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1833: What You Know About That?

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Rod and Karen discuss a few random thoughts, Dan Gasby, John Gray’s house, Nick Cannon on wanting white women, Warriors went to see Obama, Clemson’s black players didn’t go to White House, ShoeBox Lunches, Taking Out The Trash, man framed for drugs, woman stabs her best friend to death, man kidnaps himself and sword ratchetness.

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  1. thegrandshuckett

    The whole B. Smith/Dan Gasby thing is hella messy and tucked away in the Washington Post article is this line about how when B Smith has lucid moments she’s NOT OK with Gasby’s actions. He is all the way wrong.

    “When B. was lucid, she and Dan sometimes clashed over his flirtations. Now, in photos and videos Dan posts on social media, his wife and his girlfriend seem like friends. But are they?”

    Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/lifestyle-guru-b-smith-has-alzheimers-her-husband-has-a-girlfriend-her-fans-arent-having-it/2019/01/28/1a9dbbc0-12c4-11e9-b6ad-9cfd62dbb0a8_story.html

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Wow at this Dan Gasby /B Smith article Rod and Karen , this fool didn’t have to tell any of his business to the world.But of course this dumb ass shiftless ass negro(Tobias Whale voice) just had to brag on his new side piece , even after his OWN daughter said,”aye bruh don’t do that shit”. Some folks are just dumb by default , anyways thanks for another great one Rod and Karen!


  3. katrese206

    I thought it would never happen to me, but, there I was on the highway, laughing hysterically, wondering if I should just pull over to avoid a collision… you all’s Nick Cannon commentary had me weak!!

  4. Evie E

    I don’t know what’s going on between Dan Gasby and B Smith but the optics don’t look good. And he has his mistress looking after his wife? Now if there is some unfortunate accident with B Smith, then you know everyone is going to be side eyeing these two.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod and Karen: Your commentary on Nick Cannon always cracks me up. “He got a talk show?” “Do White Folks know what he saying?” LOL. Sometimes I feel the same way. I appreciate the guest on the Nick Cannon talk show who championed black women, but something about what he said also bothered me. Black men shouldn’t feel obligated to choose a black woman because of our sacrifices, struggles, race, etc. In a perfect world, he should choose whoever makes his heart sing. I don’t believe that every black man that is with a white woman choose a white woman because of some twisted pathology of the white woman is the prize denied to black men.

    If you find a connect in Detroit to ship you one of those shoe boxes from that restaurant, please share because I’d like to buy one too. Now, I will never feel ashamed when I pack a cooler of food when I go on Amtrak. I will feel even more connected to my heritage.

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