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TTM 57: R & B

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Lord, this was a stressful episode.

    I’m just glad that Randall and Beth came to an agreement. It was looking REALLY dim for them for a moment, but marriage sometimes does. I’m glad they found their door, because not everyone can.

    Soon as I saw that twinkle in Kevin’s eye, I said “oh no”. Him and Zoey were really good together, but at least he was able to come to terms with what hd really wanted. And while Kate was there for him for years at the beginning of his career, I’m glad he can return the favor for Jack’s first few years. We’ll see you later, Zoey. Hopefully she finds a good man herself.

    While Kate and Rebecca usually exhaust me, this one didn’t too much. As a new mom, i understand being stressed out, and lashing out at those that mean you well. But I’m glad she apologized rather quickly, and I hope they have a healthy relationship from hence forth.

    Was that old man in the chair NICKY?!!! WTF happened to Miguel?? Is Rebecca dying of heartbreak?? If so, I’ll kill him!!

    This was a stressful season, with a lot of ups and downs. Thank you for covering the show, it’s been really great to listen and share my opinions.

    Until next TTM, talk to you soon, and be safe!


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod,

    Congrats to Kate and Toby for bringing baby Jack home. I was nervous Kate would slip back into fighting with Rebecca, but baby Jack done growed her up! I wonder what happened to her a Toby that he gotta call Jack to see where they are in the future.

    Kevin and Zoey… *sigh* I don’t want none of this. And why is that little Aryan boy in the future walking around talking about his dad picking up takeout because he realized they didn’t have food? I’m glad they didn’t mention a mama, cause I don’t think the fandom could take it being So… nope, not going to say it. Anyway, I need Kevin to be so on point with this parenting thing that it makes me forget what could have been with Zoey.

    The black Pearsons- I don’t have much to say about Randall and Beth besides I’m glad they made it and hopefully Philly treats them well. All that aside, I need to step in the pulpit. *preacher voice* Ahem. As a founding member #DejaHive (now known as #DeJaCrew), I would like to testify about the righteous Deja Pearson. Now, young Deja didn’t come from a home of a speechifying Jack. She didn’t have years of lyrical soliloquies to get her through the valleys to the mountaintops. However, the righteous Deja Pearson, made a way to make her speech. She moved in the spirit of silence until she was in position to make her big speech. Sis got in her bag, found the pieces of Randall that weren’t in the clouds and GATHERED him together. And when the enemy tried to slow her down, she shut it down with a “Not now! I’m giving a speech.” That’s a word right there. “Not now!” She reclaimed her time, people! And then, saints and aints, then, the right Deja Pearson broke down life’s lottery. Sometimes you need to know that the lottery don’t love everybody. The righteous Deja Pearson brought that thing full circle and provided correction to dear brotha Randall. Correction in his time of need. She effectively pulled his coattail because she is EXCEPTIONAL! Won’t she do it?! Yes she will! *organ music turn up and pass the offering plate* Seriously, Deja did that and I’m so happy she is a part of the Pearson family.

    That’s all I have. Great season and great recap show with y’all. Looking forward to next fall.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I really liked this episode although I kind of felt like they wrapped the Randall and Beth storyline up a little too neatly. Randall still got his way but at least Beth is getting something she wanted out of the deal. I think Randall should have suffered a little more but at least it seems like he has had an aha moment that he is team too much. I hope the show explores that a little more next season and I would like to see more of teen Beth and Randall. I still don’t know how she went from please don’t call me again to marrying and having three kids with this guy. Did Randall put the roots on Beth? I need to know. All that being said, I didn’t want them to break up and I’m glad they’re together in the future.

    I’m devastated that Kevin and Zoey didn’t work out because this opens the door for that 53 percenter Sophie to come back in. I fucking hate Sophie. I think the son at the end was a swerve and Kevin actually adopted him as a single Dad. But we’ll see. I’m okay if Kevin is with someone else in the future as long as its not Sophie. She voted for Trump. Twice.

