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PG 170: A Gut full Of Safaree

Rod and Justin discuss YMCA basketball, staying focused on positive things, voting, Dirty John podcast, Carruth, Gladiator podcast, LHHH, Southpark Susan and listener feedback.


  1. Darienfoxx

    Curious if y’all are still watching Black Lightning. I just caught up and these white co-workers are triggering me. Jeff’s got “Principal zero-tolerance”, and Lynn’s got the crazy scientist lady. The characters are over the top, but anyone who’s worked in corporate America knows them. Both of them will get you fired. One because eventually you are gonna punch him in the motherfuckin mouth, the other cause she does something really fucked up and drags you down with her. But you need this job, so you keep working with them, hoping you find another gig before shit hits the fan.

  2. Amani

    Glad y’all talked about the evil inside last week. Most people dont’t understand and it’s good just to be so seen! I try to be kind, but I’m not a nice person. That petty is strong with me, and even though I try to do the right thing in most interactions I’m not sure that’s not more for me than it is for you.

    And, uh when’s the next Jill Scott concert again? Asking for a me. I don’t talk about celebrities with people I don’t know, so it’s always surprising when I realize how different folks treat stuff like this. I wasn’t aware we didn’t all agree Jill BEEN fine. I was just reading twitter like Weebay.

  3. katrese206

    I’d been recording Love & Hip Hop, but really had no intentions of watching… until I heard you all’s feedback. OMG, Rod, you are so right about Amber Diamond & her mom… that woman is FINE & needs to be a feature on L&HH, or have her own show… she’s special. She stole every scene & left me wanting more!

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Re Fenty for Men: If you ever have the time, check out the Fenty Beauty YouTube channel. There is a tutorial on how men can use their foundation or color sticks to help smooth out your complexion and cover up hair bumps and such.

    When I was married, my husband had oily and acne prone skin but was still moisturizing with Vaseline like he was still 8 years old. It took some convincing, but he switched up his routine with an daily facial wash and an oil-free facial moisturizer for sensitive skin. *BAM!* Going on 20 years he still does this, and he will dare you to question his masculinity.

    My current beau also has a skin care routine complete with clay masks, and on occasion will share HIS products with me to help with my bacne. So, I’m all for men using make-up and other products.

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