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1745: Lauryn And Serena

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Rod and Karen discuss Lauryn Hill’s late clap back, Serena’s catsuit banned from French Open, Taking Out The Trash, woman kills roommate, man installs hidden camera in woman’s room, man has sex with corpse and sword ratchetness.

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  1. trey_swindu744

    Thanks for this episode Rod and Karen! Absolutely loved what y’all said about Serena ,her sister and their father – that’s love ,all of it!

    Also loved what you said about Lauryn’s response to Glasper -she pretty much explained everything concisely and clearly ! I just wish she had been able to part from that Marley boy sooner than she did,but because he was still the father of her children I know that’s something that’s not always the easiest thing to do. I think that’s one of the many main problems she had to deal with that caused a heavy burden on her life . As a fan I hate to see that even Lauryn has to deal with an ‘ain’t shit nigga’ too..lol I wish peace and happiness to her though,always!

    Thanks Rod and Karen!

  2. kccolon10

    The commercial about Serena made me tear up. It’s always crazy until you do it. Sometimes no one sees the vision that you have for your life. No one understands why you train as hard as you do, why you sacrifice as much as you do, why you try as hard as you do for a pipe dream. But when the dream becomes reality, they still want to knock you down. And for Serena to become one of the best athletes of our time, if not EVER, and for people to continue to disrespect her as an athlete, woman, parent, African-American, it can be so depressing.

    But when you are greatness, there’s no time for mis-steps. There’s no time to feel sorry for yourself, or to lash out at the naysayers. You just have to keep pushing, keep breaking boundaries, keep holding your head up and keep trampling over your enemies. I cannot tell you what her last game was like, what her tennis racket looks like, but I can tell you that her character shines through on and off the court. I’m thankful for Serena, because she gives me, an African-American woman, so much hope on what my future holds.

  3. gatorboy_speaks

    Nigga I almost died with the story about the camera. You said he went and threw the camera box in the trash like they will never look here…. All I could think was that that white man been sitting at his computer jacking off since he put that camera up. He didn’t want to miss a single titty. That garbage has been in his house for those 3 months. I literally couldn’t see I was crying laughing so hard. And that’s why I fuxks with yall. Stay safe fam.

  4. bamil73

    Karen and Rod

    Full disclosure. Over the past few years, I have also engaged in the clowning on Lauryn’s lateness to concerts. It seemed to be all in good fun, playfully berating people who in the 2010’s, actually paid money to see her perform, then complained about her lateness. We all were supposed to know that a Ms. Hill concert will start 3 hours late.

    The stuff from Robert Glasper was different. It seemed very mean spirited. It seems like he wanted to to put in doubt, the greatness of the Mis-education. It’s greatness is without question. When The Score came out, I was still using cassettes so I wore that motherfucker out because I played it constantly. Who could forget her track on the Love Jones soundtrack. Then came Mis-Education, all by the time she was 23. The only thing I excelled in at 23 was chain smoking menthol cigarettes (I know, stereotypes are a motherfucker).

    There is a meme going around that on one side, names a track by Beyonce and lists all the credited songwriters. On the other side, it names a track by Queen, and lists one songwriter, Freddy Mercury. The implication is that Mercury is more talented than Beyonce because, presumably, he didn’t need a bunch of songwriters to help him make a hit. Inherent in this meme is the basic racist and misogynistic premise that a white man is a far superior artist to a black woman. This simplistic narrative doesn’t acknowledge the fact that all songwriting is collaborative, or that a singer like Beyonce, even when working with other songwriters, is the final arbiter of the finished product. This kind of disrespect is part and parcel of the revisionism that Glasper is attempting with that interview. Admittedly, Lauryn made the mistake of engaging in a collaborative process and not laying out the terms explicitly, leaving the door open for the kinds of challenges she experienced. Maybe this is why when you look at Beyonce’s track listings, every body and their mother has a songwriting credit. She is leaving nothing to chance. Lauryn made the mistake and she paid the price. This should put the whole episode to bed, you would think. When we talk about genius, we are loathe to credit women in general, and black women in particular as geniuses. That litlle nigga named Nas had one hot album (well maybe two) and has been spitting bullshit for damn near 20 years, and people still regard him as one of the dopest MC’s alive. Nobody questions his songwriting ability, or the provenance of his great early works even though he has yet to replicate them. Why can’t Ms. Hill be regarded the same way? She should be allowed to rest on her laurels.

