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PG 181: Free Education

Rod and Justin discuss Liam Neeson, joking with friends on social media, Terry Crews reacting to black twitter, Chick Fil-A, YMCA basketball, Iyanla, laughing at people’s pain, empathy, TV, listener feedback, Mariah Carey and pre-game news.


  1. Darienfoxx

    Hey y’all,

    Rod and Karen, I started watching WTF Baron Davis after hearing y’all talk about it. Thanks! That shit is TOO FUNNY. Before watching this show, the last thing I had heard about Baron Davis is that he is dating a 52 year old Laura Dern. If you don’t know who she is, imagine a whiter version of Julia Roberts. She was in the first Jurassic Park. Anyway, seeing Baron just be a nigga in this show was unexpected, but good.

    Oh and Justin, just another reminder that Mariah Carey has the second most #1 hits of all time. Only the Beatles have more. It took the goddamn Beatles four whole-ass niggas just to get 3 more #1 hits than Queen Mariah.

  2. fyahworks

    Cheerio mates

    I loved you guys green book recap
    It was great! Short & sweet. With that said, I hear a lot of talk about true detective season 3, feat mahershala Ali. Are the seasons connected? If not I would start at season 3.

    Also shout out to all those who celebrated vday! Rod I saw the gift you got Karen, good job! Justin what did u get Turk? Today flowers, candy, chocolates are all 90% off so shout out to them niggaz who wait till today!

    Last but not least happy blackface HISTORY!!!!!!!


    • fyahworks

      P.s. being that this was a first offense for Justin, and first offense = one show what will be the punishment for the second offense? Will he be fined? Like in sports? Lol



  3. thatdudefromvi

    Dear Senpai Justin and Rod,

    I am saddened to see Rod stoop to such a low place! Rod acted like the darkie he is and continued to lash out at the calm, intelligent, docile light-skinned brothers. Justin, I understand you choosing your friendship over arguing your VERY valid point but it’s a SHAME that Rod would put you in that position. It’s truly sad but I’ve come to expect that from the brothers of the darkness.

    Also, stay woke! Notice that Rod bullied you, slandered Dominic (another light-skinned KING) and attempted to threaten me ( a third light-skinned KANG) with expulsion from the premium content. Notice the pattern of hate. Although I love access to the fire content, I will continue to fight the good, holy, shining, light-skinned fight against this dark scourge that is Rod’s, midnight black foolery. Stay strong, Senpai Justin. Always remember that #JustinNation and the #JTrillions are behind you!

    P.S. S/O to Queen Karen! It’s always fun when she’s on the show. Hope she’s back next week. – That Dude from V.I.

  4. kccolon10

    Yo, I listened to the beginning of this episode when Justin was talking about chick foo a, and once I realized what he was talking about, I legit said “yo, I can’t STAND this nigga,” and started dying laughing to myself. You two are outta pocket lmao

    Qatar is fucking outrageous with driving. It’s the craziest driving I’ve ever experienced in my life. I have seen a four-lane road turn into six lanes because they don’t give a shit. But the only reason why some of the driving is not as out of control as it could be is because the police let technology, aka cameras, do the policing for them. At nearly every intersection, there is a traffic camera. Almost every mile stretch on the highway there is a speed trap. And you can be physically passing cops on the road, and they won’t pull you over because you’ll get fined by the cameras if they catch you. But when there are no cameras, it’s sheets to the wind.

    You are right with being comfortable by yourself. I’m the oldest of three children, married with a toddler. It’s only since coming to Qatar for work that I’ve had to get comfortable being by myself. It was a hard transition, I’m not gonna lie. But after five months, I’ve gotten used to it. I actually prefer going to places by myself, because I can come and go when I want to, without having to consider what others want to do. For my birthday, I got an Uber, went to dinner, and came back within 94 minutes. I watched a movie in my apartment, and it was the next birthday I’ve had in a while. Now, I just keep my beats wireless headphones charged, and run all my errands with a good TBGWT podcast on, laughing in the streets while minding my business.

    I’m not gonna lie y’all, I could listen to a three hour pre-game show and a 45 min BDS, and I’ll be fine. Because I, like you all, don’t give a fuck about sports lol. But for the sake of the brand, Justin, we gotta chill with this Mariah slander. We gotta get back on track with Iyanla lol. And ROD, don’t be shading me talkin bout I waited two weeks to say I don’t care for Mariah when Karen is gone!! Look, I was working and tired, so I didn’t have a chance to write in. Plus, When Karen here, I be quiet, but when she leave, I be talkin again!

    Love you guys!

  5. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Jay Neason!
    That High Flying Bird on Netflix!!!
    All that Blacktin’ going on! Whew!!! And they shot this joint on an iPhone, WTF!

    Anyway I’m out, Cory B

    PS… I don’t think there’s a lord but I love all the black people!

  6. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod the Truth Teller and That Other Nigga,

    How dare you Other Nigga, slander the hit maker Mariah Carey. She has 18 no. 1 hits. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 5 but 18. Including one with Whitney Houston. Thank you Rod for trying to educate this man. But some people are just to light skinned to learn. Anyway keep up the good work Rod, love listening to guys go back and forth and it makes my day each time I get those notifications of new episode.


    • SymSymma

      Hey Rod and J Troll,

      Thank you Kedesha for pointing out the 18 number one songs. Songs can be hits even when they might not be your taste. But after I realized Justin was cool with ignoring facts I could laugh at the ridiculousness. I love that I work from home so I can play the show without headphones and LMAO as loud as I want…until the next conference call. – Symone

  7. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin

    I just watched this clip of Trevor Noah talking about the Liam Neeson stuff and he made a point about where he made his admission and how it might’ve gone over had he been talking to Oprah.

    How would Iyanla have responded to Liam? Would she have pulled him into her bosom? Yelled NOT TODAY!

    Man what a missed opportunity…


    Thanks for reading,

    Great Uncle Bob

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