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1820: Alexa, What’s Half Of Infinity?

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Rod and Karen discuss Instagram models, LGBTQ News, more Surviving R Kelly fallout, FDA halted food inspections because of gov shutdown, Pastor John Gray might’ve cheated, Jeff Bezos divorce, meteorologist fired, Megyn Kelly replaced by black people, SC woman lies about attack, black teacher deals with racist school, woman upset she can’t touch service dogs, mass shooting at gender reveal party, couple attack police in NYC and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    So Jeff Bezos is about to be single and even though his wife will take half of 140 Billion dollars. He’ll still have 70 Billion dollars. So my question is, does he like sistas? Asking for a friend.

  2. reallydarkknight

    Say what you will, but Kevin has been pretty successful in turning this whole episode into him being the victim. I felt really sorry for Michael Strahan trying to lob him those softballs and Kevin wouldn’t even hit one and then move on. One answer, knock it out of the park and move on. Seemed to be easy enough. But Kevin is still mad so…nope.

    I had an exchange on Twitter this week where I said that if anybody could get a message to McKenzie Bezos, that I said, “Hey Boo!” Somebody actually had the nerve to say to me that she wasn’t that hot. Hot? Like I give a fuck about hot. I’m tryna get my family a serious glow-up! Even told the wife about it and she understood. It took all of my strumph not to respond, “That’s why yous a broke bitch!!!”


  3. Forest

    As y’all stated, Kevin will ultimately be fine. I do think it will effect his plans a bit and that’s why he’s so mad. Kevin is pretty openly ambitious and he’s been steadily (and successfully) trying to move up in Hollywood and this controversy and his response has effected that. Obviously, his core won’t care about any of this shit, but it will effect his ability to grow beyond that group. The hilarious part is this film is not getting great reviews anyway and it was one of Harvey Weinstein’s last movies before his shit blew up, although they pulled his name off as an exec producer. So, this movie was kinda doomed to begin with. Kevin just helped it along.

  4. katebaileydc

    Thanks Karen for your comments about what to do if a service dog comes up to you. I try to stay knowledgeable about disability support, but I really had never heard before that a service dog approaching another person might mean that the service dog partner needs assistance. I hope I never need to put that knowledge to use, but I really appreciate you educating me on that!

  5. Michelle B.

    I am not sure if this is the right place to leave feedback but I had to speak on the Kevin Hart issue. I do not understand why people are so thirsty for Kevin Hart to apologize the way you want. Let it go and stop supporting him. It’s that simple. He has a bad attitude and he obviously harbors ill feelings. Why waste your time and energy on someone who ain’t checkin’ for you? Why would you want someone like him to rep you who obviously doesn’t think you are worth the kind of apology you want. He doesn’t care. How many times do you need to hear someone say they don’t care about you before you leave them alone? Stop buying tickets to his movies, comedy shows, etc. Don’t tweet his name or bring him up in public. Let his name die on your lips today and let that man go. It’s 2019 and I don’t have time wasting energy on someone’s foolishness.

    Karen compared racism to homophobia and the Rosanne Barr mess. I am a Black Woman. A proud one. My ass was not sitting here begging for Rosanne to respect black people. I said thanks for revealing yourself to me and I am moving on to the next. You don’t have to worry about my support. I believe in forgiveness but if you show yourself to be a dick in present day, I’m not going to deal with you.

    Anyway, love you guys. You are my favorite podcast couple. I wish you both the best and much success in the new year.

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