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TTM 44: Ghost-Like

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey! I’m gonna jump right in :

    I really hope that Randall isn’t about to Randall the fuck out, especially now that Beth is unemployed and will need some support from him. That councilman is holding firm to the “hairline” left on his head so his stubbornness will be a match for Randall’s. It would be best for Randall to just prop up somebody else who already lives in the area and wants to run against that councilman .
    Deja breaking Randall’s windshield showed that she wanted to cause HIM specifically a lot of emotional pain. They haven’t really addressed how much resentment she has to have for him to hurt him like that. AND she did it with a bat that she learned had some meaning to him earlier that day. That lil girl is vicious and I don’t know how Randall gets any sleep at night when she could be plotting on him. She might decide to slip some arsenic in the powder he puts in his smoothies. Only reason I know that he survives her is the flash-forwards.
    Rebecca agreed to move to New York with an OLD boyfriend 15 seconds after she and his mama JUST talked about how not following a man around and sticking to her own path was the best decision to make. I’m glad that Malcolm In the Middle’s mom was honest with her. She a real one for wanting the best for Rebecca despite what it would mean for herself. She didn’t lie to her just to secure a great daughter-in-law like many other people do. I feel like she’s the type of woman who would tell other women straight up if her son wasn’t shit.
    Jack Pearson. That man is pretty great at this “human” thing. I love how he never got angry at Rebecca for the situation with her ex, he offered to answer any questions Kevin had about a painful part of his life, and he tried to save his mom from his dad. He could’ve been the worst person in the world before he came back from the war, but I will brush off almost anything just because of who he turned out to be for the rest of his life.
    Kate’s dream/hallucination/purgatory visit threw me because in what world does Jack Pearson appear to you and not really interact with you in a meaningful way? With Kate’s feelings surrounding Jack you’d think that she’d stop talking to her selves and have some poingnent conversation with him that helps with the direction of her life. I also thought it was strange that she didn’t hug him at first until I remembered the superstition about not touching people who have died when they show up in your dreams. If this wasn’t just a dream then I take it to mean that Jack is now a really nice angel who went down to purgatory just to visit his cause of death Kate so he could say hi and give her her favorite ice cream.

    Thanks for doing the show, and I’m glad y’all share your thoughts on it with us!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    First and foremost they better not turn Beth into a hardcore alcoholic because she deserves so much more than that as far as the show writing goes because I’m not sure if you guys noticed the camera did a slight zoom in on the glass and the bottle when Beth was drinking in those two scenes in episode 3. If they had shown her drinking in one scene that would have been just a random thing ,but to show it twice they could be hinting at possible alcoholism. And of course Beth would be justified in drinking having to deal with Randall’s bullshit.

    Speaking of Randall’s bullshit that Councilman guy seems like he’s going to start some shit with Randall-dude had a whole dossier on Randall. It had me wondering if he had something to do with Beth getting fired at her job..lol. That would be some shit that Randall would cause if you think about it…lol. Randall please be better for Beth sir, she is going to need you and you might lose her if you don’t .

    I hate that the conversation between Toby and Randall in the hospital got cut short. That seemed like a good conversation I definitely wanted to here on the show. I’m really feeling for a Toby not being able to take his meds,you can definitely see the effect it has on him.

    With Kevin seeking out Jack’s Vietnam buddies I hope we finally get some info on Jack’s brother , that still kills me that all we got was his name and he went to Vietnam with Jack. Shoutout to Beth telling the truth on her family member…Yeah so uh Kevin she ain’t shit and she will break you..lol.

    Also -Ball so hard ..lol that Ballers finale was actually good.what did y’all think?

    Anyway thanks Rod and Bassey,


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Loved the Insecure recap. The discussion on Nathan’s mental illness was excellent. Andrew is too good for Molly, but I want him back on the show, so I support the potential coupling.

    The third episode of This is Us was filled with things I loved — Jack, Jack and Rebecca, Toby and Randall talking, and the de-aging William.

