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1870: Headed For Trouble

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    I have been in awe of this season’s storytelling. So many characters have had their stories come full circle.

    Earl tried to kill Maggie at the beginning of the season so I didn’t like him. Now I’m worried he will be an alcoholic again because Tammy died so soon after losing their son.

    DJ got to be a hero even though he started as one of Negan’s henchmen and all because he got a second chance due to Rick’s mercy. I wonder if Negan will get a redemption story next.

    Henry never learned his lesson about impulsively helping people after he got hemmed up by Jed’s group running off without a plan trying to help someone (something Carl did several times). I know that had to be extra traumatizing for Carol since Sofia got her ass chewed running off. He never realized what he kept putting Carol through. It is interesting to see Judith doing the same to Michonne even though she knew how sad it made her mom when she ran off with Jocelyn.

    Our girl Enid finally got to claim her own man instead of having some crazy fool claim her (I still hate Jessie’s older son). Seeing Enid become a productive adult really makes me sad that we’ll never see who Carl could have become.

    Tara made up for that horrible stuff she did with the Governor. I’m going to miss her tig ol’ bitties most.



  2. Amani

    Oh happy day!!!

    That little nigga Henry finally dead! Celebrate good times come on! EvieE hive all day we outchea.

    Alpha really might be the best villain this show has ever had. She doesn’t want anything from our group, they don’t know any weaknesses to exploit, she’s just a force of nature. And Karen’s impressions just make it even better.

    But she still fucked up bringing murder Carol back. The Queen gonna beat the brakes off her like Storm against Callisto from the Morlocks.

  3. Evie E

    While you were playing This is for my Homies in Henry’s memory, I was playing Beyonce

    Middle Fingers up, raise them hands high, wave it in his face, tell him boy bye!

    Boy bye. I ain’t thinking bout you.


  4. lamalamatime

    I have never seen an episode of the Walking Dead and I only listen to your recaps and my gawd. I am sad as fuck. I can’t believe they killed that little boy, Henry??

    Also Karen’s impersonations of Alpha are so good. That bit about red lining I fell the fuck out.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    First, great recap of TWD. I hate all things zombie related and could never get past the pilot episode of the show. I joined the show for Jeffrey Dean Morgan and then grew to love Rick, Michonne, Carol and The Kang. This season however has won me over., and your podcasts keep me aware, informed and entertained.

    Second, your poll didn’t include an option for me. I was not a Henry fan (Evie E’s weekly rants were funny as hell though), but I did not want to see Carol and Zeke hurt the way this death has/will hit them, so his death doesn’t make me happy. I especially hate that Carol had to be among the people to find Henry.

  6. fyahworks

    Dammit rod and Karen it’s the little things that make this podcast the G. O. A. T.

    When you played I’ll be missing you, I’m almost fell out like them people going to the front of the church for a blessing!

    Anywho! This was an amazing episode!

    I have a question for the panel, which death you feel hurt more for queen carol?
    Her daughter back in like season 2 or Henry’s
    Shit I was shocked at some of those deaths

    I won’t lie this really caught me off guard, my final question going into the finale, how do we factor negan into the aftermath we just witnessed? Is he really a match for alpha and the undertaker? I mean beta?

    5 stars….


    • fyahworks

      Ps rod your zeke, & Eugene impression and Karen your aloha impression are to die for! You deserve all the awards they just. Ain’t fucking with ya recaps!

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