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1795: Damn Gina

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. greatunclebob

    Jessica Alba gotta be in the top 5 white presenting Latinx folk right?

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I voted Yes in the poll but I wanted to explain. My Yes was not solely about this comment. It is about a pattern of things by Gina Rodriguez that make me side-eye her.
    She has a habit of commenting on anything involving black people in a way that diminishes black people. Saying Black Panther would have been better with Latinx people in it and Ben those such an inclusion would have made no narrative sense. Then when she talked about a Pirates of the Caribbean type movie, it would only include white and Latinx people, cause clearly there are no black people in the Caribbean. She chimed in again on Girls Trip, but had zero to say about all white girl movies. She hosted a Latino Women in films events so she could spotlight the actresses and get to meet some of the women she admires, which is fantastic. However, she excluded Afro-Latina actresses and when asked about it, she said she didn’t know any. Now, I’m willing to grant that some of these things could have been reported out of context, cause we know how the media and the internet do, but there are only so many same themed actions that can be attributed to you before everything you say and do around a subject is suspect.

  3. Tiffany

    Ughhhh…hey y’all, I let the week get away from me again and didn’t leave my comment after the episode! It was just last week that I had a discussion with my younger sister on why we, as black women, have to stop selling ourselves short when it comes to asking what we are worth!! We both played collegiate ball and my first job out of college was an assistant coach at a junior college and I would offer 1-hour lessons to elementary/middle/high school students and I charged $75/hour per kid. The head coach charged $200/hour, but only because she knew no one would pay that and that way I could charge whatever and they would be apt to pay it, which I could appreciate, and this was back in 2003. My sister is currently working with a gym and they told her they would pay her $70/hour for lessons and she said cool, HOWEVER it was for 12 girls! She shows up and there are actually 18 girls there ready for a lesson!! She called me and was frustrated because she got paid and they only paid her $35 for the hour lesson and that’s when she told me about the arrangement and I told her wait a minute what is the facility charging them for these lessons?! Keep in mind, this is not $70 per kid, it’s only $70 for the hour!! She did some digging and found out the facility is charging these kids $1500 for these sessions!!! I told her when you call them about your pay, you tell them that because of the increase in girls the cost of the mother fucking brick has gone ALL THE WAY UP!! I told her not to take less than $150 for the hour and if they can’t agree to it, walk away. Because volleyball is looked at as a white girl sport, which it AIN’T, I told her if you were a white girl they would have no problem paying you that, hell, they walk they inexperienced, non-athletic, mediocre asses in a space and demand shit and they give them that and more and the time has come for us to stop selling ourselves short and getting what’s ours! I just had to get that out, your discussion was right on time and I’m so sick of their mediocrity being held as the standard of excellence, and we have to list all our accolades before we are even given a chance! Love y’all and thanks for all you’re doing!

  4. Coqui

    I’ve got to say that most of the comments I’ve seen about Gina have come from Black Latinas and I’m inclined to let them cook. They recognize racial microaggressions in their community as well as we do in ours. But the comment that irritated me in Gina’s comments were “… because I can’t help but feel already so gracious to do what I do and I feel like, culturally, I feel like I was raised to just feel so appreciative of getting here.” – To me, that is a direct slap at other communities being “ungrateful”, at the very least. I have no idea how much actresses of color make on average, but I am sick of other communities of color using the Black struggle as an example while still looking down their noses at us at the same time.

  5. Anne

    About the discussion of Gina Rodriguez and her comment about pay gaps. Gina is not a white presenting Latina. She is a brown skinned, black haired woman who would probably pass more for a native American than white. But your point about the fact that the more white presenting Hispanics/Latinas are treated differently is correct. Just look at Tom Brady’s wife. She’s a blonde, light skinned Latina who is one of the highest paid models.

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