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1817: Milk Toast

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Rod and Karen discuss the 9th anniversary of TBGWT, Rod’s Random Thoughts, Surviving R Kelly documentary, the butt crack bandits, frying pan beating, Christmas ham dispute and sword ratchetness.

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  1. CT

    I am glad the victims are getting a voice, and the story is being told. Sometimes, it’s not about the validity of the story, but it’s about the timing. And with the rise of social media, and the introduction of this series, I think R. Kelly is going to be brought to justice. Even though he’s been free for too long, and the documentary may have undercut its message in the end, the truth has been let out, and people have been forced to pick a side. I hope he goes to jail for the rest of his life.

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    Here is what I think it would take to finally bring down R. Kelly:

    – A judge similar to the judge in the Cosby case who wants to make it happen -no matter what. A judge who can’t be paid off to drop the case like the judge in the Florida that dropped the child porn case against R kelly probably was.

    -a prosecutor who wants to make it happen no matter what and can’t be paid off too

    – a change of venue to some other county other than cook county if possible

    -finally people have to keep protesting the people that are giving r kelly checks (his record label , concert venues, etc) once the money stops flowing ,that jail house will come calling…lol

    Hopefully these sort of things could help bring him down because this dude is pure evil.

    One of the main things that creeps me out is hearing about how he would be hanging outside of the schools as soon as the school let out – that has been the first creepy thing I have always heard about this nasty muthafucka going all the way back to like 2003 -2004 for me. But of course in the documentary we found out he had been paying off some of the cops to let him know of something was about to go down that involved him – so that could explain him getting away with hanging around that school. But still just mind boggling to me , but anyway fuck r kelly and anyone protecting him!

    Thanks guys!


  3. Evie E

    I watched all six hours of the documentary, some of it I had heard about and some I didn’t. I know some people can separate the artist from the art in a lot of cases but this is one I cannot now that I know most of his songs are about his personal experiences which were at the expense of young girls of color. I won’t play his his music anymore. It’s fuck him forever and I hope he burns in hell.

  4. Dia

    On R. Kelly and people blaming parents…

    Sometimes I think people use the wrong word. I don’t blame the parents. I blame the perpetrator. But parents have responsibility.

    To me there is a difference between blame and responsibility. Saying someone should have accountability and responsibility to me doesn’t mean I blame them for what happened to their children.

    Responsibility and accountability can be worked with.

    If I took a child to the store and they got lured away by a stranger, I’m not to blame for the strangers actions, but I would feel responsible because I should have been more diligent. I am sure the parents are heartbroken, but we put a lot of stigma on responsibility because we use it like blame.

  5. Chris Hansen

    Drake was brought up because somebody posted an old video of him groping a 17 year old at a concert, and then kissing her after she told him her age.

    Oh, the crowd was kind of cheering and joking about it in the video too.

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Y’all! Part of me wants you to keep this anonymous lol. Feel free not to read it on air because I know its long and you will have a lot of feedback to get to. Also, I just want to say I am so happy I have finally been able to catch up. I was months behind on all of my fave podcasts including yours and now I’m caught up enough to leave comments for the feedback show. Thank you for taking a holiday break for yourselves and me.

    Regarding Chance, I had to reflect on my initial reaction to his comments after this episode. I’m usually one to let a person’s actions speak louder than their words after they give an apology like he did. For some reason my immediate reaction to him was ‘fuck out of here.’ Honestly, that is still how I feel. I just didn’t want to hear it from him or other men who thought like him. I’ve always been a huge fan of his but lately he’s been turning me off a bit. I had to remind myself though that I was once young with problematic thoughts and feelings. I had to grow and learn the things I do now. It took people calling me out on my shit. I know I should want that same space to grow for others. Again usually I do allow that space. My energy though is running low.

    I live in Chicago and it often seems like everyone knows someone who knows a girl affected by R Kelly’s predatory behavior. So many people have a story. It was just a known thing out here. So for him to say he never saw a picture of R Kelly’s accusers felt like a lie and insincere. So many people blew it off just like he did.

    As a Black woman it feels like all we are doing is giving out chances for Black men to grow and truly love us and do the work to show that and we end up being hurt. It gets exhausting. It makes me angry and sad I can’t lie. What else do we need to say or do to get people, especially our men to hear us? How long do we need to wait for them to grow out of this misogyny? So much of this could have been stopped if so many people had spoke up and out against R Kelly and didn’t give him a platform. There is also part of me asking myself am I being too easy on Chance right now writing this email.

    I am just so conflicted and so angry with so many of Black people who are choosing now to speak out and see the errors in their ways regarding R Kelly. It speaks to so many situations where Black women are treated poorly and our cries go unheard. I’m looking at my own family members sideways like oh now you got something to say. At the same time I need to give them space to right their wrongs. Its a lot. I almost yelled at a woman in my Uber pool the other day over this. She shared her thoughts on R Kelly and sounded like she was defending him. As we continued to talk I find out she herself had been abused in similar ways by older men when she was a teen. She had been a lifelong fan of R Kelly but was also a victim of the same type of abuse he had inflicted on others. She admitted she was trying to process her feelings because the documentary triggered so many feelings she had pushed away. She said all these years she just assumed that was the way things are or blamed herself (it was a lot going on in that Uber pool but that is another story. I was just trying to get to work on time). We ended up having a good talk.

    Anyway I am still processing it all as I know many of us are. I’m sorry this is so long. Enjoy the rest of y’alls week!

  7. ProfKori

    Your commentary about customer service folk having to do emotional labor struck a chord for me. I made a point of filling out a Sephora survey after having a makeover artist who was incredibly professional and creative … and patient enough to try to teach me as she applied each product. Most of the questions on that survey were about whether workers made me “feel appreciated.” Then, there were questions about what else workers could do to make me “feel appreciated.” WTH? That should not be the standard by which professionals in service-oriented jobs are judged. They’re already performing a service. That’s a job. If folk aren’t feeling appreciated in their lives, maybe they should pay attention to their personal relationships. It’s not a random store employee’s responsibility to fix that!

  8. GWG

    Rod said, “He was goin Hard As a Motherf-cker” and didn’t play the song, so so subtle but SO SO GOOD

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