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1832: MAGA Hats Are Confederate Flags

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Rod and Karen discuss being mentioned in the New York Times, Azealia Banks criticizes Cardi, Terry Crews vs DL Hughley, TSA workers busted for moving coke, LGBTQ news, that’s ya’ll man, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. thegrandshuckett

    Terry Crews was right to call out DL, Russell Simmons, and other prominent celebs that belittle and poke fun at his victimhood and etc.

    At the same time him bossing up on DL is being called into question because he came to the defense of Gina Rodriguez

    One thing doesnt negate the other

  2. Evie E

    I think the thing about the MAGA hats, like anything racist nowadays is the plausible deniability. But the thing is, when people wear that hate, they do it to get a rise out of other people. Case in point, I was in the grocery story this week. I see a white man who looked like the equivalent of a wet fart in human form, coming down the aisle. Now there are other people in the aisle. He doesn’t speak to any of them. But he goes out of his way to say hello to me. I look around and I notice i’m the only black person standing in the aisle. I give him a nod. And keep it moving. Now most white people will say I’m imaging things or being over sensitive but it’s that feelings you just can’t shake. In the end, I feel like he was disappointed that I didn’t react but boy was I seething on the inside.

    DL Hughley took a big L after Terry asked if he should slap the shit out of him. Then that fool tweet a story from 5 years about from when Terry said that it’s time for us to forgive Donald Sterling as if that was going to shame him but that backfired big time and DL took another L. DL is a clown. He only cares about racism as it pertains to black men. When Don Imus called that women’s basketball team nappy headed hoes, DL agreed with him. So really he can kick rocks.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    1. I was going to say that Tom Brokaw can eat a dick
    I concur.

    2. DL Hughly can also eat a whole bag of dicks.

  4. DexterFrost

    Awesome episode as usual. Thanks for providing a way to smile in all this madness. That build a wall shit was even a deeper scam than these racist people could have imagined. Episode 45 of Behind the Bastards talks about how the creators of the go fund me campaign are having the contributors opt in to giving their money to a 501(c)(4) where the money doesn’t have to be accounted for and can fund bigger scammers. These include Eric Prince, brother of Betsy DaVos and former Blackwater CEO, and everyone’s favorite fake medal wearing sheriff David Clarke. Of course, a large amount of them have already opted in to not getting their money back.

    Ah well, guess that’s the cost of racism, xenophobia, and ignorance. I’ll leave the empathy to Rod on this one. I’ll be laughing my ass off at them while looking for a way to get to an alternate timeline.

    Link for reference- https://www.behindthebastards.com/footnotes/btb-ep-footnotes-45.htm

  5. D Ramsey PhDone

    Five Stars cause I want to keep the love flowing among us!

  6. bamil73

    Rod and Karen

    First of all, the dude doing the cover of Changes was egregious. The sample is from Bruce Hornsby and the Range, a member of his own tribe (white). At least that part should have been good. He didn’t even achieve the bare minimum.

    Next, I was going to say that Tom Brokaw can eat a dick, but he probably can’t give a $175k blow job, so the recipient would be the one suffering (shout out to Andy). I’ll just say Tom Brokaw can fuck right off. As an immigrant I can say first hand, everybody wants to assimilate. For the most part, when we get to North America, documented or undocumented, the first thing we want to do is get working and earn some money. I know Canada is different than the US but there are similarities. First of all, we live where we are welcome. Does he think immigrants touch down and have to re-buff offers from various groups of white people wanting us to move next door to them? No, we go to the Indian, Jamaican, Chinese, Hispanic (Latin X??) neighbourhoods because that’s where we can find help. Where nobody is going to question whether not we have “legitimate business here”. Talk to your motherfucking people Tom. Ask them why they’re so fucking racist that its hard for immigrants to assimilate. Also let’s consider what he considers assimilation. Some people think that to be a part of the society, you have to abandon your customs and traditions and conform to what’s American. They think that just because they speak another language, that they’re trying to be separate from the rest of society. Fuck that guy. Some of these cats just upset that they have to press 2 for English. Don’t they realise that, unlike Canada, the US has no official language (Canada’s are English and French)?

    I paused the podcast to make this rant. I’m going to press play now.


    Rod & Karen, some of these news anchors racism is coming out of them & I am done parsing it out of some bullshit allegiance. I’ve never seen so many white reporters via twitter cap up for Tom Brokaw. These same people didn’t even have Dan Rather’s back when CBS fired him in 2006 for reporting on the atrocities in Abu Ghriab. What he said was racist, obviously offensive & typical of a guy in an industry that tries to find millions of ways to not call out racism on fellow white people. He said he’s been saying this for years. I believe the son of a bitch. It also had me thinking of a petition that NBC had its employees sign a couple of years back to have his back & those same employees had his back like Parademons sucking up to Darkseid. Apparently, a latina reporter didn’t take shit from him, which great, it shouldn’t have to be this way. Where was Chuck Todd & those other white people on that panel to correct his ass? Also, as y’all pointed out, a good amount of Hispanics do vote Republican, especially, in my home state of Florida. They’re definitely not a monolith, that’s for damn sure. Anyway, I just needed to vent about that.

  8. Whitley F. Brooks

    Fun fact – Al B. Sure’s fine ass son not only looks just like him, but was born on his birthday!

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