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1749: Basic Bagels

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s Random thoughts, Geoffrey Owens, In and Out Burger, Kaepernick, Kyle Greene, Papa John’s, Taking Out The Trash, woman convicted of killing her boyfriend, KY man fakes heart attack, negative review leads to drive by shooting, teen ridiculed for paying in coins and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    There was so much to process in this episode. You’re not kidding about Everything Bagels. When I had an office job and someone would bring bagels in, the everything bagels was the last to go. One day I fucked around an didn’t get to the bagels on time and my only option was the everything bagel. So I tried it because a bitch was hungry. Anyway, it tasted like hot trash and I got poppy and sesame seeds in my teeth. Man, fuck that bagel. And Trader Joes has the nerve to sell Everything Bagel seasoning. For what? Ew.

    Speaking of Trader Joe’s. There’s no shame working there. In fact its one of the few retailers that has a great reputation with its employees and pays decent wages and benefits. I ain’t never seen an unhappy worker at Trader Joes. I think Karen hit the nail on the head when she said people want to feel superior to other people which is why he was being job shamed. It’s also about jealousy. They see this man who was in this really popular show and think he must have a really great life and he’s getting paid a lot of money. But then you see him in Trader Joe’s and you suddenly feel better about your own shitty life. I think that’s where a lot of that comes from. It reminds me of when I worked in building where Herb from Peaches and Herb was a security guard. I didn’t realize it was him. I’d see him and speak and he was cool. It wasn’t until someone told me it was him did I recognize him. It seemed that the person took glee in the fact that Herb was a security guard and even then I knew there was something fucked up about it. Better to have an honest living than being strung out somewhere on the streets like Eddie Kane.

  2. Croissantra

    Hey Rod & Karen,
    I was really happy to see all the positive support for Jeffrey Owens after people were shaming him for working retail. The people that saw him should have just kept it pushing. At least he got some paid for his interviews and now is signed to do 10 episodes of a Tyler Perry show. Not that I condone that type of behavior but in the end it worked out for him. I use to work in a high end natural market/whole foods store and we had famous people come in pretty frequently. Bam Margera from Jackass came in a lot… Nobody took pictures, nobody harassed him while shopping, not even other customers. We also use to get Rip Hamilton the basketball player and his dad in the store, same thing. There use to be comradry when seeing famous people in places, or maybe it;s my social circle. I feel like social media has really changed the way we view others and view ourselves in proximity to fame.
    P.S. If you ever do go to New York, there’s a great place called Bagel Boss. There’s one in the city and one in Long Island and it’s pretty dope.
    Thanks for the podcast. Love y’all
    – Cassandra

  3. Fosworld23

    Rod you had me crying on Episode 1749 talking about your “Fun-eral” then you made me spit my drink out sounding like Julius from Everybody Hates Chris telling Karen about ways you could die! This podcast seriously gives me life! Keep doing what you do and I appreciate all that you and Karen do! Can’t wait for the Live Show! And YES that Everything Bagel is straight trash!!!

  4. Marguerite

    So I’m literlly choking on my IN-N-OUT burger…I guess I should have listened before lunch!! Fuck man I can do shit! Ima have to make my own clothes and grow my own food. Thanks guys for fuckin up my lunch.

  5. D Ramsey PhDone

    Just started listening to #1749 Basic Bagels and I am here for the outside Fune!
    Playing spades,Uno, and Monopoly, while my dad/uncles BBQ and drink brown liquor is everything!

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