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1837: That’s The Breaks

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Rod and Karen discuss Elizabeth Warren apologizes, Jay-Z to help 21 Savage, Farrakhan is Que now, Hawaii bill wants to make state cigarette free, delivery workers not getting full tip, CMS gun screening rule, DL Hughley on Liam Neeson, the Virginia government black face scandals continue, Bey is proud of Chloe and Halle after Super Bowl, That’s Yall Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I missed wine and white people wednesday. I missed the life show but when I listened on my feed, I had some smoked gouda on crackers spread with quince jam and some grape juice in a wine glass because I’m bougie like that. We needed that white people news after this craziness.

  2. Rich

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    Virginia Commonwealth is Lit! We have Nino Brown as our Lt. Governor! Toxic Masculinity at it’s finest! I’m going to write to my delegate asking for her to support the impending articles of impeachment. closet racists and pimps in the commonwealth? I didn’t vote for this! Fairfax seems to have no respect for women. Also Liam Neeson needs to be impeached. White privilege! These were exactly the type of thoughts that started the race riots (actually massacres) in Tulsa Oklahoma, Beaumont Texas, Chicago as well as countless lynchings.

    Also Karen, you need to get back on the Pre-Game! Justin is dragging one of the pillars of R&B, Mariah Carey! We will not stand for this!!!

    Love your Show!


  3. Michelle

    I needed this White People Wine Wednesday! I listened to this episode at work with headphones and was laughing out loud the whole time. Good thing I show up for work early so no one heard me.

    Also, I may be wrong but I think those Virginia politicians googled black+music+80s and clicked. As a child of the 80s I remember that rap was not popular with adults or white people in general. So it was unlikely that the blackface was meant as a tribute.

  4. D Ramsey PhDone

    Five stars for all of the fuckery going on in the Commonwealth of VA!

  5. jodaqi

    Knee Ig Guhhhh!!!

    You for real said, “not stomp the yard, but shuffle the yard!!!” Ooh! I nearly died. Like if the “good minister” tried to hang with them young dawgs.

  6. chuckspears

    Knee Ig Guhhhh!!!

    You for real said, “not stomp the yard, but shuffle the yard!!!” Ooh! I nearly died. Like if the “good minister” tried to hang with them young dawgs.

  7. Lilmo0219

    First off, throw the whole Virginia away. That’s the breaks. Second, I love the white people and wine segment. Soothes me every time.

  8. bamil73

    First of all, I just want to say that Liam Neeson is brave dammit! How could you deny it? For that hero to stand up and tell us how racist he is (or was I don’t know?) is unparalleled bravery. You know who else is brave? David Duke, Donald Trump, Bull Connor (who was so brave he set dogs on niggas, or as he would say “nigras”), Mel Gibson, Anne Coulter the list goes on.

    Also, Virginia is celebrating Blackface Historeeee!

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