    It had things I didn’t like — I had to take Kate’s side against Randall because he came at her too hard and too wrong. He has the right to be angry, but he should not have approached Kate or the situation that way (Kate being Kate all but managed to snatch my support of her away with her). Beth getting fired and told she was of no value to her company. Randall making unilateral decisions with no thought to how his actions impact Beth. It also had Miguel ruining the episode with the mere mention of his name.

    Things that were interesting to think about — Kevin realizing he knows nothing about Jack. Kate doesn’t know that Toby takes medication (this goes back Toby’s parents and astute viewers questioning if Toby and Kate were really a couple or if Toby was playing the role of Atlas). Beth is tiring of the never-ending Randall train of need (we saw the foundation for this be laid last season and William saw it). If our favorite Pearson doesn’t step up, he might just lose his wife. Kate hovered near death because she almost allowed Teen Kate’s guilt over Jack’s death to pull her away from the now she’s wanted for so long. I get it because alive Jack means no guilt and no massive weight gain for Kate.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    Kate really did figure out the cheat code, didn’t she? You can go on a rant and bring the mood of the room down at your birthday party because TECHNICALLY everything actually IS all about you. And she is a whooooole bitch for thinking that she’s the only one who can pass on a piece of Jack. The way that comment came out of her and her reluctance to even think about walking it back when Kevin got offended shows that she really meant that shit. Randall has a right to be angry because, first of all, what the fuck? And secondly, she NEVER specified that she was talking about passing on a PHYSICAL piece of Jack. Kevin gave her a pass and even with him, she only apologized for hurting his feelings. She could save herself a lot of side-eyes by saying that she meant that she’s the only child of Jack who’s really in a POSITION to pass down a physical part of Jack and everyone could be upset about it but it would be more accurate. That’s not at all what she meant, though, and she did everything she could to keep her title of The Worst at the beginning of this season.

    Beth is going to kill Randall. I see the half-formed ideas he keeps coming up with in his head. If he tries to do too much behind the rec center like move his family so he can run for office, those girls are gonna grow up in a single-parent household until Beth picks out a new man. Also, I knew Beth was being real with Kevin about Zoe because she actually told Kevin to his face that he’s funny. She’s denied it for two whole seasons.

    I need the woman/women they keep referencing in the flash-forwards to be Rebecca (because old) , Kate (because terrible), or some woman we haven’t met yet who I won’t care too much for. I’m sitting here praying that the Sweet Chariot didn’t swing low and take Beth, Annie, or Zoe on home. However many years have passed would be plenty of time for relationship dynamics to change so they could be talking about anyone when they’re playing The Pronoun Game with the audience.

    That’s all until I see the next episode.
    Thanks, guys!

  5. rodimusprime

    LOL @ Issa being slightly upset at Molly not taking her to Mexico. No girl Im not your man!

    HOLD DA FUCK UP!!! Idk whether to be mad or proud at Molly for turning Nathan away. You know what, I’m mad. BITCH, I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!! How you gonna turn away the one opportunity I had for finding out how this nigga came back from death, cause obviously he lost his life and came back just for me, cause that’s the ONLY reason why his ass ain’t hit me back. Regardless of whether or not you thought that was the best thing for me, it’s my decision to make!! Had his ass not come back, we would’ve exchanged some serious fighting words.

    Kelly has knocked me THE FUCK OUT!!! She would’ve kept the last baby though??? I almost died. I paused, rewound, and played it again cause she’s CRAZY!! I’m glad she’s the godmother though. Kelly is the goddamn best.

    Molly has easily become the most unlikable character in the show. I just don’t understand how she can be so dumb and ignorant.

