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LSG 33: 38 Dollar Hot Dog Water

Karen is back for another serving of Lip Smacking Good. No guest interview today but we do go for extra helpings of Spicy News. We also had a buffet of Meals Of The Week this time with some very eclectic restaurants.

Rod’s Yelp

Karen’s Yelp

Yume Ramen Sushi Bar

Bulla Gastrobar

Let’s Meat Kbbq

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  1. kccolon10

    Hey y’all,

    Karen, you are ABSOLUTELY correct with regard to Korean culture and Korean BBQ. I spent a year in Korea, and Korean BBQ is very common, and very popular. It’s definitely a family experience, and Korean BBQ is more for group, families, friends, and more of a social experience than a quick ‘get in and get out’ type of thing. The other type of Korean BBQ you’ve had is also available in Korea, but more American style than Korean style, and ready-made Korean food caters to the employees that have set time limits and things like that.

    I hope that helps!

  2. CT

    I’m in Qatar (middle eastern country), and they have many of the same chain restaurants that we have in the states, to include KFC. KFC is significantly better here than in the states. I don’t really like KFC in the US, but here they fry their chicken crispy.

    Alternatives to cow milk is pretty interesting. I’m trying to be a little bit more health conscious than when I grew up, especially for my daughter. I’ve started giving her almond milk rather than cow milk, and she seems to like it. I’m not making it a dietary restriction or anything, I just want her to have some additional options afforded to her.

    Brussel sprouts: like you, Rod, I also hated Brussels sprouts. But I only had them broiled,which we all know is the worst way to eat a food to like it. But I was determined to like it, so this is what I do. I buy fresh Brussel sprouts, and cut them up so that most of the leaves separate. Then I cut up onion, Red, green and yellow pepper, and season the HELL out of it. Drizzle some olive oil, mix it up, and roast it. BAAA BYYY, when I tell you it’s delicious, it’s delicious. Now you may say that I don’t like brussel sprouts if I gotta do all of that to the vegetable, which I don’t entirely disagree. But I still enjoy it the way I make it.

    Karen, I think what you listed is the top 10 google searches for food for BLACK people. Google was just trying to do their best, but with chicken near the bottom of the list, we should’ve knew who they were talking about lol.

    Y’all. I don’t understand the Chinese food in the mid west story. I’m with y’all, this might not be my ministry. But I only got one comment: most Chinese food in the US is bad, and none of it is authentic. But if it’s not going to be authentic, then at least let it taste good. And traditionally, mid-western food is not the most flavorful, and not fresh, since they have to ship in a lot of their selections. I’m not saying he’s not wrong, but he maybe closer to right on this one.

    Final note: If you ever concern yourselves about whether or not we’ll listen if you don’t have a guest, don’t. I love listening to y’all talk about anything together, and talking about food by yourselves is no different. Thank you so much for the episode!

  3. GWG

    FEEDSMACK I love the song, the new format, the old format, food talking, food news, food puns – you name it!

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