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1808: What’re You Jerking To In 2018?

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Rod and Karen discuss Pornhub’s year end stats, school shootings, Charlottesville verdict, Miley coming back to hip hop, racist gun club, teacher bans black hair, Tiffany Haddish Lawry’s ad, nursing while black, woman kills ex-husbands girlfriend, man shoplifts microwave, man burns down Christmas decorations and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I love me some Tiffany Haddish. I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her on a comedy special some years ago. Amy Shumer and Lunell were also on this program and when Amy Schumer blew up, I wondered what happened to Tiffany. I have been so happy for her sucess and I think most people were happy to but with sucess come haters. People who hate Tiffany hate her because they’re more concerned about the white gaze and how white people view us because of her personality. I’ve heard people call her ghetto and have said she’s setting us back when the truth is, people who see Tiffany Haddish and label all black people as ghetto thought are racist in the first place so there was really no changing their mind. This is the same thing that happened when Leslie Jones got some shine.

    People will root for someone until they surpass you. I hope Tiffany gets all the money in 2019 and I’ll be looking out for her seasoning salt because I will buy it.

  2. Doug B

    About the categories in Gay Porn, Twinks can be feminine, but don’t have to, but are always skinny and in that “barely legal” 18-20 something age group. As for Straight, there’s a lot porn scenarios involve sleeping with straight dudes. It’s weird, but kinda funny as of how the porn industry pays men, most of the gay porn models are straight.

    Anyways, your podcast is the best!
    – Doug B

  3. Freezer

    It feels like I only really leave comments when I’m “Well Actually”-ing some pop culture trivia. But get in where you fit in, I suppose.

    Discussing where Bowsette came from (and why there is enough porn of her to justify a Porn Hub category) is a story of meme culture at its best/worst.

    Back when New Super Mario Bros U was announced for the Switch, they announced that Toadette would be a playable character. And she would also have a powerup item unique to her: The Super Crown, which would turn her into a half-Princess Peach character called Peachette. (Who is basically Peach with Toadette’s pigtails). Ths started a discussion among fans as to what other characters would look like if they got the Super Crown.

    Cut to a few weeks later, where an artist called Ayyk92 tweeted out a fancomic based on the ending of Super Mario Oddysey (can you really spoil the ending of a Mario game?) where Peach rejects Mario and Bowser’s marriage proposals. While consoling each other, Bowser reveals that he has the Super Crown. Cut to a panel of Mario walking arm in arm with the newly-transformed Bowser (then unnamed), to the shock of Peach and Luigi. The comic went viral, amassing 40,000 likes and 10,000 shares in a day. Then suddenly every artist – including a few pro game and manga artists – decided to try their hand at the newly-dubbed Bowsette.

    From there the memes and the porn flowed. And at this point, every Mario character has been portrayed as getting the Super Crown treatment. Though the only one who’s taken off anywhere near the level of Bowsette is “Boosette” (King Boo). Personally, my favorite of the bunch is non-porn: Blooper (the little floating squid) tries on the crown, and it turns him into a Squidling from Splatoon.

    That got away from me on the word count, but hopefully it’s still interesting enough.

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