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TNO 129: Return To Black Planet

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Rotten Tomatoes changing rating system, Bumblebee is officially a reboot, Jessica Jones and Punisher canceled, Youtube had pedophiles on it, Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan, Jason Reitman clarifies his comments, Jared Gray sleep mask, Amazon wants to make 30 movies a year, Disney+ Star Wars spin-offs, Disney trying to buy all of Hulu, James Gunn, Aquaman 2, Rambo: Last Blood, Captain Marvel, 1970’s Shazam coming to DC Universe, Marvel gets first Oscar, 3rd Walking Dead show in development, Walking Dead video game canceled, Kingsman pushed back, Apps give info to Facebook, Bond 25 casting news, Grand Canyon radiation, dinosaur tail found in amber, Amazon grocery store, Vic Mignogna accused of sexual harassment, hacked sex robots, THQ messes up, Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, Facebook moderation taking a toll on employees and Facebook’s Patreon Killer.



    It’s Dazz AKA KungFuTreachery once again. Looks like Gunn is back. Well…

    Captain Marvel just dropped. I saw the movie, heard the Spoiled Movie review. Saw all these butthurt fanboys all over Youtube. And then I saw them opening weekend box office numbers.

    The latest Avengers trailer. I got predictions to throw at the wall, be prepared to roll your eyes, so here it is. Let’s see what sticks.

    No Thanos. And so many people think Endgame is gonna be about beating Thanos. That scene where Thanos is talking to little Gamora where he says it cost “everything.” I think if all the Russo’s gave the fans is just a Thanos beat down, it might be satisfying in the moment, but over time the audience would sour on the film as a whole. The Russo’s are smarter than that, experts at subverting expectations, brilliant in giving us a trailer that brings the emotion, but doesn’t spoil the film. It’s not gonna be that easy for our heroes.
    There’s this panel in the “Infinity Gauntlet” comic where Adam Warlock tells Thanos, “You’ve supplied the means to your defeat more than once. Maybe it’s time that you considered that you don’t really want this.” I’m not saying that verbatim will be in the film, I think that in terms of Thanos’ character that idea will be reflected in the script.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they get to space to confront the Mad Titan, and found an emaciated Thanos in his Garden with a broken gauntlet, some Infinity Stones broken and not at full power, some destroyed, and him with a broken spirit begging for death. And that’s just the first hour.
    Stark and Nebula make it to Earth, and Pepper is dead. Not even dusted, but killed in some way connected to the “Decimation.”
    Lang after some attempts and failed temporal jumps finds a way to navigate the time vortex from his last film.
    It’s revealed Danvers may have encountered Thanos before and has personal reasons for wanting to kill him.
    The flergin shows up again.
    Time travel.
    Those scenes of in the Infinity War trailer with the Wakandans, various Avengers and The Hulk shows up in the third act.
    And we as an audience say our final goodbyes to our decade-old familiar friends.

    Aight, niggas.

  2. Kountach

    Whats Good Nerd Off Crew-

    First time, long time. Love the show!

    Just wanted to agree with Aaron’s point about streaming being the future of gaming. I got in Google’s project stream beta for Assassins Creed Odyssey. I mainly signed up to get the game for free. But was impressed after playing for a couple hours. It ran great over my homes wifi and I was just using a cheap Chromebook laptop.

    Also a few months back I purchased Nvidia’s chromecast/android tv box called the Shield TV. It came with access to their own beta PC game streaming service that allows you to play games from your Steam or Ubisoft accounts using Nvidia’s cloud servers. I connected one of my PS3/4 controllers to it and now I can play Assassins Creed or one of my other PC games just like a console. All without needing a gaming PC!

    Hopefully, one day in the future you’ll be able to play AAA titles with just your browser or an app on your TV. Microsoft looks to be prepared for that future.

    Great show as always!


  3. brandonisbmore

    Whats up Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen,

    Sooo much movie nerd news it truly is a time to be alive. I think some of us get caught up in whats good and whats bad (rightfully so) sometimes but forget what it was like to be a comic book and comic book movie fan in the 90’s. The bottom quality of what we are getting now would have been our life growing up.

    Speaking of that Captain Marvel was awesome it seeded so much for the future of the MCU and almost as importantly pissed off all the comics gate dude bros which made my heart swell. Seeing EVS basically have an online meltdown was heartwarming. I kept saying “I dont need an Avengers End Game trailer, Im going to be there day one anyway” until i saw that trailer and yeah i needed it and appreciate it. I did a poll on twitter asking out of Capt, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye who do you think is most likely to die… Capt won by a large margin.. what do yall think?

    I got an early screener for Shazamm and I am not going to spoil it but its the best DC film they made. Its similar to Ant-man in that its a character that people dont know alot about so expectations were low and that allowed the director to basically do the movie he wanted without a bunch of input from WB. Speaking of DC winning Doom Patrol is actually really really good. Outside of Agents of Shield there is no comic book show that connects you with the characters more than doom patrol. DC absolutely should have led with this instead of titans. If they led with young justice season 3 than doom patrol and had a better library of comics I think people would have been ecstatic with the dc universe app. Hopefully they can keep building off these wins.

    Lastly for Aaron, how do you like Anthem. I got it and its fun, but it seems like it needs quite a bit of dlc to make it complete and I heard ps4 gamers were real mad demanding refunds. Also I know you are into VR like me do you plan on getting the Oculus Quest when its released in a couple of months? And if Karen is around, How are you liking the switch?

    Thanks for everything


  4. Amani

    Kevin Feige is the goddam pettiest! He saw Shazam getting those great reviews, looks DC might finally be getting it right and boom another body shot with that Endgame trailer. Only Marvel can get the whole timeline buzzing like an awards show at 8 in the morning.

    They’re finally about to close the Fox deal officially next week and STILL didn’t release tickets yet! These diabolical geniuses know how to build hype. I mean we all knew Captain Marvel was gonna open big and be great, but sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and appreciate what they’ve built on the verge of bankruptcy and the desperation of an alcoholic RDJ who got kicked off Ally McBeal. They’re the biggest thing going and it’s not even close.

    Speaking of appreciation, shout out to Arrow. None of us could have ever thought it would birth a television universe this big when we were making jokes about The Cape and them terrible wigs. It may be finally ending with Crisis, which still blows my mind, but love it or hate it, the game done changed.

    And this is a safe space right? Nigga they really might get me with that Godzilla trailer. Shit HURTS because I’ve been burned before, but that Kong was so damn good and this shit looks like fire.

    Alright y’all appreciate everything you do and have a good one.

  5. thatdudefromvi

    Hey y’all,

    Just wanted to thank you all for another great pod! This show came through clutch while I was volunteering at a 5K Run/Walk. I was handing out waters all by lonesome at my station. You kept me from being very bored and it is much appreciated.

    Keep up the greatness!- That Dude From VI

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