    But I’m really writing in to talk about Issa and Nathan. I can’t tell you how much I am TRIGGERED. You see that Nathan means what he’s saying, and the words sound so good coming out of his mouth, but your soul just tells you that if he left so easily once, you can never depend on him again. You know that the old Issa would’ve just let him kiss her for the comfort of it all, just so she knows that he wants her. But she didn’t let him. It’s like she grew up this season, and got just a little bit more secure. On the contrary, Molly seems like she’s gotten more insecure over the season. It’s like she was the token black at the other firm, but when you are surrounded by black excellence, how do you stand out? Some may say that you don’t compare yourself to others, some may not know, but Molly raggedy ass definitely don’t have a clue. My fault, this part is about Issa. Back to Issa, my girl said what was on her mind, and I’m proud. And when she left Nathan, she finally unpacked her things. She’s getting used to the idea of being alone. And for the first time, she doesn’t seem like she’s just suffering through, she might actually enjoy it! This is why it was important for her to take that job, because she lost her independence along the way, and the job gave her the ability to stand on her own two feet, even if she has to get roaches out the wall. I have to tell you, this was a hard season for me to watch, specifically for Issa’s storyline. To watch the downturn with Daniel, and see her ghosted by Nathan was really too much. And even Lawrence ending up with the divorced woman that was helping Issa took my breath away. But after watching Issa literally unpack her life and laugh at the end of that very intense interaction with Nathan, I just know my girl is going to be alright. Even if she doesn’t end up happily ever after with Lawrence.

    Well, that was long enough. Thank you R&B for another delightful season of Insecure reviews. I may not write in all the time, but you both certainly give me something to look forward to during the season. See y’all for TTM – This is Us edition!!


  6. Sean

    Greatest feedback show.

    I love how you address the work-social connection. Issa is at a job which was trying to be a savior, “helping the community” without actually listening to what anyone was saying (sound like her relationship with Lawrence?). Molly is in a job where she goes from client to client, when a case is over she may never see that client again, and she has never been the lead (sound like her relationships?). Lawrence has gone through the cycle of nothing, to rebuilding an employment record, to fast-paced tech (depression, recovery, mania anyone?).

    This season started the trip back to seeing where Lawrence and Issa were before Lawrence’s depression and Issa’s pore coping that started off season 1. We not only saw it with their interactions with eachother, Sho’nuff, we also see it with their new relationships. Issa getting in with another bipolar dude with dreams of grandeur, while Lawrence has just started a relationship with someone looking to help the community who probably lost her husband because she cheated (it would fit the pattern, and give Lawrence an out to end that relationship and come back to Issa in a season or two).

    Meanwhile, Molly is stepping into unknown territory being the sole lead in a case and in her personal life, showing us that there may be a way out of our own negative cycles. Their other friends are also important, but damn their are so many legit interesting storylines, each character could have their own show, except Chad and Dro.

    I am so looking forward to your This is Us feedback shows. Y’all are the best.

    • Sean

      Sorry, one last thing… did they ever actually say that the father of Candice’s baby was Dro?

  7. Preston

    And that’s a wrap. Great season and great recaps. I too appreciate that the season ended on a promising note. Issa and Molley both appear to be on a more positive journey. I want Nathan to stay around. When they killed that actors character off on the Flash was disappointed but they can use his acting range more here. Lawrence is a great character but I hope he finds his own path without Issa. As for Dro, I like the tension and elements he adds to the show. Sorry Bassey, we all have our own thing and tastes.
    I’m looking forward to This Is Us. Thank you Rod and Bassey!

  8. Miss1ko

    hi guys. love the recap as per usual.
    I looked at the events of the show a bit differently. If they are going the route with mental health awareness, that’s really cool. However, idk if that’s been confirmed BUT I wouldn’t mind exploring why dudes who have not extenuating mental health issues do this. Ghosting = not interested. But guys very much ghost and pop up and act like nothing happened. We are watching week to week but let’s be real, this transpire over like a month and the whole show’s timeline isn’t even a year.