    I was a little taken aback by Kate’s storyline. Not so much that it’s possible her and Toby aren’t together in the future. That’s no surprise to me because well, she’s Kate. My biggest surprise is that they let a baby born at 28 weeks go home after two weeks. I thought maybe it was a flashforward to when he does get out of the hospital but when I was reading the recaps nope, they said three weeks. I guess it baffles me because I know for a fact that the baby wouldn’t be released until closer to the original due date which means baby Jack would have to have been in the hospital for a couple of months, not a couple of weeks because he’s still too young to swallow on his own. That doesn’t develop until around the 32-week mark.

    They probably wrote his early release to neatly fit the storyline. And I will admit with any other show, I would let it slide but I expect more from the This is Us writing staff. They got this so wrong because there are so many opportunities to show character and relationship development revolving around Jack’s hospital stay. Maybe it would have been a way to start showing the cracks in Kate and Toby’s relationship. I guess I’m taking it so personally because it hits so close to home for me.

    Rebecca was also doing the most in this episode but it was coming from a good place. I can understand why Kate got annoyed with her but I’m also glad that Kate also admitted in a roundabout way that she’s jealous of her mom and has always been. I would like to see the two of them getting closer in the next season.

    I was bummed to see Rebecca in the bed unable to recognize her favorite child. And what the hell was Nicki doing there looking exactly the same as he did when they left him in the trailer. Where’s Miguel? Did Rebecca and Nicky find love in a hopeless place? Did Nicky kill him in revenge for killing Jack and then took the fair Rebecca’s hand in marriage. Or are they just friends and Miguel died taking a crap? I have so many questions.

    Can’t wait for next season. Thanks Rod and Bassey for another great season of recaps.

    Evie E

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Forgot to say how good Kate’s progression as a character has gone these past couple of episodes. Kate admitting that she was such an ass to Rebecca because she saw her as being perfect as hell and felt she couldn’t live up to that . They way Kate was willing to finally humble herself and say – “Hey I was wrong ,my bad.” Insert kelly from Insecure gif – “you know what that is – growth!”

    Also shoutout to the kids getting these adults in check this season whether it was Tess with Kevin , Deja with Randall or hell even baby jack helping Kate realize – mom you need to better if you are gonna raise me as good as grandma raised you …lol.(yes a pre-mature baby can do this telepathically guys – THIS IS TV!!!!(c) Martin

    Anyways thank you Rod and Bassey for another great recap of this new season of This Is Us , this show always adds to my enjoyment of this great show ! Now you guys take that horse to the Old Town Road and Riiiiiiiiiide til you cant no more !!!!!!

    Later you two,


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    I hope all is well with you both. What a week. Okay so some random thoughts here.

    I really loved the tension of this finale. You see the fragility of the Kate/Rebecca relationship at every turn. Even when they’re good they’re still super volatile. Mandy Moore is so amazing. Even I was mildly annoyed by her and that ain’t even my baby. And of course Kate flies off the edge like we knew she would. I don’t like that she essentially has license to shyt on Rebecca and pull one of her many excuses out. Understandably she’s going through a lot with the baby but damn. Do you want the help?? Grandmothers are overbearing. It is what it is. Soften up a bit. Rebecca means no harm. She just needs to establish the right amount of space to let Kate make her own mistakes as a mother. Sidenote: That accident was rough to anticipate. I guess we find out the reason for Rebecca’s hand pain. And Jack….that nurse ain’t give a shyt about all that yip yap. Comeeee onnnn. Lol. This is Us’ing again. And nigga….corn sandwiches. Awww nah Jack. But I’ve eaten some concoctions when I was in grad school and struggling so my eyebrows raised in respect. Lol.

    No one ever established boundaries with Kevin. Perhaps the only person that has mild boundaries set up is Beth (but not really). He tramples over every boundary that could possibly be evident. And received benefits out of relationships but gives stress and strain. Zoe says she doesn’t want kids. Ever. Full honesty. She gave him an out many times in fact. He said it was perfectly fine. We all knew though. He consistently pushed her boundary on that until she broke. And now we probably won’t see Zoe ever again. Damn. I liked her. Just not for him. We got a ton of close up shots of her to remind us of how striking she is. Wonderful slick ponytail swooped to the side! He would not have given up that fight for kids. Oh and speaking of boundaries….he moved right on back to Cali to be up under Kate and Toby. Very rash and unfair to Toby especially. No regard. It was written all over Toby’s face too. This may just wear him out and they had just gotten into their groove with space from Kevin cross country. They haven’t even shown Toby and Kevin having a much needed talk.

