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BDS 291: Dell Demps Pick Up The Phone!

This episode is short because Justin won’t let the Mariah Carey hate go. Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NBA free agency, the Super Bowl, Kobe / TMac interview, Brandon Browner blames CTE, Anthony Davis daddy, Dodger fan killed by foul ball, Tristan Thompson and Harrison Barnes.


  1. fyahworks

    TGIF rod and Justin embiid and maybe Queen K:

    Man oh man what a week in sports!

    1)Joel caught that fine for saying the new refs sucked! It took me listening to that clip about Philadelphia 76 times to understand what he was saying.

    2. I think we all can agree Anthony Davis is top 5 on the league currently. But it seems like since he came out and said “fuck this shit I’m out!!” The petty-cans have been dealing with AD differently. First they took him out the promos, next they let him play and he got that ass booed at home, then there was a game Gentry ain’t let him play the 4th quarter! Then last night he gets hurt again and now is questionable for the ASG! Do you guys think this things hurts his stock going into summer?
    3. Eric Reid caught the 3 year re-up! He ain’t let the ink dry before he said “See this is proof these niggaz is concluding!
    4. The AAF showed interest in Kap, but he want more money than the league is worth! Y’all think this is purposely done cause he really don’t wanna play there? Don’t get me wrong, he is probably worth what he is demanding but I wanna know what u guys think is the play here?
    5. Chris Bosh has given up hope on a comeback to the nba! Hall of fame bound?
    6. Lastly, finally Carmelo Anthony hashtag finally came to fruition! #staymelo of him back his wife! They spent vday together and she post a caption which read: “now you know I give you life, if you try this shit again, you gon lose your wife!” I thought he said she was married, not him??!! Lol
    Peace out my nigz!


  2. kccolon10

    Hello gentleman and hopefully Karen!

    I hope we off the Mariah stuff. I need all my shows breaching the two hour mark!! The fact that pre-game was almost three hours is irrelevant lol.

    Listen y’all I got a piece of actual sports news!!! Did you see ya man Carmelo posted a picture of him and Lala on his page. And most importantly, she posted him!!! Of course with the Beyoncé quote now synonymous cheatin, Lyin, raggedy niggas: you know I give you life, if you try this shit again you gon lose your wife’! And TAGGED him!! Niggaz, we making strides!!

    This has been the best ongoing coverage on BDS since I started listening. But what do you think Carmelo had to do to get posted on Laa’s page? And what the tag cost him, cause you know they were two different prices! And I’m specifically asking Justin, cause he’s the most problematic and ridiculous lol.

    I’m so glad I listen to BDS for the hard-hitting sports coverage. Y’all the real MVP’s. Love you!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and hopefully Audrey

    I appreciate you taking the time to deal with Justin’s lightskinned treachery Rod. I don’t give a fuck about athletics, but he’s out here slandering Mariah for another week like she’s Kamala Harris. At least one of y’all supports Black women!

    And speaking of being back on their bullshit, one of the stories you didn’t get to cover last week was Lavar Ball popping off again. With all the Lonzo slander, I did forget how much I missed folks taking shit shit talking seriously. Y’all wanna watch that bullshit AAFL, but give no credit to the innovator and his JBL? Ridiculous! You can’t have salary cap issues if you don’t pay your players. Neva lost!

    Alright y’all have a good week. Looking forward to seeing Steph and Kemba go at it trying to win hometown all-star MVP. Y’all better not get caught slipping though, Steve Smith is in town for the celebrity game.

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