    At any rate I hate to be in the position to defend ole self sabotaging overly eager Molly BUT 2 things trigger me with her and everyone’s take on her. At work she does the most. The absolute most. BUT I would love to hear people who work at law firms take on this. I work in a kinda competitive environment and the actions she took would be considered brown nosing and annoying but that is about it. Offering to help one group a people and another over bearing associate would be a no nevermind in my work environment and from what I’ve heard of law firms….a big “so what”. Also, the women being like “oh now we see how it is”. Who can be like that at work as an associate? I can’t be like “oh I’m not working with you.” If a high level person assigns two people you don’t get to be like. nu-uh girl I don’t like you. That’s not how work…works…that’s not how any of this works at WORK. It’s not high school. My issue is she acts all coy and like she’s ashamed. People who do that …just do it. I want to know what kind of docile work environment, overly emotional, taking everything personally ass places folks work it. I know this is a fictional show that plays these things for entertainment and giggles. But it irked me.

    2) The other thing is her being a lawyer and not helping Issa with her event……lawyers don’t just know laws and ordinances in general about every event. The lawyer friends I have HATE that people think anything to do with the law they can help in. They specialize. (sorry to disagree with you Bassey girl but I still love you…don’t hate me)

    I hated typing that because Molly does really work my soul over with her romanic decisions and how she carries herself. Like own what you do. Kelli could have made a similar decision but would have owned it and been unbothered. Molly = bothered. I sweah!!

    Also, her gender argument was whack. I think that’s just how shit goes at work. I don’t do the most because it’s a job and I’m there for the check, not validation of my spirit.

    Anyway I’ve typed too much now. Back t listening. I had to pause to comment.
    Have a wonderful weekend guys.

  9. Mrs.Jackson

    Dro and Molly: 1. Why would you fuck you bestfriend? 2. If they were actually close why would he treat her the way he did in the end? 3. Why wouldn’t they sit down and spell out the rules and dos and donts? 4. I think candice Candice cheated, then they decided on the open relationship. Dro and Candice have a rocky relationship (the reason why they aren’t ever together) dro had a stank attitude because he just found out Candice is pregnant but it’s not his.(gasp) “high prediction” I guess lol I hope this isn’t the last of Tiffany.

  10. Never too much

    I’m sorry but I forgive Nathan his face broke my heart. I hope Issa and Lawrence get back together, but I need them to date other people more and come together stronger. The beet crew guy didn’t seem interested. I see Molly being head of the company but not being respected and maybe even having to go back to her old company. What if chad and kelly end up swing a couple? I’m fine with kelly being alone not everyone needs a man people!!

  11. High AF

    I honestly feel like this show is the adult version of my teens. From 18-21 I was Issa. So I cringe throughout most of the show. I really love how slow this season started, then they gave us this buildup, it was perfect. I don’t do the live tweeting or “show conversations” so I get others views on insecure from rod. I don’t understand how people miss the fact that this show runs through ALL subjects. They show ALL people, they my do it in a comedic way but I know every character shown. We need this, we need to talk about condoms, mental health, relationships of ALL kinds and the natural flow of “adulting” and growth. Ever since I got married my high school friends see me as someone they can’t party with, even though I havnt changed they assume I’m different. (Not to compare myself to Tiffany, cuz she’s EXTRA) but these are things we don’t talk about or see often. Now for my HIGH PREDICTIONS!! Asian bae and Molly are gunna fight about race while they are planning their wedding…Issa finds out she’s pregnant by pretty eyes. FYI who is Lawrence’s “Molly” he has a kelly and Tiffany but not a Molly.ok bye

  12. Amani

    The best recap show in the game!! One last Insecure thought on the finale, the thing that jumped out to me about Lawrence’s face listening to Issa giving up on Cocochella was a direct response in light of all the conversations about putting in the work to build relationships. I knew in that moment they weren’t getting back together this season.

