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PG 187: Edamame

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss YMCA basketball, CrimeTown season 2, Atlanta Child Murders, Pregame news, sushi and your feedback.


  1. fyahworks

    What up Rod and Justin

    TGIF my nigs!

    1)It’s been a rough week with the passing of nipsey (rip)
    What’s y’all thoughts on Darden representing Eric holder the suspect?

    2)Just wrapped up black lightning season 2! Will you guys do an off season review? Do you know if theres a season 3 coming? (In my Tobias whale voice) do y’all thick lip negros know what CW stand for? Is it coloreds watching? Lol

    3. twd just finished! Did y’all peep the Oregon trail wagons they were traveling in? I haven’t listened to the recap yet but I did wanna say, Rod imma start calling you rodstradamus because you be calling shit! You said last week they would make negan redeem himself and when he went after dog, and Judith and I was like there it is. I guess it was too damn cold and no one else was trying to go after Judith!
    Enjoy y’all weekend


    Ps happy birthday again queen Karen!

  2. rodimusprime

    This comment has nothing to do with nothing. But I saw a Chris Rock skit of him making Jussie jokes, and I found both you and Justin on Instagram just to tag y’all in the post. It really cracked me up!! I hope y’all were able to see it and get enjoyment out of it.


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