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1819: Canceled Cooking With Kevin Spacey

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Rod and Karen discuss more R. Kelly news, LGBTQ news, Kevin Spacey’s bizarre video and white people news.

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  1. Evie E

    Besides being a molester, Kevin Spacey’s biggest problem is being a being an entitled white man. He probably can’t believe he’s facing consequences for his actions which is why he put out this strange video. Maybe he thinks people will forgive him after seeing them. I’m sure some people will but he just needs to go away.

  2. Felix

    Seeing as I’m around half rods age and African living in the uk, the docuseries was really needed for me. It was more thorough than the BBC one which I also saw. I remember being introduced to the whole situation via that boondocks episode and being confused as to how he wasn’t in jail but not looking more into it because I assumed hed be locked up eventualy. Even with American music being all over African TV and on UK TV when I was younger, I don’t think I ever saw the situation come up anywhere else from what I remember. My parents didn’t even really listen to R. Kelly because they had very specific taste in American music and they didn’t like him so he never came up besides them turning the radio station when his music came on. Everything I saw in the recent docuseries just really put it into perspective for me in a way I wasnt able to grasp as a teenager. Maybe it’s because I’m more removed from the situation with me not knowing a lot about old news stories or also because I’m still a bit niave but I cant imagine a person being this fiendish. I just cant grasp how sick someone has to be to do the things R. Kelly does. Even if he was abused as a kid, how does that translate to you perpetuating that evil on others. It breaks my heart seeing how he was able to get away with ruining so many lives with people enabling him and no one ever being locked up. Between the docuseries and all my fave black podcasts covering it and giving more context, im glad I’m more informed on the situation now. Even with the annoying breakfast club dude in the doc, the massage got to me. I hope they get him man. Not much else I can really say.

  3. Kevin Hart


  4. Karris

    Kevin Hart keeps addressing the controversy because he keps getting asked about it on his heels of his new movie release. He’s using the same talking point and message because that is what you do in PR.

  5. Janica

    Ellen…girl. Why. Why are you caping for Kevin Hart? That’s literally all I have for Kevin.

    But speaking of people unnecessarily caping for black men… R Kelly. It’s honestly has been terrorizing for me. I haven’t been able to watch the documentary. Personally, I didn’t need more proof. Hearing my coworkers and “friends” talk about it has been HARD. It feels like the Bill Cosby trial all over again. I’ve ended several relationships including my “best” friend because people in my life (mostly black women, which hurts on a whole other level) want to ignore facts to defend these men that they don’t even know. It’s bullshit. I can’t.

    I love y’all for being an escape from the madness.

  6. Turq

    Hi Guys –

    I hope R. Kelly dies. Soon. Very, very soon. Jail would be nice because it might make the victims feel that they got justice, even if it was not for their personal case. It won’t be a real punishment though. He’ll be treated like a king inside by prisoners and guards alike because there are still people who refuse to believe or don’t see anything wrong with his crimes. He’ll never learn his lesson or feel remorse because his worldview is so warped and enabled by others.

    I don’t want any of the families he victimized to take him out. He’s already ruined their lives enough and jail would just be one more thing that steals precious time from their lives.

    I honestly don’t even know what I would personally define as justice at this point.



  7. katrese206

    I hate when black men say, “it’s none of my business.” To me, what they’re really saying is, “I don’t want to know, because I don’t want to hold anyone accountable for disgusting behavior, including myself.”

    On Andrea… if the videos are current, I wonder if she did them under duress. In the documentary, she spoke about how he’s withheld child support, several times, out of spite.

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