    On another note, for all those french cats throwing shots at Serena, they only get half a bar, fuck them niggas.


  5. FalconsDiva

    On Ms. Hill:
    Unlike the Luvvie letter, I was glad you read all of Ms. Lauryn Hill’s response to the nonsense. Rod, I have officially joined the Ant Hill! I am one who loved, loved, LOVED her MTV Unplugged release. I used to get on my friend’s nerves playing that. I remember my sister was going through some shit with her husband and I told her to put I Gotta Find Peace of Mind on repeat. Dang, I had to stop and listen to that again – she was so raw and vulnerable on that release.

    The last time I saw Ms. Hill live in concert, she was at an intimate venue here in Atlanta. I don’t know why, but I looked at the reviews on ticketmaster before going. This was before social media was popping like it is today. God must have told me to look… I saw that she was starting 2 hours late. So my friend and I went out for drinks and walked up in the spot right before she came on stage. This spot has seats but also a standing area. We walked right into the middle of the crowd and had an amazing time. Lately she’s been coming to spots that will shut it down at a certain time so I don’t go. Plus EYE am very particular about stuff starting on time. If I’m sitting there and someone is late, my disposition is all messed up and I can’t enjoy the show. The last time I saw India Arie in concert, she pulled a Ms. Hill… When she did come out, the show was amazing but it took the first 3 songs to get MY chakras back in line. So that was my last India Arie show. But I still love both India and Ms. Hill.

    On Serena:
    I think what grinds my gears the most is that those mofos intimated that she does not respect the game!!! I was right with Queen Karen – SHE LEARNED FRENCH FOR YOU BITCHES!!! When she is on it’s must see TV for me. After her Wednesday night match, the on-court interviewer actually asked about her grandbaby – Qai Qai. I hollered when that uptight white lady with her British (I think) accent said Qai Qai. I get so tickled when they post videos of Olympia and Qai Qai – Serena got her baby a black baby doll and named her Qai Qai! I love it!!!

  6. Jaris Cole

    Hey Morrows,

    I’m outside of the US but left a 5-star review and comment on iTunes. Hopefully y’all get it!

    Loved this episode!

    – Jaris

  7. Mel's brother Mel

    Two things struck me with RG’s commentary. The first was that the men he named who were “cool” are statistical outliers in terms of both output and ability. Like real talk, he named men who are far greater than him in every quantifiable measure and then says she hasn’t done enough because she isn’t a statistical anomaly like them. The other thing is that he never mentioned the other women he’s worked with in terms of contextualizing what is to work with Miss Hill (aka the queen Ant of this here Hill). Like, dude has worked with Erykah Badu, Ledisi, and Lalah Hathaway but didn’t even put them in the rankings when talking about people who have “done enough” to merit deference. I mean, I know a lot of jazz heads are steeped in misogyny and patriarchy, but bruh, I can’t take your argument seriously if you won’t even say the name of one of the other few black women you have worked when talking about / down to another black woman. And yeah…. she was reaching with that lateness equals respect line, but, I do totally see her side of the story.

  8. ogreen32

    There’s really nothing left to say . Ms. Lauryn Hill came through and shut it down. And for the people who feel differently…show me the lie. I’m thankful she came out and set the record straight. I hope folks notice that she never called any one by name nor did she get negative. She hit folks with fact after fast and any one who had issues with those I can guarantee are sitting in a quiet corner on hush. Good on her .

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