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BDS 289: #DP

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the Browns disorganization, NFL conference championships, Barkley trashes 6ers, All Star voting for NBA, Cam denies being told he couldn’t get a tattoo, Future disses Russell Wilson, Tony Dungy on racist announcing, Victor Page arrested, Gladys Knight on the Super Bowl Anthem, Wentz is selfish, Ayesha Curry on marriage, Torey Smith destroys his son in Madden, Dan Snyder yacht, Cam Newton gets surgery, Cousins, KD opens after-school educational center, Florida State deletes MLK tweet, Big Ben extension, Cole Beasley mad, Jill McCluskey contacted campus police about ex, NFLPA supports teacher’s union in LA, Raven extend coach, Teyana Taylor threesome rumor, Maria Sharapova bathroom break and measles at an NBA game.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin!!!

    Greetings from the Super Bowl host city! The Super Bowl that will NOT include the New Orleans sAints (PRAISE GOD!!!)

    I just had to write in to give my view on the fan rivalry. Had the sAints made it to the Super Bowl, I doubt there would have been any real fights. The fights between Falcons and sAints fans are on Twitter. Sure, there have been a few scuffles over the years but I suspect most of the people going at it on Twitter don’t travel like that. I travel to New Orleans almost every year for the game and I always have a good time partying with sAints fans.

    HOWEVER, those mofos would have never let us live it down had they played in our stadium. And now that they were robbed of a chance to play in the Super Bowl, those mofos are saltier than ever! Don’t get it twisted, we all agree that the blown call was egregious – however we view it as “when bad things happen to bad people” For two long years, those mofos have worn 28-3 shirts and mentioned every chance they get. They derided our coach for passing on what should have been a run play to win Super Bowl 51 – OH THE HILARITY! And to see them crying… I love it!!!

    I’ve been volunteering for the Super Bowl and I would have hated to have to smile in the face of pompous sAints fans as they partied in Atlanta this week. I would have because I vowed to represent my city well, but I would be cursing them out in my head as I did.

    On another note, similar to my former Kobe hate, I too had to let go of my Tom Brady hate. That man is the GOAT (not that Kobe is the GOAT) and the hate is fruitless. I’ve seen people on social media wonder if Falcons fans are salty that the Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl – in our stadium. Personally, I’m not. There’s no denying greatness. I’m still rooting for the Rams but if the Patriots win I’m good with it.

    Anyway, have a great show!

  2. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen , & New Orleans jelicans:

    The petty is STRONG with Nola! Taking the brow out the promotions for the team, sending the lakers calls to voicemail and their emails to spam? Man he already got fined, let’s just get this over with and let the man go live in his newly bought la home! I’m surprised with all the trade talk with Lonzo saying he wanna go to the Knicks or Chicago, why we haven’t heard from the BBB Boss! U think he staying low because he owe them kicks money for his league and people still waiting for their sneakers?

    Speaking of trades, I didn’t see Dallas becoming the new Ellis island for European basketball players! What are you guys thought on the trade? I was surprised because just yesterday they were serious about getting Davis!

    Over & out
    Fyah works


    Hey Rod, Karen & Joger Joddell. Tom Brady has officially won me over. I spent nearly 2 decades hating the guy & that team. Then, the day after they beat the Chiefs in OT, Brady had an Instagram post, featuring himself & Gronk smiling in our faces like that Billy McFarland snake from those Fyre documentaries. I couldn’t fight it no more. I basically was like Chris Rock fucking up those cassette tapes in Pootie Tang, “BRADY TOO GOOD, BRADY TOO GOOD”. I’m a Peyton Manning guy & I still am, but it’s incredible to see Brady do what he does at 41. I’m absolutely astounded by his ability to throw footballs at a high level, move in the pocket & be great. While I’ll sorta party, if he loses this game on Sunday, which would be his 11th playoff lost, which would tie him with Favre & behind Peyton’s 13 PO losses, (which is the current high), at the same time, he still won, cuz he went to 9 of those games and has been sharp in most of those games, win or lose. He’s the most dangerous man in the game & a bad motherfucker. I respect the hell out of that. If people want to declare him the GOAT? I won’t stop anybody with that label, cuz he earned that shit.

  4. AJtheEngineer

    What up Rod, Karen, and Jay Lewis,

    I really enjoyed your coverage of the NFL playoffs last week. Saints fans have bought billboards in Atlanta proclaiming that the NFL screwed up and other complaints. I’m sure the gumbo, I mean rage, is boiling up inside these Saints fans but have yall watched the slow motion replay of that pass? Brees’ pass was tipped a little bit by a Rams defender which sent the ball off course. Call me Mr. Bird Box cuz I didn’t see any pass interference.