    And it’s no mistake Condola SEEMS like the version of Issa who has her stuff together and doesn’t quit when things get hard. But my girl has the glow now and it’s only a matter of time before her and Lawrence reach the final level. Gonna be out here catching bullets with her teeth. #TeamLassie

  13. rodimusprime

    I came on here to email a nice lil review of my thoughts and I just went blank. I have soooooooooo much to say about this episode and the show as whole but if I get into it, I might as well record my own damn podcast at that point. One of the major things I do want to share is the following: I honestly was not able to fathom any God-given reason that I could forgive Nathan for pulling the Casper on Issa. But wow. I just never even thought about the mental health angle. Issa called it a “bad mood” and some people may not get it but I definitely do. Every now and again, one of the closest people to me in my life goes into these episodes of complete removal. It’s like she disappears into herself. Literally and figuratively. We reach out to her as best we can and constantly let her know that we’re there for her, care for her and are here to help but she has this block. It’s like she physically can’t bring herself to respond. And she lives out-of-country so it’s not even like I can hop in the car and bust down her door. When this first started happening, I used to get angry and wanted to give up on her time and time again. But now I realize how incredibly difficult it is for her. She wants to talk, she wants to open up, but she just can’t.. and what’s worse is she can’t articulate why. I felt every bit of this especially given Kendrick’s incredible performance as Nathan in that scene. He wanted to explain himself but you could see the fear, the uncertainty, the desire to be forgiven… but at the same time, there’s an illness there that goes far beyond what a person might be able to control on their own. So if that really is what was going on with Nathan, that’s about the only thing that would allow me to forgive him. And for Insecure to touch on this and bring it to light? A perfect show getting even more perfecter. (If that ain’t a word, it is now)

    Had to get deep there for a sec but some other quick thoughts: YES ISSA AND LAWRENCE. The moments between them this episode gave me all the butterflies. Bassey, I also knew ol’ girl from the baby shower would make a return…. but I’ma just pretend she’s not there until they get over that hump. Like I fully intend to let my eyes glaze over during her scenes next season. I mean she’s cool or whatever but say it with me, IF IT AINT ISSA, I DON’T WANNA KNOW. Also Molly got exactly what she sent for and when the dude in the park told Lawrence to “sit his tall neck head ass down,” I screamed!!

    THANK you guys for a great season of recaps!!! ONWARDS AND UPWARDS TO THIS IS US!


  14. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    This feedback is for a This Is Us. Two episodes into the new season and each episode has reminded me why I love Randall, Beth, Rebecca and Kevin. They also reminded me that I just can’t with Miguel and Kate, the Queen of White Womanhood. That comment about her being Jack’s torch-bearer spoke volumes about her and why I side-eye her at all times.

    Things that concern me, Beth really likes Kevin? The thinly veiled contempt Beth always showed Kevin was a thing of beauty and it might be gone. Beth’s sister-cousin better not hurt him. I am so worried about Toby, a cold-turkey stop of his medication has to have dangerous, possibly life threatening consequences for him.

    Every moment with Jack melts my heart.

    I’m still trying to figure out Deja’s role in the story.

    I can’t wait for the flash forward reveal. I have some ideas, but they’re all bad so I’m afraid to type them into existence this early into the season.

    Thanks for the podcast. As much as I love the Insecure recaps and I devoured them when they dropped, This Is Us holds a speciL place in my heart.

  15. katrese206

    Y’all are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! I’d just listened to another recap show, before listening to yours, & there was ZERO mention or recognition of Nathan’s mental health. I hadn’t watched the episode, so I didn’t think anything of it. But, I just finished it, a couple minutes ago, & it was plainly obvious. ‍♀️

    I’ve recently recognized my own struggles. I think they’ve always been there, but I’ve either not taken them seriously, or just didn’t know how to describe the feelings. Ironically, I had one of my worst days yet, on yesterday… where I finally opened up to my mom about everything. She was very supportive.

    My husband also has struggles, but, he’s not as open, & willing to deal, as I am… he even thought it was bad idea for me to open up to my family. But, I’m tired of trying to deal & handle on my own. My fear has been that something will happen, & my family won’t know or understand why.

    Take care & keep up the excellent work!

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