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1807: The Gender Pay Gap Starts At Home

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Rod and Karen discuss a woman’s attempted work revenge, update on school superintendent, an apology to my husband’s ex-wife, the gender gap starts at home, candy canes banned at school, Torrei Hart defends Kevin Hart, Cyntoia Brown clemency case, Pool Patrol Paula update, black while video gaming, Paris Dennard breaks his silence, hot grease ends argument, passing gas in the Dollar General, woman throws baby in argument and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sofa King

    I’m a couple years older than y’all, and I’ve never heard of this candy cane business, either. In fact, it sounds like the sort of bullshit that Ray Lewis would have made up: (in Ray Lewis voice) “The ‘J’ stands for JESUS!”

  2. kccolon10


    I have a 3-year old daughter, and I was shocked at there being apps for allowance!! It didn’t even dawn on me until Rod mentioned it, and I was just as confused as you!! Of course they would, but I wouldn’t have known anything about until it was too late and it was time to pay up lol. Technology has come a long way. Thanks guys!

  3. Evie E

    That woman who wrote the apology to her husband’s ex wife is the queen of audacity. No where was there a real apology in that letter and actually in the very beginning she tries to deflect by saying, “I know this affair was painful for you, but I know you understand because you had a affair too” Bitch What? How the fuck do you know if you’ve never met her? She clearly states she doesn’t believe what her husbands has been saying about ex because she now knows what a dick he is, but she believed that part? Fuck that bitch. I wish her all the unhappiness she has coming her way.

  4. Trey_Swindu744

    “You just want to be left alone,everybody else gets to fucking be left alone”(c) Karen – Thank you for saying this Karen , there are so many days as a black person I want to yell this from the rooftops ,at the job or of course everywhere we have to deal with people hating us because we simply fucking exists!

    Thank you guys for the opinions you give! Those opinions have helped me and many others get through the bullshit we endure everyday in this life! Thanks so much!


  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod and Karen,
    I became absolutely triggered listening to you talking about gendered chores. I’m not even being funny. When I got married and would visit my grandmother’s home for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or any time when large plates of food would be eaten (at Rod’s cookout? lol), my grandmother would always call my mother, my mom and my aunt to fix our husbands’ plates when the food was ready instead of having all the adults fix their own plates or the husbands fix their wives plates. I would always protest and ask “why can’t he fix his own plate, his legs ain’t broke?” My grandmother would always jokingly reply that it was the wife’s duty. Then when I had children, I would then become responsible for fixing the babies’ plates and my then-husband’s plate because that’s the wife’s duty. My children are damn near teenagers and I am divorced, and I’m still required to fix their plates first when I visit my grandmother’s house. I look at my family and I want to scream “My children can bake a potato, bake a chicken breast, and make a pot of rice, so they certainly can serve up a gotdamn plate of franks and beans.” But, I don’t, because then I’m accused of being angry. And full disclosure, my family is a matriarchy and the number of women outnumber the men 3 to 1. So, it’s just a lot of internalized sexism. GRRRRRR.

    As kids and teens, my twin brother and I were being raised by grandmother. My brother was allowed to do the more “dangerous” chores of shoveling snow, buying the newspaper from the corner store or taking out the garbage even though i was more than capable. I was only allowed to do things like set the table for dinner and dry and put away the dishes but called spoiled by aunt because I wasn’t doing more of the dangerous chores. I couldn’t win for losing. I specifically remember a time when my grandmother had trouble opening a jar. My brother was in the other room. I was on the weight lifting team at school and sitting right next to my grandmother. She called over my head to have my brother open the jar although I was literally the strongest person in the room.

    When my now ex-husband told me after nearly 20 years of marriage all of the reasons he fell out of love with me, most of them were of how I didn’t perform domestic duties well. My dinner dishes were boring; I couldn’t cornrow our daughters hair; it took me too long to put away the clean laundry; I didn’t do a good job of keeping our place organized. He literally said this to me with a straight face as though I didn’t also have a full time job working with small children all day and had to come home and take care of our two small children including taking them to dance class, being their scout leader, being the classroom mom, chaperoning their class trips AND calling out sick from my job to take care of my children when they were sick. And there was never any discussion about that. It was just assumed that I’d have to stay home if my daughters were sick or redo my schedule if I had to take them to the doctor. (And that nigga hated his job and I loved mine.)

    It’s only now that I’m a single mom living on my own and supporting myself that I realized that I was and am a more than adequate mother and that I was and am carrying the majority of the emotional labor of raising a child.

    I am so sorry for the long rambling response. Like I said, I was really triggered by that story. I’m clearly still dealing with 40+ years of familial sexism and gendered favoritism. I’m just hoping that as a mom I can teach my daughters that they are capable of doing whatever they want to do without gender being a factor. Thanks for sharing and bringing this up.

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