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1800: A Great Lens To View The Chaos

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.


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  1. bamil73

    During the episode, somebody commented that Rod and Karen’s puns were getting better. I for one don’t want them to get better. There is nothing funnier than hearing you two reaching to make a bad pun make sense. That’s half the fun with bad puns is that they barely make sense.

  2. meikomh

    Hi Rod & Karen! Man, I forgot to leave my comment and was mad when I listened to you reading others’ about Bulletball so I had to say something, late or not. I laughed so hard, the commentary had me dying and “my point” took me out! All this time I thought Bulletball was about the cops playing a game of “shoot these blacks” and Bulletball extreme was just an extreme version like that cop going in Bothem’s apartment and killing him. I thought it was a made up game/sponsor. LOL. The actual story is so much better/worse depending on how you look at it! Anyway, y’all had me cracking the hell up and I wanted to let you know. Take care!

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