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TTM 49: Sometimes, Six Thanksgivings

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod! Hey future New York Times Bestselling author Bassey Ikpi!

    Ill keep this as short as possible.
    Randall only knows “winning” through hard work and determination. Sir. You can’t apply that to politics.
    You see how they slipped that line through Beth “I agreed to stretch our finances to fund this campaign.” Uh huh. Sure.
    We shoulda known Randall was lying abour quitting on Beth’s word when he lied about giving her a pity job.*Insert claps* LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE FOOL!
    I don’t think they’re divorced in the flash forward.
    Tess was doing some amazing face acting then great acting-acting later.
    Toby deserves better though I don’t dislike Kate. Kate was really trying to hold on to that AdeleAgram job like it came with benefits and vacation time. Wait till they hit her with the “Your ’98 credits don’t transfer” okiedoke.
    I don’t want Nicky to be alive. I love Jack too much for his guilt to be in vain.
    Shout out to Zoe’s “it’s too damn hot in Vietnam” top knot and edge scarf combo.
    Ok that’s all I got.
    Love yall so much


  2. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    I just saw the email notice that TTM just went live so I’m trying to get my comment in before the end of the show. Yup, I’m one of the late commenters…

    I watched these last 2 episodes together. Like Rod, the Thanksgiving episode had me in Miguel’s corner. I never truly disliked him before I just didn’t like him. I like him now. During that scene at his daughter’s house, I was initially confused because I thought that was his son in law being sassy. Once I realized it was his son, I questioned the dynamics of the seating at the table. I concluded that the son in law was sitting so far from his wife because Miguel’s bitch ass son didn’t want to sit next to Rebecca. I’m still meh with Kate though. But my meh with her is an upgrade because I did not like her.

    What I don’t like is the Beth slander!!! I still contend that her warning about Zoe wasn’t too harsh. I believe that she could know what happened to Zoe and still feel the need to warn Kevin. It’s because of Zoe’s abuse that she’s a maneater and if she had not dealt with that – I can see why Beth would believe it could happen to Kevin as well. Beth knows that Kevin is fragile so the warning may have been needed and it was not Beth’s place to tell Kevin why. And I don’t think that Beth believed all her ideas were stupendous, but she could have believed that Randall’s silly ass thought they were. Now I do agree that Jaewon (sp?) was totally right. But if Randall’s silly ass hired Beth as the field coordinator, then she had every right to do her job. In summary – as I know you guys agree – it’s all Randall’s fault concerning the campaign. And I am SO GLAD Beth put Randall’s silly ass out the bedroom when he wouldn’t shut it down. I love to see that future Beth is looking all fabulous with her dance school. She’s aged so much better than Randall now that she doesn’t have his silly ass stressing her out. Although I do think that’s a curve – I think the writers want us to think they aren’t together anymore – but we’ll find out they reconciled. But because I’m so over present day Randall, I’ll fantasize that Beth left his ass, let her hair down and found her dream job.

    I broke ALL THE WAY DOWN when Tess told Beth and Randall. ALLLLL the way down – and I was watching it at work. I usually have a rule that I don’t watch at work, but I was trying to catch up so I could write in before the show. And I still missed it.

    Oh and I just knew that Vietnam historian was going to be the little boy that Jack helped. I just KNEW IT!!! Oh well…

    I wasn’t able to listen to the end of this TTM because y’all started talking about HTGAWM. I’m behind and I still remember when Bassey spoiled Col Taylor’s death… sort of. By the time I watched that episode, I had forgot that I heard Bassey say he died and I hollered “LORD THEY KILLED NATE’S DADDY!!!” And unfortunately I’m not listening to this show live because as I scrolled through the comments, I see that someone mentioned HTGAWM… So I’ll be catching up on that now…

    Even with all the Beth slander, I really love the show and I can’t wait to listen.

    P.S. NICKY’S NOT DEAD, HE’S YET ALIVE!!! I hate that we have to wait until the new year to get the rest of this story.

  3. Evie E

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I love that this show is exploring how Tess is trying to figure herself out. I understand why she’s been so Kate like lately. But she needs to watch that attitude because she’s been crossing some lines. I don’t think it was a bad thing that Kate told Rebecca because she showed Tess how bad it was to hold things in. I think this pain she has may be foreshadowing to the future. I think the scene in the future is Rebecca on her death bed.

    Why is Nicki still alive? I’m not sure Jack knew because he seemed to carry around the guilt of not being able to save him all those years. What a piece of shit he is. I hope he stays away from the other Pearsons but knowing this show, he’s going to be living in Randall’s basement soon enough. And Nicki better not ever get one of Annie’s sweet little hugs. The only thing he deserves is deez nuts.

    I was still rooting for Randall up until this last episode. He was dead ass wrong and Beth should have put him out the house and not on the couch. I would have put my whole foot up his ass. Damn Randall. He fucked up big time and as bad as things are right now, I don’t think they’re divorced in the future. That scene with Beth in the future I think it was psych us out. But it will be interesting to see how they fix things. Besides, I think Beth and Randall parallel Jack and Rebecca many ways. And Jack and Rebecca made it through their rough patch and I believe Beth and Randall will too. They bet not break up this beautiful black family.

    I see Deja’s mom causing trouble in the future.

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Bassey,

    Before I discuss my favorite tv family, I have a few comments on HTGAWM. First, we knew Annalise was Sam’s mistress from season one. Second, I’m not certain Bootleg Wes is Sam’s son by his ex-wife because it was mentioned that Annalise was neither his first nor his last mistress. Third, Rod, Bassey was too kind in describing Nate beating Bonnie’s boyfriend. Bonnie “killing him” was an act of mercy because Nate beat the guy until his face looked like chopped meat and the snow was a sea of red. He was going to die, the issue was how much he suffered before dying. I’ve long said the show needs to rotate the Keating 5 out because they are all monsters, especially Connor and Snooty Huxtable as Rod likes to call her.

