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1801: Too White To Be Fair

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, news on The Carters, Cardi going to perform at AVN, wasp nests vaginas, Marc Lamont Hill fired, Kid Rock, Diamond Silk getting Fox Nation series, Sam Whiteout and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Whenever I’m around a crowd of white people and Sweet Caroline comes on, it’s like everyone goes into a trance. They don’t necessarily know the verses but when the chorus comes on, they even got the babies singing “So Good! So Good! So Good!” I think they’re indoctrinated from birth. But damn if it isn’t fun to sing along. It’s like this song brainwashes you if you’ve heard it enough times.

  2. kccolon10

    That ‘Sweet Caroline’ was far too white for me to understand LOL. Before you played song, I was for real trying to figure out how the song went in my mind. I think i’ve heard it, but i’ve never seen a white choir bust out in song because of it. If I ever attend a white-majority event (i’m in government, so i’m sure I will), i’ll be sure to keep an ear out. Thanks ya’ll!

  3. Dia

    Rod and Karen,

    I wanted to draw a parallel between Gina Rodriguez and Marc Lamont Hill. It may be a fuzzy parallel but here goes…

    Rod when you recapped the incident regarding Gina Rodriguez, you read a tweet or article, not sure which, that basically said that Rodriguez should keep her mouth shut even if her comment is legitimate. It was the ultimate, “keep my name out yo mouth, ” my name being black women. But really, who tells a person that even if valid, they should keep their mouth shut? I don’t agree with this. I believe if you have a legitimate or valid reason to speak, then you should do so, even if you get shouted down. Sometimes that is how you get to learn, get help or stay firm in your beliefs.

    But if one believes that it is fair to tell Rodriguez to not speak even when valid, then should Marc Lamont Hill be allowed to speak on the Israel/Palestine conflict? Did he also get the, “keep our name out yo mouth,” from the Jewish community?

    I recognize that they are the same, but people really show their biases and insecurities when they think from emotion and not logic.

    Rod, I commend you on looking at things as fairly as you can. I totally agree with you when you have said many times that we only extend a courtesy to those we like.

    • kccolon10

      This was a very interesting analysis of both of these events. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. JK

    White people’s Knuck if you Buck is Country Roads. Sweet Caroline is a close second.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVz_IJoyO6Y (Of course it’s a soft techno remix have John Denver spinning in his grave lol)

    I went to the REAL Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and I wasn’t ready. PEOPLE WERE SWINGING FROM THE RAFTERS FOR SWEET CAROLINE. County Roads tho? I bet you 99% of then non-niggas never been to the hell hole that is West Virginia or can point it out on a map but they know every god damn word and are dancing on the table. A big fight happened because someone decided to pour a Maß (pronounced moss) on someone.

  5. Mizzanderson

    Omg I didn’t realize Sweet Caroline was a white thing, I thought everyone sings that song. They play that everywhere out here not only sporting events.

  6. Clarence Crawford and some more

    That intro. Sorry had to comment on the fly. The niggerfishing has me hollering in the middle of the street. White people be looking extra weird at me. Worth it.
    Btw, my cold black ass is currently living in Sweden.

    • Clarence Crawford and some more

      So anyway yes. People have a short memory but we always have that chocolate tanning thing be brought up here in Sweden. The past years it actually made international news. White women going for the “chocolate spray tan, Dark Coco, Caribbean coco, dark cinnamon, light cinnamon” you name it they have a different name for what I call black.

      Anyway Rod, Karen. I need to tell you this. I love you two. I really do. Through Karens 5 star shaming and all. You Can’t break me. I grew up with 5 aunties. I’m immune to shame but I will still give y’all 5 stars everytime 🙂 Love y’all xoxo

  7. Dia Kuykendall

    I, a black, have sung Sweet Caroline at sporting events. I’ve mostly sang it at Fenway Park for a Boston Red Sox games. After the Marathon bombing it was sung at all the major league games in solidarity to Boston. Having a beer at a game and singing for a minute breaks up the monotony.

    The song was written about Caroline Kennedy.

    And we do sing it from the beginning.

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