    I feel like they must have heard the commentary on how ashy and old they made Randall and how young and vibrant Beth seemed in the FutureUs. She looked considerably older than that first flash forward showed. Am I tripping or did you guys notice that?

    Beth went from not seeing the door in the beginning of the episode to proposing they move to Philly after some research. I guess having Randall’s voicemail come back to haunt her at the dance studio will do. I guesssss. I do like that they get to both follow their dreams but ehhhhhh. Isn’t this all convenient…..I’m not sure how much they truly solved but it’s tv so they wrapped it up in a tight bow. Too tight in my opinion. I don’t like this shyt. Talk to your husband and kids before you make this decision. And then go into the new chapter together. Solving a problem together. But whatever. Lol. If they really wanna solve a money problem move into that building. Knock a couple walls down and make a penthouse. Lol. They’re missing opportunities.

    Meanwhile Beth and Randall are failing Tess. She needs them. They’ve lost focus on how critical this time is for her. She can’t look to them to help her with her teenage angst or handling her budding identity as a young woman because they’re riding dolo from state to state. So nowwwww its just a job huh Randall??? Nope. I’m not rolling. I’m really disappointed. Although it’s nice that Tess could confide in Rebecca earlier this season and Kevin on this episode I would love to know how her parents would have attended to her needs. But a theme I’m noticing is that Kevin is her escape. This is the second time she’s come to him specifically. This time I really loved his advice.

    I really hope they don’t have Kevin and Sophie in the future. Lolol. Whattttt torture. And how interesting is it that Kevin’s house is the hospice for Rebecca. And hey Uncle Nicky. You looking good!!! What if Kevin got with Madison?? That would be some trippy shyt. But then again Kevin’s son is young and they’re old now so he must have had a child late in life. That’s interesting.

    Omg I love and appreciate Deja so damn much. Easily my favorite character. What a heartbreaking reality she’s had to live through. Reminds me of that Iyanla episode with the 5 children who were starved and made to do unspeakable things to each other to eat. What a wonderful portrayal Lyric Ross is putting forward. And Deja has really grown over the course of this season. She tore their car up at the wedding and was barely speaking to them but slowly she’s become a cornerstone of the family. I hope we get to see Future Deja! That story and speech was so heart wrenching. With such a heavy week, I love the line ‘you owe it to the world that let you win the lottery twice…to get it together…’ That really made me reflect. From the mouths of babes comes wisdom. I’m thankful the show runners have made this young lady a vessel for truth. For me the story telling they’re doing with her journey is really remarkable.

    Shoutout to the hair department on this show. All these hairstyles have been bomb. Beth. Zoe. Tess. Annie. Deja. The Randalls. It’s a testament to the showrunners. I’ve been seeing accounts from black actresses that have to show up to sets with their hair done. And we’ve seen Sasha and Michonne’s atrocious hair on The Walking Dead so I’m just really pleased that they get it right on This is Us. But it’s definitely something they strive for on the NBC shows specifically. Next season should be interesting. Anxious to see where they’ll take our Pearsons.

    Be well Rod and Bassey. And Bassey: happy writing and editing!

    —Monique also known as Kemdoc

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey y’all, Toy here 🙂

    So glad to see Baby Jack going home. Hopefully Kate and her mom will get along better now that Kate is also a mom. I can say myself that becoming a parent makes you look at your parents differently. You actually see them as human beings not people who are supposed to perfect.

    Glad R & B is in sync again. Glad that Beth did come to the realization that teaching them middle aged WM how to twirl wasn’t it. Hoping she opens a ballet center for young girls in the Inner City of Philly as a Non-Profit in the same district as Randall. Maybe get some of that funding. The only worry I would have about them moving to Philly is the schools. I was born in Greater Philadelphia, and the public schools are TRASH. Hopefully Randall can use his pull to get the girls into one of the good Charter Schools.

