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1859: LSG 34: Food Culturist

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Karen is ready to serve up some more deliciousness. We have some fun spicy news involving a man who might be running a restaurant out of his house illegally, how you’re eating chocolate wrong and Pizza Hut delivering beer. We talk about our meal of the week from Turnhouse Grille. And finally Karen interviews Nicole Taylor (Food Culturist.) It’s a pretty big meal this week. Enjoy! And please leave feedback.

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  1. CC

    Woohooo! My first premium podcast!
    So y’all telling me Rod is eating KitKats wrong? I knew it! Not even the kids would eat a kitkat that way and they would eat rocks if it had a pretty color.
    Anyway interesting to learn about the breast milk. Never realized that. Anyway buying The Up South cookbook. Gonna be interesting to see recipes for our southern oxtail soup. I aint eyeing yall but I’m eyeing yall.
    Anyway thanks for a great pod.

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