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PG 179: White People Recipes

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Nancy Pelosi vs Trump, white people recipes, Justin’s co-worker on thin ice, fostering relationships, Fyre Festival docs, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey slander from Justin, listener feedback and a Moment of Iyanla.



  1. fyahworks

    Greetings Karen, Rod, and j chill

    Cause it’s cold as fuck outside! Hope y’all staying room temp! Man shout out to the folks working at the weather channel! Idk how they do it on mother nature’s playground! Telling you stay inside while they out there! Better them than me!

    1) Congratulations are in order for The NY Times piece/ shoutout! Shows that hard work don’t go unnoticed.
    2) I finished punisher! And currently running through daredevil season 3!
    Wanted to know if you guys seen or plan to check out
    The ted bundy tapes or killer mike trigger warning!

    3) how do you guys feel about all star weekend in your town? I’m not sure how Charlotte is set up, but I live in NYC and when the all star game was here, only downtown Brooklyn by Barclays and the city was congested so once you stayed away from those areas, you wouldn’t even know there was a surplus of people or a big weekend going on.

    5 stars!

  2. AJtheEngineer

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jerman Cain,

    Justin each week you stray further from lightskin-ness. How on earth do you not care for Mariah?! Where would we all be without her? You are something else *stares in Tobias*.

    I enjoyed your discussion on Pelosi and Trump and it’s great there’s some actual oversight on this administration. I was really happy to see the oversight was also applied way over in Japan on Nene Leakes. Justin, did you agree with the tour guide leaving Nene? I loved it, that woman was tired of being disrespected in her own country. I also enjoyed Eva the Diva. I’m a couple episodes behind on Married at First Sight but I’m seeing black twitter go in on the black couples and these gender roles. Are the women cooking, cleaning, or doing both?

    Great shows as always yall, Peace.


  3. bamil73

    Hey Rod, Karen (maybe) and J-Billy McFarland

    Thanks for the birthday shout-out! It was even replete with dance-hall horns and bad Jamaican accents. That was sweet and made my day along with wifey and my two daughters surprising me with some Korean fried chicken. Mi couldn’ ask fi more. I wish I remembered to to listen live especially since I took the day off.

    I watched the Netflix Fyre Festival doc. Unfortunately, Hulu isn’t available in Canada yet so I haven’t seen the Hulu one. I really wanted to get that perspective since I came out of the Netflix doc thinking Fuck Jerry was just another victim. The part that got me was when Marianne the restaurant owner started to cry. It got me heated. These white people just go and throw money around, thinking of the Island as just some playground, not considering that the locals have to live there and function there long after they have left. That bus driver though! He reminded of every dead-pan ass taxi driving nigga in Jamaica. “Yu expecting what?!? Wait til yu si what yu really gettin’.” That shit cracked me up.

    Lastly I am shocked and appalled that you have Justin back on the show this week after that Mariah Carey slander. That shit is unforgivable. “Vision of Love” is a motherfucking masterpiece, and don’t you forget it. A majority of people, when asked, think that “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is a Mariah Carey cover of an older song. It’s not, she wrote and arranged that shit herself. So have some respect nigga.

    P.S. As probably the only Patriots fan in the TBGWT fan-base I’m looking forward to another Super Bowl with my problematic fave, Thomas ‘Lucifer’ Brady. That doesn’t make me a coon, although I does loves me a little soft-shoe every now and then.



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