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BDS 296: #MyApologies

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, NFL trades, Lamar Jackson speeding, Russell Westbrook fan debacle, Jose Canseco being messy, Steph Curry surprised 4th grader, Lou Williams sets record, the college admission scandal, Dwight Howard lawsuit, Tristan Thompson, Robert Kraft, Serena Williams on International Women’s Day, Ciara and Russy, James Dolan, Conor McGregor, Dennis Rodman, Dak Prescott dog attack, Malcolm Brogdon, Royce White would return to NBA for free, Penn coach took bribe and WNBA / NBA players talk about racism.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jom Izzo,

    I hope all is well.

    Mike Trout signed a 430 million dollar contract and he is one of the greatest to ever swing a stick. Jeff Samardzija (suh-MAR-juh) was an All American wideout at Notre Dame and throughly mediocre baseball player…who is in year 4 of a 90 million, 5 year contract. Even the sorry baseball players get their fully guranteed coins in the league with one of the strongest unions in America.

    And now Kyler is about to be drafted to a bad NFL team that hired a guy who was a bad *college* head coach. I wish Kyler the bestest, but damn, he could’ve had so much more.

    Speaking of questionable NFL decisions, the Raiders signed Vontaz Burfict, which means they basically replaced the best linebacker on the league in Kahlil Mack with the nigga who is good for at least 5 personal fouls a game and will probably slap the shit outta Chucky for talking sideways to him.

    Y’all think we could get a UNC vs Duke title game? How wild would that shit be? Oh and Tom Izzo can go fuck a cactus; fuck outta my face about holding Aaron Henry “accountable”. Coaches are annoying for that shit, like they’d take be screaming at, in public, for anything.

    Have a great show and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. fyahworks

    What up Rod and jlake bortles

    So the nfl has been playing musical chairs last few weeks, especially with the qbs! Bortles gonna sit on pine for the rams, while tannehill left Miami for Tennessee, and simean left Denver for the jets. Shout out to Golden Tate joining my giants, he’s no obj but it’s a solid pick up! I have a question maybe y’all can answer! I know the nfl is a fickle league but how does a player that say is a star and gets traded can end up getting traded for a 3rd or 5th round pick later on when he had a good career and was a 1st round pick when he came out! Like for example, let’s say Green Bay wants to trade rodgers, and they end up trading him for like a 2020 &2021 2nd round pick and 4th round pick respectively. Is it because the player is old? Lost value? Because there no way in the nba you can trade harden or Westbrook or king James for no late round picks!

    Lastly shoutout to all the people who’s ncaa brackets are busted after the first day! Shout out to unc! #1 seed niggaz!!!!

    shout out to rods pops, I know he think duke gonna cut down the nets, but will all due respect! No sir! But once duke don’t win, it’s a moral victory for them heels right rod? Lol who y’all got in the final four?



  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and Michael Smith

    It’s so nice to have a professional, talent lightskinned co-host on here. Oh, it’s still Justin? Damn. But Mike got on High Noon and all of a sudden J Trill decided to do the free show again? My man is getting a little hot under the collar worried about being replaced! Hold his feet to the fire on that new contract!

    Speaking of new contracts, y’all see that Mike Trout $430 million? Whoooo buddy! Kyler Murray you sure you’d rather play football? That MLB money is REAL

    And I haven’t been watching that trash ass AAFL, but I might have to start now. Johnny Manziel on a Mike Singletary coached team? What if they try to sign Josh Gordon too? He gonna pull his pants down in the locker room again? See people have been trying to sell it as passable football in the summer, but if you sell me on getting as many hilariously mismatched rosters as you possible I might change my mind.

    P.S. I know y’all saw D’Angelo Russell balling this week! Justin was right about him. Alright y’all appreciate the dope content as always. Have a great week and hope y’all handled business on that Saturday run.

    • Dr_Doughstax

      Given how the AAFL is burning through money, trying to sign crack addicts would make sense cuz they guranteed to play for the cheap.

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