    Rod, don’t hop on the Miguel is all right train too quick. Yes, he put his awful son in his place, but perhaps, had he been a father to his kids instead of playing golf and scheming on Jack’s family, they wouldn’t be awful. Have that let’s talk about racism talk with you own kid Miguel, not with Jack’s kid. Also, why are his kids awful- genetics. Whose genes do they have – Miguel’s. Lastly, when you come to someone’s house for their holiday celebration and you are in the midst of an argument on your phone, you keep that ish outside. Who brings that into someone’s Thanksgiving, making that family’s moment all about them? MIGUEL that’s who.

    I liked Kate last episode and I continue to love Kevin. He and Zoe are my new black/honorary black favs because Randall and Beth and their behaviors surrounding this campaign are working my nerves this season. While I think Bassey could be right and Zoe is pregnant, which would most definitely bring back the Kate that I hate, I hope that’s not the case. The Beckies are already pressed that their blonde Adonis is with a black woman. I don’t want to give them the chance to claim Kevin is only with Zoe because she “trapped” him with a baby. Let Kevin and Zoe grow more deeply in love and solidify their relationship first. Speaking of babies, seeing Tess bond with Kate now makes me wonder if Kate is the person future Randall and future Tess are so sad about going to see.

    This week’s episode has me really rethinking my opinion of Randall. This campaign storyline has not been the character’s friend. I don’t know, maybe that’s the point because he really had become the show’s de facto Magical Negro, but I feel him driving Beth away and I don’t like it. I’m torn on Kate telling Rebecca about Tess. I get why she did it, but I remain on the fence about it. I mean it turned out for the best and it gave Tess her moments with her parents and her grandmother, but it was a breach of trust. I knew Nicky want dead. I guess my speculation about future Tess and Randall going to see Kate was wrong.

  5. Mdiarra

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Love the podcast. And this fall finale was really good. Left me with a lot of questions for next year.

    First off they did a good job with keeping the Nicky surprise well hidden until the final moments, but also do you think Rebecca knew all along? When she was talking to Tess she said she had to hide a lot of stuff from Randall and Jack. Maybe knowing Nickys whereabouts was one of them and she kept that from Jack. If so idk ow anyone in the family could forgive her.

    Also im mad Kate spent the past 2 seasons wanting nothing to do with her mom and now she wants to spill all the tea to her mother about everything. I thought her telling her mother about Tess’s possible sexual preferences was kind of fucked up. I am glad Tess was able to get the courage to talk to Beth and Randall though and I hope they support her all the way.

    Speaking of the black Pearsons I was here for Beth telling Randall to stop this foolishness. I don’t know how he thought he could win this election at all. I don’t understand how Randall can say the family is his top priority and then ignore the wishes of his wife.

    I do think the black Pearsons will still be together though. I think in the future Randall and Beth will still be together though. Idk if the future scenes gave me enough to assume that Randall and Beth were divorced like everyone is saying on my TL.

    Love y’all,


  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Woooh, wow you guys that was a lot in that fall finale. I’m was so hoping Nicky was still alive and did you guys notice Nicky’s address on that letter they did a close up on was addressed to a Pennsylvania address- that has me wondering if Nicky had been close to Jack the whole time he met Rebecca and they started their family -time will tell , who knows.

    I’m worried they might do Nicky and Kevin like they did Randall and William ,bringing them back into each other’s lives and them take them right away from them – my soul is not ready for that again..lol

    So Kate back to being trash I see- she couldn’t keep that one serious secret for Tess. Cancelled…lol. I seriously feel some type way about that little girl being forced to come out the closet ,because of Kate’s trash ass not keeping that secret and telling Rebecca. Rebecca put that pressure on that baby girl to come out to her parents, that pisses me off she should come out when she is ready too . It felt like she was pressured to come out to Randall and Beth,smdh. Fuck you for that Kate!

    So it’s Rebecca they going to visit – wow , Beth got her own dance studio- wow also Beth is into dance – wow and not with Randall anymore -not surprised..lol. I just hope the writers don’t make Beth out to be homophobic cause did y’all notice how she started crying like she was upset about Tess saying she might like girls. Granted she and Randall said the right things to Tess but I notice them tears after Tess walked away.

    Anyways thanks again Rod and Bassey for these great recaps for these fall episodes of this new season !

    Thanks again !


  7. rodimusprime

    Rod, Bassey, thanks for the review of the last two episodes. I have to disagree with Bassey. Miguel’s Thanksgiving dinner was well done. The redemption of Miguel started for me when he made the promise to Jack that he would look after the family and Rebecca if anything happened to Jack. He seems totally committed to fullfilling that commitment while living in the shadow of the great Jack Pearson.

    One of the best features of the sow is that the characters are, like real people, complex. These reveals keep me engaged.
    Thanks for the recaps.


  8. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I love your podcast and I listened to this last episode before I watched this is us. I was disappointed by the description of Jack receiving the necklace and thought I was in for a let down. In actuality he was given the necklace because he saved the little boys foot and potentially his life he was also caring for the family by giving them food. I feel the mom gave Jack the necklace as a token of her appreciation because that’s all she had to give. I also feel that Kevin will find the boy who will be an old man and we’ll get more of Jack’s story detailing his time in Vietnam.

    Love y’all,

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