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PG 185: Guilt Bricks

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss buying new tires, being broke vs having a little money, YMCA basketball, Crime Town Season 2, Shattered White Boy Rick and listener feedback.


  1. fyahworks

    Rise and grind

    TGIF happy spring!!!!

    I listened to the twd recap with Justin and I wanna say, Audrey’s episode was like the warriors blowing out the Knicks by 40
    While Justin’s recap was like that jimmy butler. Game winning shot vs Boston when he stared at the rim for 30 mins! But nah Justin did a good job! Quick question about twd, how much longer y’all think negan gonna be the John gotti of the z poc and stay in jail?

    Just finished Russian doll and it was pretty good! But the star, who also is from orange is the new black, her character reminded me of her in orange, minus the jail jumpsuit! But it’s 8 episodes, 25 mins each, so it’s a quick watch.

    I also checked out turn up Charlie, which is a british show that stars and created by Idris Elba! Another quick watch,

    Love the show as always!
    I’m caught up with the free shows too after my vacation. And Justin it was nice in Trinidad, shit the weather was heaven compared to nyc which is hell.

    Enjoy the weekend


  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and Janiel Caesar. Just wanted to say thanks for Crimetown season 2 suggestion. I’m only 5 episodes in. I came in ready for the Kilpatrick stuff. But shit I was not ready at all for the shit about the Detroit STRESS unit and their Liam Neeson policing approach. Always good to hear a pregame and even greater when Queen Karen is with y’all peace!!

  3. CEPETE88

    What’s good Rod Karen and Justin. I recently joined a gym with a court and I been thinking about getting in to some pickup games just to run around and get some skills. Never played organized basketball but I’m tall and athletic. Can’t dribble but I’ll get some boards. What’s proper etiquette for pickup basketball? I’m not trying to get clowned

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