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SMR 224: Bird Box

Rod and Karen review Netflix’s scify horror film, “Bird Box.” Can Sandy do it again? Also we discuss the trailer for “Us” and your feedback.


  1. Anonymous

    Bird Box is what Bright was in 2017: Major stars, beautiful visuals & a basic story. Sandra Bullock does a good job here conveying lost & despair in this screwed up world. The rest of the cast is really good here, as well. However, just like Bright, I don’t have a reason to watch it again. One other thing, I do wish we got a chance to see this monster.


      Anonymous was me, Sandleragony.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Much like you, I wound up watching Bird Box because I could not go online without risking being spoiled. I agree that this is a three star movie. I am with a Karen in feeling it is too long. I usually don’t mind lengthy movies, living in NY, the longer film gives me more bang for the buck, and that matters. I paused the film to use the restroom and when I saw there was more than 40 minutes left, I thought Netflix had lost its damn mind. I also agree that not seeing the creatures was a big mistake. I wanted to know what was behind the madness. I also both liked and disliked the ending. I liked it because it made me realize how thinking of the blind should have been the first thing that occurred to me, but I was surprised by the twist. I didn’t like the ending because Sandra and the kids are still sighted, so the danger remains for them. I also liked Sandra’s character renaming Boy, Tom.

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