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TTM 41: High-Like

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod and Bassey! I hope you guys are well! Last week’s episode had me howling every couple of minutes. Like, the smallest things in this show are hilarious. The neighbor who said he didn’t have a dog took me down when he sipped that drink. It’s just the little things with this show. Anyway in regards to Tiffany vs the rest of them. They are wrong for how they haven’t really embraced Tiffany’s pregnancy. And even though she wouldn’t have let them plan her shower, they still should have offered. (Planning/hosting baby showers is the worst, real talk) Kelli, did offer and of the crew she was really the one who should have. So, Tiffany was wrong as fuck for how she handled Kelli considering that’s supposed to be her ace. Tiffany is also doing that thing that a lot of women do when they get married and have kids. She’s finding other married women with kids to hang with. And honestly, shes gonna need other Moms for play dates and shit, and just to have someone that can relate to her. That being said, sometimes they go too far and really push away the single friends and treat them as less valuable since they don’t have the hubby and kids….and that’s really fucked up. Anyway, I really love that this show is highlighting real shit. Love and friendships are messy at times and this show really depicts that in an honest way. I stan! Okay, this was long enough! Good luck on the live show, Rod! I really wish I could be there, but our fiscal year ends this month and I got hella sites to visit before October 1, so I just couldn’t take the weekdays off. I’ll catch the next one! Smooches! -cocoqt81

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Just a few thoughts on Dro’s open marriage.

    This weeks’ episode Tiffany revealed that Candice is pregnant. The look on Molly face told me she is crushed. Dro’s old finding Nemo looking ass is obviously keeping what “He and His wife do” to himself.

    When Dro initially told Molly that he was in an open marriage, I didn’t believe it; It seemed that Molly, and most viewers, went along with this story without questioning it. The writers on the show has kind of help us move our eye off that ball. I’ll explain in a minute.

    But If by some chance I am wrong, and Candice does know, I am willing to bet Candice doesn’t know Molly is the one Nemo is dicking down. Molly has willfully believed Dro. Molly and Dro may have called it quits for now, but this isn’t over.

    This is how I believe Dro has been able to play both sides…

    For Candice, He has been able to spin spending so much time with Molly because they grew up together and are just “friends”. Dro has made it seem they are buddies and Molly isn’t a threat to Candice.

    For Molly, Dro has been able to keep her at ease with his one sided open marriage, because whenever Candice calls, he answers the it in front of Molly and tells Candice that his is “at Molly’s”. That makes it seem like Candice is aware they are fucking. And that was enough for Molly to believe Dro told her the truth. Notice the semantics of ” I’m at Molly’s” vs. “I’m with Molly”, It is that small detail at a subliminal level. Well, at least that is what I remember when this affair began.

    Now that Candice is pregnant, I can’t wait to see how the Dro and Molly show plays out.

    Thoughts on this weeks episode…

    Anyone catch that one of those crazy crew women seemed a little too familiar with Tiffany? What if Tiffany is gay. So many on social media have suggested that her husband maybe, what if the script is flipped.

    Kelli, always the scene stealer, and I am here for it! I don’t blame her for leaving the party early. My feelings would have been hurt too.

    It was good seeing Issa and Lawrence’s growth and able to be happy.

    And Nanceford, better not ghost Issa or he is canceled! He is probably a serial killer anyways.


  3. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    Rod, thanks for recommending Animals. It is the most adorably disturbing show on TV. Also, thanks for talking so much shit about Ballers. I had to see if it was as bad as you made it sound. I was rewarded by getting to see the Rock’s butt cheeks. It’s like Christmas came early this year.

    On to Insecure: they have really knocked the show out the park the last two episodes. It’s hitting so many good emotional notes relating to the growing pains of adult friendships. I like that they are adding depth to Tiffany and Kelli’s characters since those actresses are very talented.

    I missed Chad like a motherfucker. He took me out when he hit that falsetto singing the chorus of “Reasons.” I need more of him interacting with everyone.

    I hope somebody punches that nigga Dro in the throat because he is THEE ABSOLUTE WORST. Also, I hope someone punches Molly in the throat for being so pressed over Dro and that baby. It’s like Molly is addicted to disappointment.

