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1794: They Talking Dead?

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is getting wild.
    Re: last week, you mentioned Jesus. Even back when Gregory was there, when he would challenge Gregory, G would ask Jesus if he was ready to step up, and lead. He always refused. It’s like he was always into the thrill of the action.

    Re: this week:
    -I thought that these new Walkers were like the ever evolving Velociraptors!
    -Henry learning these hard teen lessons about trust and loyalty. When ol’ girl dipped out on the nonsense, he should have followed her. He was only messing with those dudes because he saw her in the 1st place.
    -Looking forward to understanding how the whisperers and the regular walkers are interacting. Too bad that’s 3 months away.

  2. Evie E

    I enjoyed this episode but it wasn’t exciting as the previous episode although I’m still enjoying this new show runner because the show doesn’t drag like it did last season. I got to thinking about Rick and his black son. I think Negan’s ultimate revenge is to get out of prison, seduce Michonne and raise Rick’s son as his, essentially taking Rick’s family. That would be hilarious. Although I don’t think Michonne would go for that. But who knows, on the cold nights a sista might get lonely.

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