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1762: Knuck If You Brunch

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, Amazon raises it’s minimum wage, DC starts overturning minimum wage hike for tipped jobs, Bobby Shmurda, a preacher gives us a word, Uber affair, Elon Musk took an L, violence against women act, Domino’s Pizza racist, woman sends nanny racist text and fires her, white woman curating black museum, That’s Ya’ll Man, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    It’s so funny how you mentioned the Papa John’s commercials. They are all so sad now and not how all the commercials feature minority and women business owners. It’s pretty hilarious. Still not eating their pizza again. Mainly because we don’t have any Papa Johns in driving distance. So the fauxcott continues!

  2. Troubadour_D

    Hey rod and Karen, firstly congrats on your live show you two work so very hard and deserve that week long break.

    Listening to the show and may I humbly submit an idea for a followup to the mens hairline romantic comedy,

    “What happens when one man’s journey to turn his patchy short stubble into a lushous silky beard drives him from Barbershops and bodegas to oils and incents as he searches for the perfect hair cure and finds love? Find out this summer! Terrance Howard in…


    Also starring James harden”

    PS is that California talk you’re doing open to the public?

    Love the show,


  3. chubbzero

    Greetings rod and Karen! I just 1st wanna congratulate you guys on your 1st live show! From all the pics you’re posting I can tell it was phenomenal! I really wanted to be there but I had spent so much money a month earlier to go see queen Bey and jay in Atlanta. Side note, if you ever get the chance , go see her live! [She’s worth it] . I’m writing this comment to talk about the racist dominos pizza worker. When you guys started talking about it and it was wfmy news reporting, I was like, “hold up, that might be near me”. Come to find out, that dominos is like 20 minutes from where I live! So, I told my wife and she couldn’t believe it until i dm’ed her the story. You know what she did? She called the store and asked them this really happened? I think she was talking to a manager because he said yes and that was disgusting. Alright family, yall have a great day and please consider a handmaid’s tale podcast. And are you and justin still gonna watch the theatrical masterpiece “bamboozled”?

  4. Amani

    I appreciate you for speaking out about these disgusting NFL rules, Rod! Instead of all this violence trying to shut down the opposition, why don’t defenders appeal to the quarterback in the marketplace of ideas?

    Instead of trying to get sacks, why don’t you come with some stats? Rush them with the facts about inequality and overpolicing and get them to take a knee on their own! Folks were mad they’re protesting during the anthem, so compromise and just do it during the game. This is why you’re the top podcast in the game, because you’re willing to think outside the box!

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