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TNO 122: The Tom Cruise Run Shared Universe

Rod is joined by Karen, Aaron and Bacon to discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Oculus Rift 2, driverless car sex, Common not in John Wick 2, Destiny 2 micro-transactions, Agents Of Shield is popular, Funimation removing their shows from apps, Venom set records in China, Birds of Prey cinematographer arrested, Birds of Prey title confirmed, Armie Hammer apologizes for Stan Lee comments, Bill Maher doubles down, Hugh Jackman won’t return as Wolverine, Deadpool 2 Oscar push, Devil May Cry anime, Cliffy B won’t make another game, Bumblebee screening early, Fantastic Beasts 2 flops, Jon Cryer joining Supergirl as Lex Luthor, Alien Awakening has no script, Tom Cruise out as Jack Reacher, Hackers expose Furries, robot parking spots, Lion King trailer, Shadow of Vader canceled, Netflix experimenting with mobile only, Game of Thrones prequel, Double Dragon getting a Blu-ray release, Steven Universe returns in December, Sweet Tooth coming to Hulu, Microsoft acquires gaming studios and Star Citizen hits another landmark.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy you bunch of Karen, Rod, Aaron and Kriss the UnKancelable

    I hope all is well.

    Did y’all see that Captain Marvel poster with her all glowing and shit?! Thanos is catching them hands *and* feet *on fucking sight*! Goddamnit I am excited for Captain Marvel! Marvel is soooo nice with it!

    I’m sad to see Daredevil get canceled cuz he’s my favorite Marvel hero, but damnit it was so nice seeing him get 3 on-point seasons fleshing out him and his character. They did such a great job of portraying Matt Murdoch’s selfishness, wanton dickheadedness to his friends and unending well of Catholic guilt. We got Wilson Fisk out here in all his fantastically evil glory, beating up on niggas like an irate silverback. No longer does thinking about Bullseye conjure images of Colin Farrell with a Scottie Pippen-level wrinkly ass head.

    Lemme preface my next point with this: I absolutely love the Fallout series.

    But like y’all ever stop playing a game cuz it felt like actual work? Like your actual job? And not cuz you have a problem with your job, but cuz you don’t buy a game to feel like you’re at work, shouts out to Shennmue?

    Cuz I do manual software testing for a living and Fallout 76 feels like I’m testing something the devs just slapped together and had the gall to say was unit tested, like *I’m* stupid. Like I know Bethesda ships games with defects. Everyone knows that. And I am sincerely enjoying the game. I am! But y’all…this shit should not have been released til like July 4th 2019. Enemies out here dying with different weapons in their inventory versus their hands; the sound not working on Xbox One unless I plug headphones into my controller; textures clashing all over the damn place; freezing; enemy animations being more choppy than NES.

    And Bethesda out here scamming folks who paid for bags but giving quality bags to “influncers”? Ugh.

    And it was awesome hearing Bacon last episode. Always dope to hear them in these nerdy streets. Have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  2. Amani

    Do people still not know how petty Kevin Feige is? All these folks on the internet thirsty for clicks demanding an Avengers trailer must have forgot they’re talking about the man with a plan. Oh you sure you want this trailer? Oh ok. Take this punch to the gut as we snap our own damn logo.

    Nigga they could have released 2 minutes of them burning money and I’m still going. But this shit? On top of that Captain Marvel trailer where Carol is handing out all the smoke?!?!?!? Fuck outta my face. Marvel is the GOAT. And you know he decided to wait until right before Aquaman for this press run. What DC movie?

    And nothing has shown me there are really two Americas like the reactions to tumblr this week. Any time I see a white person talking about that site it’s always so random gifs from a show with 50-11 British dudes and writing about fanfic. Every single nigga I know is on there for the nudes and nothing else. It’s always funny for me to see these tech sites kneecap themselves and go after the low hanging fruit, instead of dealing with harassment and hate speech.

    Anyway great show as always, it was great hearing Bacon on too they were great. I just hope that release let’s y’all stop hating on Kriss for securing his bag. Treating my man like he’s Offset and y’all are Cardi. Y’all won!

  3. KungFuTreachery

    This is Dazz one mo’ ‘gin. Bacon was adorable and awesome. But… Devastating news.

    Also, while yay’a bullshiting, y’all sitting on million dollar ideas. Think Tom Cruise, but with augmented reality. I’m talking Tom Cruise Go! All kinds background skins you can run in with interactive destructabde objects (both real and augmented to make the game fully immersive!) It could be a hit with folks tryna get in shape, because to paraphrase the great and wise Smokey, “Oh, you ain’t gon’ catch no Tom Cruise.”

    All right yall.

  4. greatunclebob

    Just wanted to say I enjoyed Bacon on this episode!

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod

    I know watch a lot of shit but you seen Baki the Grappler ? Netflix is going to continue the story of Baki is a show simply call Baki but I don’t think they are going to start from the being of the story.

    If haven’t seen it yet you can check it out on this web site on your xbox

    Season 1


    Season 2



  6. btouch

    I feel like John Cryer was hired to come on “Supergirl” and play some version of Gene Hackman’s more comedic Lex Luthor, especially since, as Rod noted, he played Lenny Luthor in Superman IV. Plus, “Supergirl” already has Miss Teschmacher and Otis already, characters specific to the first two “Superman movies. And I feel like that decision is going to piss off certain sectors of people (mostly folks who don’t and won’t watch “Supergirl”), because people are apparently…embarrassed?…by the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.

    Djimon Hounsou isn’t in “Mowgli,” but he is in “Captain Marvel” (as Korath, no last name) and in “Shazam!” (as The Wizard Shazam, also no last name) next year, so he’ll be in two movies within six weeks of each other about a character who is or was known as “Captain Marvel.”

  7. rodimusprime

    Hey, Guys. This is Dazz.

    These are some “quick” hits:

    Daredevil, season 3 was great. Watching Dex embarrass Matt in that office was great TV.

    I echo a lot of the sentiments Kris made regarding the DC Universe. I bought the $70+ package with the extra months just SURE that it had to have an Xbox app. I feel so stupid hoping that DC would get something right for a change. I watched the first episode of Titans, and haven’t been back since.

    Losing Stan Lee: I actually cried. Seriously! This hit me. He was connected to my childhood. We all have a time to go, and I think it is a cause for applause whenever someone can live a seemingly long full life. But, Stan is connected to something that has been integral to my moral compass, moreso than religion ever has been for me. The idea that you do the right thing, even when it’s inconvenient. Even if it costs you. That makes you a hero.

    I know it’s cliche, but comics were there for me in really dark times, and Stan has been a presence in my imagination since “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends”, “Stan’s Soapbox”, “No-Prizes” and hearing that thick New Yawk accent saying “Face Forward, True Believer.”

    I’m out y’all, thank you.

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