    And Lord or whichever God(s) is real, please watch over Issa’s dumb ass. Everytime she is with Nanceford something goes terribly wrong. The Universe is trying to tell her ass to stay far, far away from him, but I guess she’s too dickmatized to see it. This fool is about to let that man ruin her life like Bobby did Whitney’s, SMH.



  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    I just read a tweet from Matthew Cherry that made me realize that Nathan is a scammer . It’s starting to point to that -Rod I don’t know if you remember you and Karen talked about a news story on a TBGWT episode about an Uber or Lyft driver who was pulling a scam where he would say there passengers got sick and threw up in the back of their car but they really didn’t. So of course the driver is scamming for money to clean out their car. I think that Kaycan confirmed this in the chat that some drivers try to pull this scam.

    Whose to say that Nathan has been doing a similar scam in starting fake fights with friends-who are in on the scam from jump too. He could be claiming bodily injury from the fights and trying to get settlement money from the incident!

    Now even worse ,what if ALL of this fools friends are scam artist too and the Asian dude who is trying to holler at Molly is in on it too!!! Fuuuuuuck I was rooting for that Asian dude too,dammit!!!

    But I wonder if he truly liked her or was she a mark to him the whole time and that’s why he went ghost on her.

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey,


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Another great episode ,wow Lawrence was out there thotting and messed around and caught dick roaches….lol. Now I hope these fools are happy now they actually put something in there about condoms -holy shit!

    Lmao at Chad singing “Reasons” and his girl leaving him.
    “Chad didn’t you do the same thing she did”….lol

    How the hell is Tiff gonna have a whole other group of new friends – The Crazy crew -bitch what the fuck!…lol

    That conversation between Lawrence and Issa was nice and organic -loved it! Loved that a situation that could have gone bad didn’t go that way.

    Tiffany’s pictures were hilarious and she was so extra. She did have a good point about Issa and them not throwing her a shower but hey they also had a good point about how Tiffany wouldn’t have let them do it.

    Dro is still trash asf!

    Kelli is still the best ,lord did she have the best lines again from this episode:
    “You better midnight train these mother fuckers to the table”

    “Issa told me you can’t read”

    Issa wasn’t shit for that Kelli impersonation by the way hahahaha

    “He don’t have his voicemail set up? He a nigga.” Molly
    Nathan is starting show he’s got issues how is he just gonna ghost on Issa ! Does this nigga have warrants or something wtf!

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey


  6. SymSymma

    Hey Rod & Bassey! This episode was hilarious! I legit squealed when I saw Thug Yoda. I screamed when I saw Chad. His face when Lawrence and Issa saw each other was my face too. I keep waiting for Molly to have reckoning and I hope it is next episode. She seems so insecure and like she is searching, but goes to therapy and still refuses to be honest with the therapist and herself. If we get a more Lawrence centered episode next week, I will be hoping for a Kelli episode to come soon. When she said “you whole milk drinking bitch” I did the sitcom laugh and run around my apartment. Natasha Rothwell is a national treasure and we must protect her at all costs.

    Thank you both for the recaps, laughs, and insights.

  7. Mitch

    Hey Rod & Bassey! I love the recaps! I loved this episode of Insecure! I was so happy to see Thug Yoda ( ThugYoda is played by Tristain J. Winger, not the Madison dude who was tried and failed to put Issa on blast.) that made me happy! Molly works a true nerve trynna do the most! I feel like she needs to just calm her tits and let Taurean do the work that we know he’s gonna take credit for anyway. If I were to go on a trip with my girls I know I’d be the one to take an edible and be fussin cause Im laughin. Lastly, I wanted to believe that Lawerence wouldnt return.. but here we are. I just hope Issa is smarter about how she approaches her relationship with him in the next episode.

    Love the show! Keep up the great work! I cant wait for This is Us!

    Love the show! Keep up the great work.

  8. fyahworks

    Hey guys, this was a really good, funny ep! It was good to see the girls together! This episode felt like a family reunion! We got chad, thug yoga and Lawrence. I won’t lie it caught me off guard, but I should have seen it coming! There’s no one her & nathan were gonna live happily ever after

    Love the recaps


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