    I know Brady and Coach Belli are the dream team but I’m hoping Todd Gurley gets some UGA energy and runs up and over the Patriots. I also hope Donald and Donkey Kong Suh chase Brady around like he’s Mario. It would be fantastic to see the Patriots lose in Atlanta, TSA would roast the hell out of those Pats fans as they leave Hartsfield (now that the government is back).

    Oh and welcome back to Atlanta Ray Lewis…..

    Peace yall,


  5. chubbzero

    What’s up rod, possibly Karen and joger joddell. Justin , you shoulda kept that Mariah Carey slander to your self bruh. If you didn’t know she was hater proof, I guess you do now. On to college basketball… being a unc fan it hurts me to admit that them dookies looking like a lock for the final 4 and championship. And while I don’t root for them, I find myself not hating this team as I have in the past years. My question is if they win it all, are they going to visit the tangerine idi admin in d.c.? All I know is when the heels won 2yrs ago they did not go.

  6. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Justin Luther the Coon, I mean King

    I’ve tolerated a lot of petty agendas from Justin over the years but what we NOT gonna do is slander Mariah Carey! It’s time to cancel his ass! Just because you’re bitter about seeing D’Angelo Russell be a Vision of Love on the Nets doesn’t mean you can lash out like that and be a Heartbreaker.

    Shout out to LeBron getting warned for tampering and then hitting up Kyrie with that We Belong Together. Can’t fine King James for asking an old teammate if he likes a song on IG right? Does it mattter if the next lyrics were “I know you’re with em now but soon you will be mine, If I could bring it back, I’ll probably press rewind.” Just a coincidence! Just like Rich Paul trying to get Anthony Davis up outta New Orleans. It’ll be One Sweet Day if they join forces. And look on the bright side NOLA, Davis being out has reminded folks Jahlil Okafor is still in the league and he’s been balling for the them the last couple of games like a real Dreamlover.

    And speaking of petty, did you see the Warriors visited Barack at the crib instead of going to the White House to celebrate their title? If I could have a fly on the wall for that roast session. You know he sprung for some good grub too, ain’t gonna be no Big Macs in that visit! He’ll always be my baby.

  7. rodimusprime

    Whats up Rod, Karen, and that nigga Jay-Anthony Davis. I have been a fan of Balls Deep for awhile and this is my first time writing in. I said nothing when yall talked about my Thunder and Westbrook or when y’all praised that human Brillo pad Durant. But I draw the God Damn line when Justin came for the queen Mariah Carey. Ban this nigga. For now on when I take a knee it will be for the disrespect he spewed. Also is anyone taking a bigger L then New Orleans? First they lose due to a bad call in the playoffs. Then their NBA team fines their star player for not wanting to play for them. Now its reported the Pelicans are dodging calls about trades like black parents telling you not to pick up the phone when bill collectors call. Also did yall hear about the graphic person that got fired in Pittsburgh for putting “known cheater” under Tom Brady’s name. As an Eagles fan I hate Tom Brady too but not enough to get fired for hating that nigga. But anyway love the show as always.


  8. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Justin and maybe Karen,

    I just have to say that in all my PG and BDS episodes, this was the first time I ever wanted to say, “Justin, Shut Up!” when you were slandering Mariah Carey.

    First, her father is black. His mother was African-American and his father was Afro-Venezuelan. Second, in Mariah’s 30+ year career her hits include, but are not limited to:

    Touch My Body
    Vision of Love
    All I Want for Christmas
    Love Takes Time
    I Don’t Wanna Cry
    Shake It Off (You know the song that was appropriated by Taylor Swift)
    Always Be My Baby
    We Belong Together
    One Sweet Day

    And the list goes on and on. And on top of that, unlike many other artists, Mariah wrote or co-wrote practically all of her songs, so she is making money-money based on her talent. Having said this, I hope you were just kidding because if nothing else, we should be thanking Mariah for giving us eight years where Nick Cannon was not acting like Tariq Nashid’s long lost son.

  9. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Karen and Jeggie Jackson?

    I’ll keep it short. I only got two things NBA Wise.

    Kawhi gone. He just bought a house in southern california.

    Second, Reggie Jackson is the worst point guard in the league. Did you see him photo bomb Blake Griffin the other day? As Blake was pretty much saying the Pistons don’t have focus?



    PS: Boogie Back and the cheat code is now enabled.

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