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PG 167: Hallway Hilary

Rod and Justin discuss Justin’s ATL trip, watching a calf birth, buff pigs, South Park, basketball is back, Jimmy Butler’s tantrum, LHHH, Melissa McCarthy, Black Lightning, getting the stove fixed, BallotReady, listener feedback and that Hallway Hilary lady revisited.

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  1. fyahworks

    Niggaz , niggaz, lend me your ears…..

    Well shit, one week later Luke Cage caught that L too, Do you guys feel this was what they really wanted to do, but used iron fist as a scapegoat? Meaning they wanted to cancel Luke but to avoid any “they cancelled the black show” comments, they cancelled both. Disney is coming with a streaming service so I think soon enough all the marvel shows will be gone. I read that Luke was cancelled due to creative differences, but he is still under contract, so like you said last week either they will do hero for hire, or use them on the defenders, unless that got cancelled as well.

    Justin, are you current with green leaf? Nigga! zora? Tasha & Jacob? That last episode was fire! Jacob had me dead when he was trying to get back his phone from his wife. I hope that wasn’t Tasha’s exit off the show! This show good!


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