    I knew Zoey was going to leave. Kevin was coming off entirely too strong. Though I do believe that Kevin will make a good dad one day, I think he needs to focus solely on his sobriety. He needs to focus on his 12 steps. Imagine him relapsing with a newborn baby, a five year old, a twelve year old, etc. He needs to get AT LEAST five years of sobriety under his belt before thinking about getting married again, a family, etc. Just my opinion.

    Thanks for doing the show recap. Love you guys!!!

    Toy 🙂

  7. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod & Bassey!

    Great recaps this year. Can’t believe the show is over already.

    In terms of the finale, I think this may have been one of the best episodes in the series. Well acted by everyone.

    As I’ve been watching the show over the years, i’ve often wondered if the writers have the end of the show in mind or if they make it up as they go along. Some of the storylines seem too well-connected and developed to be on-the-fly each season. It could be that they just pay close attention to details and make sure to close up any potential plot holes with each new episode. I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always, keep up the good work and I hope you two can do recaps next season!


  8. rodimusprime

    Hello Bassey and Rod,

    Just want to start off by saying how much I love you two and the weekly recap. As emotional and stressful as the finale was ( I hate when mom and dad fight), I’m more worried about when I’m going to hear Bassey on the podcast again. Don’t forget about us, little people, when you’re on your book tour!

    Ok, so the finale- honestly, I’m just relieved that Beth found that damn door. It was great that Randall was (FINALLY) willing to drop politics, but I don’t think it would’ve been as great a solution in theory.

    It goes without saying, too, that the end of Kevin and Zoey is upsetting, but it would’ve been worse had she changed her mind down the road just for him. Can she please stay on though? I need more female characters not wanting babies.

    Lastly, I gasped and clutched at my pearls when they revealed Nicky. My main questions now are how did he come around? Also is the future going to be part of the story line now? If so, then I am very curious to see how all this time-hopping works in the grand scheme of the show. Are we going to find out they’re time lords or something? WHERE IS THIS GOING?

    Sorry, got a little anxious there. Thank you so much for reading and making me laugh through the tears!

    Xoxo, Leslie

  9. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    First I want to start by saying you both did an excellent job re-capping this season. Y’all are the bomb.

    This episode had me on edge.. I did not blink once cause I didn’t want to miss a thing. The main thing is R&B are still together and they are going to grow old and that makes me very very happy.

    I wonder if Kate is going to realize that maybe her mother has early onset dementia or Alzheimer’s and that’s why she writes everything down and asks a lot of questions. Especially since it seems what the flash forward eludes to, I hope they try to get her help before its too late. It was cute to see Rebecca with baby Jack tho.

    Sadly, I hate to say this because yall are so good with predicting the show, I’m sure you couldn’t see Zoey and Kevin breaking up because Kevin still wanted kids. I mean I know yall tried and were pretty mad at us who said other wise, and I get it.. I know I was kind of egregious with my reasoning as to how Kevin was going to reach this conclusion, but at least the break up wasn’t bad.

    Overall this season was a rollercoaster. I’m ready for next season already. Y’all are the bomb.. I said that but I just have to say it again.

    Peace and love


  10. rodimusprime

    First, thank you Rod and Bassey for your recaps – so amazing, so insightful, so great at knowing what should happen seemingly before the writers do.

    I will say that I was a little upset that you all didn’t recap possibly the funniest, and at the same time cruelest, lines of the whole show. Ever. When Toby came out of the delivery and said Kate as good and she only wanted to see Miguel, I was momentarily shocked and then had to pause the show for a long while because I was laughing so hard when he said he was just joking and wanted to lighten the mood. Miguel’s look of extreme disappointment, the rest of the family saying nothing about the cruel joke — all too much.

    This season finale episode was a lot, and I’m sure you’ll be touching on it all.

    To me, it was all a little too easy with the Black Pearsons – looking forward to seeing how the move and new dance studio work out.

    The end was a lot of stuff and a lot of build up to nothing all at the same time. Seemed pretty predictable to me – Nicky back, Kevin with a kid, Randall and Beth still together, seemed Toby and Kate may not be together anymore based on the comment Randall made. Only thing not clear was where Annie and Daja were at the end of the episode.

