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1777: Martin Luther Rick vs Maggie X

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. HvyWght

    While rebuilding civilization is the logical next step, I feel like one of the major draws of the show was the chaos and anarchy. I think a lot of people fantasize about living lawless, forgetting that “survival of the fittest” wouldn’t include them. I’m LOVING this pacing! I thought we wouldn’t find out who was doing the killing until season break. I’m betting they let little Rachel kill Jacob and that’s why he got hit in the chest instead of the head. I’ma need Gabe to sack up! Anne hit him with that *Alicia Keys voice* “III wooon’t teeell your secreets!” and now he’s stepping in front of her before the fight w/ the Saviors and lying for her! I hope she knocked some sense into him with that radio to the head. I don’t disagree that working together to rebuild is the right decision. But, I feel Rick is pushing too hard to make ALL the groups work together. It seems he’s willing to see the unity of the other 3 groups dissolve to force the Savior’s square peg in a round hole. And it seems more out of spite to Negan than a sense of right and wrong. I’m cool with Rick deciding not to kill the Savior’s, but you can’t take that choice away from everyone else who had all the reason in the world and expect things to go smoothly. Especially considering the methods they chose to bring these communities under subjugation. The Savior’s struck first on all the groups in the area. If Daryl hadn’t had that RPG on the back of the gas truck? Little Timmy and the Dick Brigade would have killed Abe and been at Alexandria that night with all the Saviors, and that’s before the compound raid. I honestly don’t see how you make them fit. Looking forward to next week

  2. Turq

    P.S. Who knows how many other groups she knows about because she said that they take, but don’t bother. To support a group as big as the Junktacons, they had to take a lot which means she could have had access to groups all over the DC-Virginia-Maryland area.

    She’s dangerous.

  3. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    The more I think about Jadis, the more I hate her ass. I just remembered in the episode where Negan was about to bash Carl’s head in before the tiger, The Kingdom, and Hilltop saved Alexandria, she had made a deal with Negan to receive people in exchange for helping the Saviors attack Alexandria.

    She’s a filthy slave trader all because the Junktacons were too lazy or stupid to grow their own food. She is literally and figuratively trash and I hope she accidentally gets killed by one of her art projects.



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