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PG 177: Gamestop Disrespect

Rod and Justin (and much later Dominic Rivera) discuss Xbox gaming, trying to recover from injury, Justin work drama, Surviving R Kelly and listener feedback.

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  1. fyahworks

    What’s up my niggaz,

    Rod I gotta call you
    Rod master flex, for all the bombs you was dropping last week about those crooks GameStop! It’s so true how they rob us! But charging $60 for a game then they will buy back for $25-30 then put it back on the shelf as prepared for $54.99 that shit is crazy! And the longer you have the game the less you get! Fuck around and try and trade in nba 2k 16 right now and they will be like $7 take it or leave it! I feel eventually game stop will go out of business when the option of online games and the game pass you spoke about will take over!

    Also I can sympathize with you guys about injuries, I broke my nose on the basketball court going for a rebound and I haven’t played since, that was last year! I haven’t played because I haven’t had time but it does stay in my mind that if I do step on the court it could happen again. Do injuries on the court haunt y’all guys once you go back out there?

    Peace fyahworks

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