    Looking forward to next season and hope it doesn’t become too predictable, or too unrealistic.

    Thanks for all the recaps Rod and Bassey, and best wishes with the book, Bassey – I’ve ordered my copy


  11. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Bassey,

    I always listen to your recaps for “This is Us”, “insecure” “walking dead” and “Game of thrones.” I also listened to “Dat Blood” lol. I know this is off topic but I really love the movie reviews as well!

    To the point.

    I can’t believe that Zoey and Kevin are not going to work out, after all that couple work! This break up feels sudden and unearned to me.

    It’s like the actress that plays the disaster Sophie decided to come back and she somehow has “dibs” or something. Kevin’s future kid looks pure white and I figured they might just work Sophie back in somehow. Which I HATE!!!
    I am devastated by this break up.

    I had a feeling Rebecca was going to get some kind of dementia or Alzheimer’s after the “Waiting Room” episode. I know we don’t know for sure, and it could just be her dying from old age. Give Mandy Moore an Emmy.

    Kate, has come a long way, being able to acknowledge her insecurities to her mom, and why she might have a bad attitude. I mean, my mom is thee best and I don’t think I would ever live up to her either, but I would never be a bitch to my mom about it. I do understand the insecurity though.

    Deja is the GOAT

    Randall and Beth.

    For some reason, for me their argument seemed to resolve too easily. They said some very hurtful things to each other. Randall never really acknowledged the whole history of him bulldozing Beth that they showed us in the previous episode, and Beth never acknowledged what she said about Randall’s mental health. Those, to me, are big issues that just moving still won’t resolve.
    It was just like “yeah I’m down to move” and that was it! I know the move should create some huge drama with their kids in the next season, but it just seemed too easy after all the build up.

    To sum it all up, I loved this season and I hope the show can keep up to the standards of your recap quality!

    Love you guys. Thanks for all your hard work! I look forward to every recap!!


  12. rodimusprime

    Hey You Two,
    I just wanna thank you both, for always giving a great podcast for this fantastic show. I know you two will either enlighten me or say stuff that I thought also.

    1) I could just tell from the way the show was written and the beats of the show filled with characters quiet, that this was not about Beth and Randall getting a divorce. It was about them airing stuff out and being a couple that change. People are always changing and my philosophy on marriage is that all you can hope is that you and your partner change in the same direction. Working in parallel as a team.

    2) It actually hurts my heart that I saw the break up of Kevin and Zoe coming. The way the show presents Kevin has always been with a little doubt and desire to live up to Jack. He wants to embody that idyllic what he thinks a good father is. I am reluctant to speak this into existence but I will anyway. I’m worried that Sophie is going to popped back into the picture. The way they keep shooting the flashbacks with him and Sophie, worries me. She said “you always get what you want, Kevin”. UGH!

    Side Note: I’ve hated the character of Sophie ever-since she played on The Walking Dead and in fact, her death was the last time I watched that show. Rod, I loved your whole process of realizing that actor did in fact, play on TWD. You wished and it was granted all in one podcast.

    3) Finally, where’s Miguel? Why was Nicky there and why didn’t he look much older than when we last saw him? Rebecca dying is gonna rip my heart out. Did either of you get the feeling that Toby was no longer with Kate? It seemed weird that Randall thanked him for “deciding to come”. I have plenty more to say but I’ll leave this right here.

    Thanks for reading my long ass email and for a great season of podcasts.


  13. rodimusprime

    Hey R &B!

    Just finished watching the season finale and woooo they put me through it!

    So happy to see that Randall and Beth found the “door” but not without Randall getting past his major selfishness. It’ll be awesome seeing Beth come into her own as she runs her new studio.

    Sad to see Kevin and Zoe break up. FutureKevin’s son didn’t have a hint of melanin so Zoe may not be back in the future (unless she’s a stepmom). I just hope Kevin did not end up with Sophie after all of this.

    Now we just need to figure out whether Toby and Kate are broken up in the future. I hope not but you never know with this show. At least we got to see Kate maturely deal with her issues with Rebecca. She was starting to fall into old patterns but she nipped it in the bud. I like this version of Kate.

