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BDS 297: Shocking News

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Tom Izzo harasses player, Brandon Ingram gets surgery, David Irving, Giannis on being the face of the NBA, Tyreek Hill investigated for child abuse, Blake Griffin called boy, Kevin Durant’s adopted brother is killed, Adrien Broner threatens gay people cause Andre Caldwell slid in his DMs, fining players for going after fans, Kraft handjob-gate update, Gettleman defends trade, Nick Young baby, Yale soccer coach caught up in bribe scandal, Peyton Manning announcing offer, Dirk passes Wilt, Panthers lineman knocked out at the club, Juventus won’t tour US and coach and wife die on baseball field.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Javar Ball,

    I think that it is important to give felons a second chance. Part of why the recidivism rate is so damn high is cuz folks get released and this evil which we callin crime is the only job they can get. But…like…if a nigga went to prison for wire fraud I ain’t hiring him to count my Monopoly winnings, let alone run my business.

    Anyone else surprised that Broke Baller Brand actually made a million and a half to have stolen in the first place? Although when your shoes are made of cardboard and you ain’t paying your players on time, overhead costs are probably pretty low. I for real feel bad for the Balls in this, since it really was one of their own people’s. Hopefully when they’ll feel better when they move to Charlotte after Lonzo gets traded for Kemba Walker.

    So when the Saints lose an important game cuz of an overturned pass interference call, how hard are the gonna get roasted? Like how hard are Falcons fans gonna be pop locking down the timeline?

    Justin, what do you think of that D’Angelo Russell kid in Brooklyn? What kind of trade package do you think could get him to the Lakers, since he looks amazing. How bad are the optics on this?

    What do y’all think of Gronk retiring? Now that the greatest tight end ever has retired, do y’all think folks will stop caping up for Jason Witten as a Hall of Famer or will they ride that middling train til the wheel axels fall off?

    Have a great and safe weekend y’all, peace!

  2. fyahworks

    Rod, Karen, and Jonzo ball

    1) Speaking of ball, he finally grew a pair and decided to get away from disaster from as bbb! I mean I’m wondering if people still waiting for their orders (yes)!! Have you guys ever seen anyone with bbb apparel or footwear? (No) but I loved the Nike ad and covering up of the tattoo. I’m surprised we haven’t heard from lavar regarding zo’s Actions.

    2. have you guys seen this clip of Kevin Durant shooting around on the court, and he punches a ball into the air and it hits a fan and cuts the mans eye? King James would never!!!!! In case you didn’t see it, I emailed it to you Rod!

    3) i hope gronk retires for real and don’t do a pump fake and come back in 2020! He has so much going on off field and I heard he hasn’t even touched his football money (50 million plus) so leave on top with a chip!

    4. March madness should be called March sadness, for all the players and all the fans that end up disappointed. Yes I am a unc fan rod, and of course expect them to be in that final 4 and hopefully win it all! Last week you made a good point about college sports. You said that people don’t follow these teams or even know some of these colleges even exist or how they even ended up in the tournament! I for one had no idea who tacko fall was! He plays for ucf, and is a 7 footer from Senegal. When they built up this hype about him vs Zion and then I saw him I was like oh shit, is this the 2020 version of manute bol? Duke barely survived that game too!

    Until next time…..


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, hopefully Karen, and Javar Ball

    After all this time, it turns out Big Baller Brands were the ones being scammed? Who knew they sold enough shoes to have $1.5 million go missing and nobody realized until now. We all joked that wearing those ZO2s were what got Lonzo hurt, but now the Lakers actually believe it too? I just need Keenan to come back out and get another sketch with this. My man was just an unpaid volunteer!

    Can we have a moment of silence for Monica finally divorcing Shannon Brown? I had to pour one out in the name of Hating Ass Terrell Jones. Shannon has given us so many legendary groupie tales over the years, it’s important to recognize the pioneers. He walked, to Third Trimester Tristan could run… out on another baby mama.

    And did you see LeBron cast himself as the lucky ass nigga married to Sonequa Martin-Green in Space Jam 2? The Kobe stans can stay mad on twitter, the GOAT don’t give a fuck when make power moves like that. Alright y’all have a great week and appreciate the grind as always.

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