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TNO 121: Gladiator 2

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Zazie Beetz, Luke Cage and Iron Fist canceled, Johnny Deep dropped from Pirates, Gladiator 2, Cathy Yan, Birds of Prey, Nutcracker And The 4 Realms gets bad reviews, The Simpsons getting rid of Apu, Penny Dreadful spinoff show, HItman’s Bodyguard sequel, Breaking Bad movie, AMC laying off 40 employees, Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon anime, Jessica Henwick, Death Breathe 2, Walking Dead signing stars to new contracts, Wonder Woman pushed back, Killer reveals body fox XBox One, PSN name changes, PS Classic, Rogue One prequel coming to Disney Streaming, Drake buy 100 Thieves, MCU took a month off, Game of Thrones season 8 was supposed to be 3 movies, Jonny Quest movie still in the works, Netflix and WB getting sued by satanic church, controversial Red Dead 2 clips, Eggsy not in next Kingsman, Disenchantment renewed, Paul Allen dies, First Man flops, Shadow of the Tom Raider review bombed, Blizzard still doesn’t have a black woman hero and flat earther tv show.


  1. btouch

    Hi everyone – really enjoyed the return of The Nerd Off!

    RIP to Stan Lee. I learned the week before he passed that a lot of people have no respect for his work on the original 1960s “Fantastic Four,” and it disturbed me. The first 50 issues of “Fantastic Four” and “The Incredible Hulk” are some of my favorite comcis material ever, and Stan Lee’s work with Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and others deserves to be directly appreciated, rather than regarded as legendary works that people don’t actually read. Can #ReadOldComics be a thing?

    I like DC Universe for what it is, but I think my expectations for both it and Titans were tempered by my experiences with Boomerang. Boomerang is another Warner Bros. streaming service, dedicated mostly to Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and Tom & Jerry cartoons. It has “original content,” none of which is good, so the primary selling point for me is the back catalog (much of it in HD). That was the primary reason I got DC Universe, because I’ve never actually seen much of “Teen Titans” or “Young Justice”, and I wanted to revisit the older Superman shows. “Titans” is fine to me – it’s not the best show I’m watching, but it’s not the worst either. It’s about as far from the source material as another Berlanti show, “Riverdale,” and I watch every minute of Archie and them joining gangs, killing folks, and solving mysteries about serial killers.

    Now, I dunno if this will cause the problematic light to flash on, but “Jonny Quest” is my shit. Yes, it’s problematic, but it’s a 1960s comic book brought to life. Warner Bros. has been trying to make a JQ movie ever since they bought Turner and Hanna-Barbera in 1996, so I have no confidence it’ll actually be made now. If they do, the modern cartoon (“The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest”) and comics takes (“Future Quest” by Parker & Shaner for DC, great book, please check it out) have already fixed a lot of the issues with Hadji. The movie should add Race’s girlfriend Jade (cast with an Asian actress) and their daughter Jessie (cast with a half-Asian child actress) so that Team Quest isn’t just a boys’ club.

    An aside: I binged through a good deal of the current season of “Supergirl” the other day. Man, they’re really about tired of Trump and them’s mess in that writers’ room, aren’t they? It’s easily the most pointedly political of the CW shows, and I mean that as the highest compliment.

  2. Amani

    Look I’m sick of y’all slandering Kriss for this alleged Orgycon money! You paid your money and everybody got fucked, so did he not fulfill the terms of the contract? But for the low price of $19.99 a month I’m sure Kriss would be willing to teach you how to withdraw solace from the bank of God. Just hand over your account numbers and he’ll help you get right with the lord like the righteous man he is.

    Karen brought up the point about the women taking over the CW Beeboverse and making things better, and she’s right! They got Kreisberg outta the paint and all of these shows have gone back to basics and hit what they do best this year. They even got folks all the way back from hating him to a full blown Ralph-hive. Not to mention a shout out to Walking Dead pushing out Scott Gimple and letting Angela Kang take over, and all of a sudden the pacing got so much better! It’s almost like only having white men in charge of these rooms was holding them back! Who knew?

    Now I just need someone to take that same energy to WB. Rod has talked about the Fantastic Beasts stuff off and on for a while, but nigga this shit is such a cynical bullshit cash grab. This whole series is based off a fake textbook Rowling scribbled down for a charity auction. This was never supposed to be a franchise! Then they said they were expanding it to a trilogy, then the DCEU failed and they stretched it to five movies because WB realized they had no properties.

    Now none of it makes sense and they’re just throwing in twists and reveals that contradict stories she already told us, and even worse than that it’s boring! These are the same exact problems they’ve run into with their DC films, and the damn Hobbit movies. As a fan of all three franchises I’m just sick of this shit. And that’s before we get into the Depp stuff, or Ezra Miller reminding folks he made that documentary trying to humanize Darren Wilson after Ferguson.

    But a different note, Rest in Peace to Stan Lee. Legend doesn’t even begin to cover it, the man literally created my childhood and has been keeping us all entertained our whole lives. Excelsior!

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