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1860: Beta Gets Shafted

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Rod and Karen and Audrey recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. HvyWght

    Its really like Henry COMPLETELY forgot that he went to Hilltop to learn metal work from Earl because The Kingdom is falling apart. He BEGGED them to send him there so he could be of real use. But he’s willing to throw all that away for a wormy kiss and a smile??? He trippin. Carl may have been liking on Enid, but he never would’ve left the group in the lurch like that. Also, Carl was a G! If he stepped out on something, he was equipped to deal with the consequences. He shot that fool in the forest forest down just in case. He went to the Sanctuary and dropped some bodies, ready to deal with the consequences himself. Henry has never been ready or able to deal with the consequences of his actions and they’ve put everyone around him in mortal danger so many times. I hope he gets his head bitten like that little boy Carol scared hahaha. Thanks for the great recap!

  2. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    I’m so happy the ratings are going up because Angela Kang is doing a great job running the show. I wonder if these are new watchers or returnees. My friend’s son was 4 when TWD started and just recently binged watch the whole series so he could watch live so it could be a lot of newbies.

    Speaking of teens, I really like that the Hilltop teens can handle themselves during a herd. It shows how valuable our core group has been with changing other groups for the better because almost everyone at Hilltop could not fight when we first met them.

    I am loving the Highwaymen. They must have raided a war museum for their outfits. I doubt they have bullets in their guns. They are clearly very smart since they used the mannequins and darkness to give the illusion of having a bigger group. I would not be shocked if they just used their guns to look threatening to people while using the butt of the guns to kill walkers. Also, this group was a smart add for the show because they fulfill a desperate need for all the groups. Their economies have been stiffled because they rarely use the roads. We’ve already seen economic progress because these people were hired to perform work, whereas before our groups got goods through charity or bartering. This is a real game changer.

    Dog, Daryl, Connie and Kelly are the blended family I need. I’m sure Merle will be in hell seething about it so I need it to happen, while T-Dog will be looking down from heaven laughing at Merle.



  3. EvieE

    Die Henry die.

  4. Anonymous

    No group that comes across our team can know that they have already fought a “governor” that attacked them with a tank, or saviors that had a gatling gun. Our crew has certified killers. And yet, these folks walk right on up talking tough. Threatening the queen and the king. Running up on Darrel. Madness.

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