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BDS 298: Big Baller Scam

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, the beatings of Ed from college, Big Baller Brand missing money, Gronk retires, Monica getting divorced, extended replay challenges in the NBA, Khloe and Tristan, Conor McGregor accused of sexual assault, Avenatti accused of extorting Nike, Serena’s cat suit is legal, Andrew Caldwell files restraining order against Broner, Cam Newton gave up orgasms for March, Robert Kraft apologizes, Tim Hardaway still paying for homophobia, Teanna Trump, Antonio Brown messy, Kidd to Lakers, Jordan Bell suspended, Simone Biles opens up about abuse, Raptors think they’re keeping Kawhi, La La staring in Netflix xmas movie, Australian footballer harassed, Shaq down with Papa John’s, The Wilsons will speak to the NFL owners wives meeting, NBA game in France, Floyd Mayweather vs Shantel Jackson, AAF wants young football players and Schiano resigns.


  1. Anonymous

    Damn bruh I almost crash hearing that Ed beat down story I laughed so hard he is lucky he wasn’t in the military they would’ve play songs like “Get Fuck up” all over the barracks LMAO

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Screamin J Smith,

    I hope all is well.

    Most important news first: Happy birthday Karen! I hope you had a great time celebrating!

    What do y’all make of Screamin A Smith saying that he is the American Dream and kida can grow up to be him? I kinda think it’s dope since the odds of someone becoming a successful journalist on ESPN are higher than the odds of being the next LeBron James or Russell Westbrook. On the other hand, Smith might’ve just told every hot take throwing nigga at the barbershop that with a bad hairline, hot takes and a dream, they can go from the babershop to ESPN too.

    Did y’all see Russell Westbrook hit peak Westbrook and drop a 20-20-20 in tribute to Nipsey Hussle?

    Do y’all think KD is gonna go to the Knicks? What is the comedic potential of a man who refuses to brush his hair playing for a fanbase who are stsrved for any success? My apologies for any typos, I just remembered how bright the light shines off Cleveland’s 2016 NBA Championship. It’s distracting, you know, having an NBA Championship in your city. What was I saying? Oh, KD going to the NY Bricks. He’s gonna need a server farm to house all those new burner accounts, right?

    Have a great weekend y’all and thanks for making such a great show, peace!

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Barr,

    I don’t know about yall, but my faith in the American way is no where to be found after the events of the last few weeks. The social norms we are all used to have been turned upside down. I can’t believe the recent behavior of some people we’ve trusted for years, it is disgusting. Justin….what the hell is Nene doing?!?! She wore a wire and exposed Mayor Mike and Eva, she offended the Japanese culture with her CP time, she smacked a cameraman, and she made me actually happy to see Kenya Moore last week. Everything is all fucked up. Rod, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t fat shame a pregnant woman. That woman being Porsha. Justin, I do know about you but I still don’t think it’s a good idea to try and divorce Greg while he has cancer. All my sympathy for Nene is gone but black twitter is roasting her each week so it’s still good, messy tv.

    Oh, are we as a community going to stand behind Ashley on Potomac during her (husband’s) scandal this season?

    Great shows as always, yall have a good weekend,


  4. fyahworks

    TGIF rod and J kris-taps-dat-ass porzingis

    Now I see why there was a trade demand! Homie did his dirt and tried to go as south of the border as possible! I hope it isn’t true but nowadays can’t put too much past people.

    Russell fill the stat sheet Westbrook went ham the other night! In honor of nipsey with a 20/20/20 game! That shit was crazy!
    I was listening to your MT as you and Damon discussed mvp! And I am rooting for Giannis mostly because I think this maybe his only chance and also I feel maybe the voters wanna spread the wealth around and not do the back to back mvps anymore! But time will tell I guess. With room of the year who do y’all have? Luka or Trae! I’ve been seeing ppl make a case for Trae because lately he has been turning up, but someone on Facebook mad a comment: “ it’s rookie of the year not rookie since all star break”!! Luka has made numbers overall and his team I believe has a better record! He also came out the gate with highlights. With that said, I feel Giannis should win being that his time has the best record in the whole league! And they been on top all season. Yes Houston was in the bottom of the barrel and harden brought them up to a 3rd seed and did some amazing things, but having the best record, all star captain, and home court throughout the playoffs based on your seasons hard work has to count for something right?

    Oh yeah the AAF folded like rollback tent at Walmart! Good riddens!!!

    I’m out

  5. chubbzero

    What up rod , possibly Karen and coach jike jajrusky? Man the trees are blooming the birds are singing pollen is falling and the blue devils are again an early exit in the tournament. You can just about set your watch to it. How does a team with all that talent fail to make the final 4 year in year out? I had a Facebook friend tell me they were young that’s why they lost. But everyone is young in college basketball. This year had to hurt worse than previous years because they had Zion. This nigga had all the talent in the world, a man amongst boys and you couldn’t get him to the final weekend? Coach k has been called a modern day john wooden by many experts but I think his recent failures in the tournament have stained that. What do you guys think?

  6. Amani

    Hey Rod, Queen Karen and JAFL

    That trash ass league is folding already? Where are all those football junkies who lied about enjoying those games and being excited to trash ass Trent Richardson lead the league in rushing yards? At least the XFL made it a whole season! This shit was run worse than Big Baller Brands.

    And don’t let these niggas clown you Karen! You eat at your own pace. Now Rod, your job is to support your Queen! I hope you took her for her favorite birthday meal, and make sure her plate is filled with nothing but Arby’s and edamame.

  7. Ced83

    What’s up Karen and Niggas,

    Y’all are killing me with the Niggas only, it’s so funny. I don’t know how Rod likes players only because it’s so bad. Lol Anyway I wanted to write in about Tim Hardaway. You guys kind of glossed over the story. He said some of the most hateful things toward gay people. It was stereotypical homophobic rhetoric. “Well, you know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known,” “I don’t like gay people, and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States. So, yeah, I don’t like it.” Really terrible stuff, but he changed and not in the ‘I made a mistake and I apologize to whoever I hurt’ type of change. He’s worked with LGBTQI organizations and in 2011 went to El Paso, TX (he played at UTEP) and attended a rally for the city’s mayor who was facing an attempted recall vote after allowing domestic partnership rights for gay and unmarried couples. I think it’s an uncommon and let’s be real unlikely turnaround in thinking these days. So I think when he commented on his HOF status he was just speaking to his past with regards to those comments, because lets face it the basketball HOF lets EVERYONE in.
    Here’s a link if you’re interested.


    Love the show

    P.S. Is that Crime Town pod only on Spotify?

  8. SoupMaster

    “The general don’t cover nothing but a hubcap” -Karen
    This had me dying laughing, looking crazy at work. Keep up the great work yall


  9. rodimusprime

    What’s up Rod and J. Pozingus,


    Now that I got that out the way, what’s up niggas, love the show. Did ya’ll see this shit with Kristaps Porzingus accused of rape? Ray Lewis is becoming more & more prophetic as time has gone on. They took away this nigga sport and he could last ONE DAY without commiting crime!

    Well, if he fond of rape, he couldn’t pick a better team to go to than the Mavericks. They have predators in the front office, on their website and now on the court. Have a good one.


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