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BDS 276: Khabib Amazon Delivers That Smoke!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Conner McGregor fight, HOF boycott, FIFA women’s world cup, Gloria Govan, Robby Anderson, college corruption trials, NBA rule changes, Bosh not ready to quit, Tristan on marriage, Paul Pierce scuffle, OBJ interview, Jimmy Butler trade falls apart, Mavs fire photographer, Ex-Wife of Leorenzen Wright can stand trial, JR Smith scuffle, Earl Thomas fined, CP3 on the Melo disrespect, USC bans player for drinking, Antonio Brown sued, Kyrie will resign with the Celts, Redik booed in China, HI trickery, Seattle Supersonics, Steve Kerr ejected from preseason game, Ronaldo rape accusation.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Coach Jahachefsky (I ain’t taking time to Google that dude’s name, fuck Duke),

    I hope all is well, especially in these trying times.

    Y’all mentioned this a long while back, but are we ever gonna get those apologies from folks about Coach Cal? Bill Self out here dry snitching on Coach K and Adidas had a damn black ops team of bagmen. Meanwhile, everyone points to Cal like *Ricky 3 Stacks wasn’t just up the road*.

    Adidas out here in the middle of a federal case surrounded by folks taking notes on a fake add criminal conspiracy. And in the most fitting NCAA part of this farce, the schools are saying *they’re* the victims here! Oh the humanity of these schools, being subjected to getting great talent cuz Adidad outfits schools in such alluring locations as Nebraska, Indiana, Alabama and Kentucky!

    I’m proud to say that I’ve been getting back into working out regularly and my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers have improved! And honestly my greatest stumbling block is watching the goddamn Cleveland Browns be the Browns. You know how as Panthers fans, y’all can have things you wanna see like Cam’s intermediate passing game improve or get back to the playoffs?

    My desire for the Browns is simple: win games in fucking regulation that don’t come down to the wire. I don’t have a set number of wins since they’ve doubled their win total from the last two years already. I iust want them to win in regulation and not have me grabbing my shirt like Fred Sanford every Sunday.

    If the UFC wants to court racism, they should print a “talk shit, get hit” clause on all their tickets.

    Shouts out to the *real* head of USA Gymnastics, Simone Biles for getting Bitter Becky Bono out the paint. USA Gymnastics needs an outfitter and Bono was out here talking noise about the best outfitter in America. Damn shame.

    Have a great day and show y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Butler

    I stood in solidarity with Rod on the island of hating Jimmy Butler, and that was BEFORE this week. Why would anyone want to play with that nigga? What is the defining Jimmy Buckets moment we’re supposed to be celebrating and ignore everyone who ever played with his ass hating his guts? Now I’m still here for the jokes, but he’s exactly the type of dude who shows up the court barking and everybody just rolls their eyes.

    But I’m just glad we made it! NBA is back! What agendas are you most excited to carry into the new season? Right now I’m riding on Anthony Davis winning MVP and my Knicks resisting the urge to be stupid and make the playoffs once Dat Zingis comes back. Either that or Melo and Harden end up fighting live on The Shop with Bron and pass that Drake interview.

    P.S. Rod’s racism got me thinking, who is the best Black QB of all-time? Warren Moon? McNabb? Cam gotta up there soon right?

  3. Peaches749

    What happened to the pregame show? I enjoy hearing about all you and Justins’ adventures at the Y.
    I’m a lazy sports fan and you guys keep me informed and entertained. Not to mention I can pretend like I know stuff after I listen to yall… I use it to impress boys…lmao

    That Conner guy and his folks got what they asked for. Watch your mouth, Fool(pronounced: FOO!

  4. fyahworks

    What up my nigz!!

    1)So I don’t think we should call Cleveland’s football team the blacks anymore! Just call them the Cleveland overtimes! I like that they are much more competitive and especially in the division. 5 weeks and 3 overtimes? Your fav WOULD never…. I think they might go into overtime in the bye week as well!!

    2. Being that j trill is boycotting nfl, rod what has been your opinion of the refs this season, especially with the roughing the passer flags that have been flying? Shout to Aaron Rodgers on that crazy comeback Monday night! Didn’t think we would pull it off!

    3)Lastly, Ever notice who ever drake supports in sports, seems to lose? University of Kentucky, raptors, Conor mcgregor. Some track record. I worry for our King, being that Drake was on the shop! Lol



  5. Ophie30

    Hey, guys! It’s my first time responding and I dont really watch sports but I just had two comments to make.
    One: Khabib taught. Connor and his clan what happens when you talk shit.
    Two: Alvin Kamara’s mom is Liberian. It took me the third listen to realize that ive heard the name before and I went to the google machine to confirm. Now, look. I dont know where young sir is politically. But I know that his mother might have told him about Liberia, which might have made him wear that hat that he most likely got from a Liberian Independence Day bbq(that’s where I saw one). It is also entirely possible that he’s on some MAGA bullshit, bit I dont know him.
    Anyway, have a good one!

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