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1835: Couples Goals

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Rod and Karen are joined by Brandon and Tati of the Medium Popcorn Podcast to discuss how they met, Bow Wow arrested, 6ix9ine pleads guilty, R Kelly banned from Philly, the MJ documentary, Girl Scout money theft, headlights are brighter, Bill Maher, Ralph Northam, identity thief, city clerk steals money, man gets arrested trying to get his girlfriend out of jail and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Great Uncle Bob

    I wasn’t really old enough at the time to properly follow the MJ trials but I remember Bomani talking about it before saying how LA County spent all this money trying to get him caught up and how they couldnt pin anything on him. But some of the details about the whole situation coming out in the upcoming documentary are very very questionable

    “Safechuck said, in his early years at the height of the alleged abuse, the superstar created a series of failsafes to avoid getting caught in the act. Bells lined the series of doors leading to Jackson’s master suite walk-in closet, where a blanket would be spread on the floor and the doors shut, he said.”


  2. Miss1ko

    The MJ and R.Kelly convo. And Boycotts in general. whew chile. I didn’t watch the surviving R. Kelly docu-series. and I won’t be watching the MJ documentary either. Preserving my mental space is paramount. I’ll assume the worst and keep it moving.

    I will, much like Rod, be waiting for the hypocrisy. I think that R. Kelly singing about sex is gross because it sounds like he is singing to little girls. That’s why I don’t listen. If his songs weren’t like that AND he wasn’t still outchea with a cult an actively grooming lil girls I don’t know if I’d be listening. It is widely known that James Brown beat women. We ain’t ever going to stop listening to him. MJ was weird as an understatement. There is also a period in his musical career which he was not abusing people because he was a child. So one could parse that at that time he was making music he was not abusing anyone. That may make a difference to some…but I know there will be some theories and some excuses. If you can listen to old R. Kelly and not feel queasy, I’m not going to think you are trash or judge you. I think it is the people who want to defend him as a person and act like he is innocent who are really….I don’t have a word for them. Just ….why….

    But at the end of the day, what you listen to is not going to affect the root of the problem. There are molesters and abusers who deliver the mail, bake cakes, paint, design fashion and other things. If you support them financially you may enable them to continue to abuse. When folks are already dead, it doesn’t matter. I can see people who wanted to mute R. Kelly but want to keep Thriller in rotation will go to the but he dead now argument. I can’t listen to Kells no more but that is not to say I won’t be listening to songs he wrote for other people. I didn’t eve know he wrote Fortunate for Maxwell, with his problematic to his fan base head ass.

    And them bright lights…..if you are an attentive driver, when you are driving in traffic where cars are oncoming, you should be able to dim your lights. I do think the smart phone theory is accurate. Who knows. It is also that we are getting older. I think that after age 35 we should also get private drivers. LOL best for hour health and stress level.

    Anyway love the show as per usual.


  3. MatthewDelano

    Hey y’all ima little behind on the episodes but catching up quickly. I’m listening to episode 1833 and heard about Rod cutting his fingers messing with dem carrots and wanted to share a little of my culinary knowledge wit y’all cuz I love y’all. Cut a flat side on the bottom of the carrot so it won’t roll and tuck dem fingers like a cats paw. I tried to find a video but they was too long. Love y’all n bless up! Wakanda 4eva

  4. Phil

    Hello My favorite tipping black folks. Back in 2006 when I was just a young adult driving back home through Silsbee, Texas is where I got my first traffic ticket for driving with my High beams on. I had to spend half my next paycheck on that $264.00 violation, Sucks when you are a high school senior, but I had a good job at the Target and they gave us those holiday hours. All I can say is it was a learning experience, and that today’s headlights are too bright as compared to my old 1988 Chevy Corsica. Thanks for all the great content Rod & Karen.

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