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1815: Welcome To The Cookout™ Jerome Seinfeld

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Rod and Karen discuss couples who drink together are happier, young couples face money issues, Oakland police not reporting use of force, teen returns purse with 10K in it, horrible gifts, Cardi B update, Summer Bunni, n-word conversation brought back up, Travis Scott old interview brought up, racist ref makes black wrestler cut off his hair, Florida man selling drugs, mother and baby killed by a bear, woman does revenge porn on a man at his kids’ school and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    I’m saying in all seriousness that I am triggered by that 20-year-old girl that fucked Offset and apologized to Cardi for sleeping with her husband. I was a victim of infidelity about 10 years into my marriage. And I was fucking livid at both my husband at the time and the woman he cheated with. If that bitch was in the same city where we lived, I would have driven to her house with my squad and fuck her up. Seriously and I was 30. And the mistress called me a couple of days after 9-11 happened to apologize because she didn’t want to die with this type of regret on her chest. I accepted it on the phone out of kindness but not in my heart. There is nothing that says that a person has to accept your apology. The apology is never for the person wronged. It is for the person who did the wrong thing. And this woman who slept with Offset took the apology back? That means she never offered it sincerely, such a child. It’s been 15 years and I’ve forgiven the woman who slept with my husband at the time, but it took me a long time and it had nothing to do with her or him but all about me. I get to accept the apology or forgive someone in my time. If this happened in the time of IG, FB, and Twitter, I can’t say that I wouldn’t act as ugly toward the mistress as Cardi is alledged to be.

  2. Akua Brempong-Smith

    Hi Rod and Karen! Happy Holidays. I had to go look up Travis Scott because I’m quickly approaching Auntie status (and proud of it). I know his remarks on Ferguson are old, but he had the nerve to be on some respectability politics when he’s rocking those struggle braids? Boy bye!

    Re: the wrestler who had his locs cut- this story had my blood BOILING! I actually cried while watching the video. I have been growing my locs since 2008 and I get tense when my loctician gives me a much-needed trim. I’m upset that the coach and the rest of the team didn’t take the L and support their teammate. I am also upset that the referee was allowed to continue to referee after he had a racist incident. Had he been removed, that wrestler would have still had his locs. I think the thing that angers me the most is that no one in that gym felt the need to protect that child. This goes to the bigger issue of how black children are not protected in society. I was 100% fucked with and I’m still mad.

    Thanks for all that you do!
    Akua (Uh-kwee-uh)

  3. Harrygodzilla

    Hey Rod and Karen. I think the clip from Talking Funny was brought up because people are still trying to justify Kevin Hart and do the whole “see when its about race no one cares but if you talk about the gays everyone goes crazy” at least thats how I first saw it being talked about. People are getting upset because their faves are being called out and I think a lot more of this is coming because people are like if I can’t enjoy my fave then let me show you why and how everyone is fucked up.

  4. jamielscorpio

    That was a grizzly story. I couldn’t bear to listen to it all. But I guess that’s what makes us polar opposites cause you put your claws in that story and read it

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