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1818: PETA vs Black Lives

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Rod and Karen discuss podcasting rules, Cyntoia Brown gets clemency, Jazmine Brown murder, Russell Simmons weighs in on Tiffany Haddish, Birdman and Braxton call it quits, Jay and Bey vegan challenge, Tiffany Haddish apologizes for bombing, Kanye twitter rant, Tired Of This Church kid got a whooping, Diamond and Silk rap, man burns down house to stop vampires, couples runs out on 10k debt to hotel, woman beats up parents for not taking her to Outback and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is that Cam at 35:17?

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Also thanks Rod and Karen for the tbgwt code , I finally got use it for a discount on Bevel ‘s site for their new skincare line for men ,thanks again !


  3. Trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    So happy to hear that Cyntoia Brown was finally granted clemency but I’m still shocked at the people who sent her to jail for killing the man “WHO FUCkING FORCED HER INTO SEX TRAFFICKING – AS A CHILD!” That’s a self defense argument that should have been made on her behalf.

    This world is such trash for not giving a shit about these young black girls being sexually assaulted . ( whether it’s Cyntoia or the r kelly victims or unknown victims ) It is beyond crazy to see stupid people defend folks who do this to the other human beings especially children.

    But I am thankful for everyone who continues to always call out these evil motherfuckers , it’s the only way we can continue to protect people ,as well as we can.

    Thanks Rod and Karen,

    Trey_ Swindu744

  4. Michelle

    Rod, I have to confess that, as a person with verifiable African ancestry, I not only enjoy but actually pay good money to watch those “talking dog” movies that you say black people don’t watch. Call me an outlier but I love them. I recently rented the new one with the Grandfather from This Is Us in it. And I’m on the wait list to rent the British one about the pug called Patrick. I also own a copy of Marley and Me. Sorry Rod but we’re not a monolith.

  5. Anthony Animal Thug Tatum

    I think Tiffany Haddish might have just been thrown off by the new years crowds or experience . One common thing I heard from listening to different podcasts hosted by comedians is that you never do new years sets ever. These large venues are passing out free drinks for hours and it makes it harder to control when you paid a premium to be there. I know she admitted to bombing but a big crowd of people on 11 didn’t help her situation.

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