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1805: I Would Rather Die On This Hill

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Rod and Karen discuss Mama Prime’s bday, Rod’s random thoughts, Kevin Hart steps down from the Oscars, Lena Dunham admits she lied to protect a sexual abuser, woman sits on her man to death, serial masturbator caught, woman caught shoplifting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. greatunclebob

    Thanks for being one of the few podcasts to actually go deep into the context of this Kevin Hart mess to show why he’s wrong all around. The actual “jokes” that he told, the non-apology apology that folk are saying he already gave so move on, and the wack what-about-ism to pivot responsibility away from him cause someone else is trash too.

    Something is really wrong with Lena Dunham. Folk really let her keep rocking even after all the stuff she admitted in her own book, and its just been issue after issue with her.

  2. Amil

    Hey TBGWT

    I’m visiting from Earth-38 and I just wanted to comment on this episode. I’ve only listened to the episode on my Earth, but I’m assuming it was identical here on Earth-1. Also, why do you get to be Earth-1 and us 38? Is it because we have Supergirl and you only have the Flash and Arrow? Anyhoo I wanted to comment on Kevin Hart. Isn’t it great that after making those reprehensible homophobic jokes in his standup a few years ago that he did the bare minimum and apologised? I don’t even think he meant the apology, but we know the bar is set so low for straight people that all he had to do was release a carefully worded, sincere sounding apology through his publicist as soon as the old jokes resurfaced. Not everyone bought it, but ABC accepted it and kept him on as host, even alluding to him doing it next year as well. He’s appearing with Ellen on her show this week and he fully on his way to image rehabilitation. This is just like that time last year when on Earth-38 Lena Dunham swiftly condemned that writer for his sexual assault, even though he was her friend and colleague. She’s such an inter-sectional feminist.

    I’d love to write about how great President Hilary Clinton is doing in office halfway through her term (can you believe that nut job Trump thought he could win, in what world?) but I’ve got to go. My Earth-1 hosts say they have a Kevin Hart instagram post for me to watch, and catch me up on all the Earth -1 news.

    Ta Tah.

  3. PattyM

    The thing that made me cringe on this episode was when Karen said “ I don’t want any type of stickiness or gravy from niggas” ewwww! LMAO! And Rod please SHAME these reminiscent sucking on mama’s teets niggas. Lol!

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