohio State scandal, Oscar Robertson selling ring, Tristan vacays with Khloe, D Wade mad at Jimmy Butler, Matt Barnes being toxic, Lamar Odom, Jim Brown defends Trump, NBA therapy, RPI being replaced with NET, Serena tops female athlete earnings, Simone Biles gets all the gold, Tiger vs Phil, Knicks fan sells fanhood, Ginobili might retire, Big 3 awards, ESPN scared of politics, Frederick diagnose, Texan cheerleader scandal, AD says he’s not too old, Bob Lamey said the n-word, Maryland wants to honor Jordan McNair, Incognito arrested, Raptors try to trick Kawhi, Klay’s daddy messing up the price, Aaron Hernandez and baseball news.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Joja Cat,

    I hope all is well.

    Did either of y’all see the last episode of LeBron’s show “The Shop”? I haven’t, but I have seen that:

    – It has raised JL Cauvin’s blood pressure, shouts out to Jerrod Carmichael or whatever that wack nigga’s name is

    – LeBron said he had to get used to liking white people (and that he did that at St. Vincent St. Mary is no small feat)

    – It’s a low key flex for a man whose hairline is only 2 years old to have a show based in a barbershop

    Needless to say, I plan on watching the whole first episode. But while I was on the timeline seeing folk’s reactions to the show, I heard the familiar sound of a Uncle Ruckus’s signatur tuba notes played in the key of coon sharp. Which could only mean one thing: Jason Whitlock had thoughts about LeBron’s show. Now I know it seems like Whitlock was outright lying when he said that he’s gone to Black barbershops before, but what if he was telling the truth? Maybe him and other coons get their lineups done with a vibrating brick at such barbershops like Uncle Tomz or Grate Clips? I see he finally stopped hiding his moonroof hairline under those stupid ass hats.

    The French Open tried it with Serena. Racist ass, sexist ass bastards. How dare they pull this shit and cause Serena to have to take time outta her day that could’ve been spent posting more adorable pics of Olympia on the ‘gram to call up the French Open and remind those stank ass bastards that truth be told, they [CLAP] work [CLAP] for [CLAP] her [CLAP].

    And speaking of putting somw goddamn respect on a Black woman’s name? The WNBA players starting salary is regular, work a 9 to 5 nigga money and that is insulting. You had LA bounced outta the playoffs after flying across the country like Jack Bauer cuz they gotta fly commercial? Nigga what? Do they make commercial planes full of nothing but exit rows or does everyone have their knees jammed up flying with the commoners? If they can get paid real money in Europe, we have no excuse to short change these women over here. There is no reason a world class athletes like Candace Parker or Diana Turasi or Brittany “Miss Steal Yo Girl” Griner should be out here ever making less than a 9 to 5.

    Have a great show, weekend and holiday y’all. Can’t wait for the live show and goddamn I am happy for you and Karen!


  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Wow, wow, wow, Justin really is problematic. I thought you all was playing, because I never heard him say anything particularly problematic until today when he said Angela Yee and Awakafina are the same. Ni**a! Lol, Angela Yee is half black. (Still love you Justin.)

    Did you hear about Serena Williams’ catsuit being called disrespectful and uniforms like that being banned by the French guy in charge of the tennis federation?

    “PARIS (AP) — Serena Williams will no longer be allowed to wear her skin-tight black catsuit at the French Open.

    The French Tennis Federation president, Bernard Giudicelli, says the tournament that Williams has won three times is introducing a dress code to regulate players’ uniforms because “I think that sometimes we’ve gone too far.”

    In an interview in Tennis Magazine’s 500th edition, Giudicelli singled out the figure-hugging black suit that Williams wore this year at Roland Garros and said made her feel like a superhero.

    Giudicelli said: “It will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and the place.”

    He said Roland Garros’ new rules won’t be as strict as Wimbledon’s, which require that players wear white, but will “impose certain limits.”

    Many player uniforms for 2019 have already been designed but Giudicelli said the FFT will be asking manufacturers for an advance look at them.” —


    I could say so much on this, but it would be a waste of oxygen at this point. We know what’s up.

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Job Lamey

    You wanted to know how that Colts announcer used the N-Word? He was re-telling a story he heard when he used to work at the racetrack. Apparently he asked if anyone was holding back their speed and the guy he worked with said “There aren’t any niggers in this race.”.What does that even mean?? And why are you telling a Black woman that story at work? White people be so pressed to use the word context doesn’t matter as long as they get to say it. But wait, this story gets better.

    Not only did my man get fired from his job on the Colts, but Black Twitter CSI came through and they tracked down the original dude who said the N-word and HE got fired from HIS gig on WISH-TV in Indianpolis this week. How pissed do you have to be that ol buddy couldn’t read the room, and got you fired over him repeating something you said 40 years ago? This tea is so delicious, I love it!

    And here goes the French Open bringing all the hateration and stopping Serena from wearing her catsuit? Yes the racism and them trying to Tigerproof shit is ridiculous, but bruh why do we ALL have to suffer because y’all are in your bullshit becky feelings? The people want to see greatness in all its skin tight forms and y’all on the 53% program that ain’t helping anybody. Meanwhile Sharadopa out here competing with a whole ass bionic arm as the Winter Soldier and she’s good. Serena trying to stop blood clots and let the bounty of that booty breathe, and she’s disrespecting the game. I hope she shows up in a dress next year and beats all their asses again.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      Amani, I think Serena could beat their asses wearing her pajamas and head scarf.

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