    Looking forward to next season and more flash forwards to the future. It looks like my previous prediction about FutureRebecca being in some kind of cognitive decline might be correct. I wonder if her car accident did actually cause her some kind of traumatic brain injury after all.

    Where are FutureAnnie, FutureDeja and FutureMiguel? Is FutureMiguel Dead? Why is FutureNicky there? So many questions! My guess, it’s the Big 3 plus Jack’s birthday and we’ll start next season showing more of that future day. Every season has the first episode being about their birthdays.

    Thanks for a great season recapping the show!

    – Nicole

  14. rodimusprime

    I enjoyed the finale and look forward to TBGWT recap.

    I just wanted to add my list of songs to the Black Pearson reunification moment. The song was ok, but it wasn’t black enough for my tastes. I was looking for a Brown Sugar or Love Jones vibe. The show has not hit it on the black songs. This morning while driving I imagined the Pearson’s finding the door to these songs:

    Right here – SWV

    Common – come close

    Babyface- When can i see you again

    Feel free to add your take.

    Sent from my iPhone

  15. rodimusprime

    I will keep this brief…we will see 🙂

    So a whole season of their marriage cracking and breaking and it is fixed by a move and new dance studio? Are they secret druglords or own stock in Apple? Where is this money coming from? I am annoyed…Randall and Beth deserve better and we kinda deserve better. I mean they really put us through it this season and it felt so real and to have it just resolve with a move…Beth bending again…but I guess on her own terms this time. Randall willing to bend but Beth (again) being the one to make everything ok…I guess (should shrug).

    I am obviously sad to see Zoe leave but at least they were honest with each other.

    Loving the growth of Kate.

    Nicky? Ok. I will see where this goes.

    Unrelated to This is Us in a Million Little Pieces….just watched the FUBU episode of Atlanta and that was a gut punch. Hit me right in the 1994-1998 feels.

    Love you guys and looking forward to reading Bossey’s book.


  16. rodimusprime

    This is us Season finale feedback

    Team Deja all day everyday! Shoutout to that amazing young lady reading THE FUCK out of Randall’s goofy ass! Give that young actress an award for her acting in that scene with Randall!

    I told y’all on Kevin and Zoe …lol, just please don’t let Sophie be the mother of Kevin’s baby!!! I really wish it had worked out with Kevin and Zoe though. Hopefully we get a decent new character to be the mother of Kevin’s baby .

    Beth and Randalll….

    Beth and fucking Randall….smdh, the writers were too scared to go their with these two characters and I’m pissed. Beth enabled herself again for Randall . Yeah I’m glad they worked it out but fuck all that cookie cutter perfectly tied in a bow bullshit.

    Interesting finale and also great finding out this is supposed to be the midpoint of the whole show’s run – at least that is what I have read the creators and show runners say.

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey,


  17. rodimusprime

    Hey bassey and rod. It has been fun listening to you guys throughout the season. If i had to rank this season i would give it a 7/10. I think kevin adopts a kid in the future and is raising him on his own. I think nicky is around because he looks and favors jack and that is helping her remember the past. After seeing those corn sandwiches im glad rebecca wasn’t the one to die because just imagine if jack was left to take care of them kids, tragic,talking about drinking for real. I am happy r&b is not breaking up, but seems like beth and the family had to make another sacrifice to cater to randall,again. They should just do a spinoff on the black persons. Rip zevin. But no lie can we get randall/sterling some vaseline or carmax.


  18. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassy.
    I love you guys.
    I now have one friend who likes the show and now I’m going to try and get them to listen to y’all.

    I have been Randall (when you tell someone you’re adopted you kinda want to get the questions that will be posed (sp) out of the way so you tend to just cut it off completely or you finish…” the story”.

    This show is so doggone relatable. I too have been the person to express myself freely with abandonment issues and I’ve been the fixer that Beth is.

    Every single one of Bassey’s interjections and interpretations…I was like…….oh my gerd! She is in my head.
    With the exception of the living single episode exchange…I took that exactly like Rod. She was ultimately responsible for her actions even though his actions clearly trigger her. When he said enjoy the show, she should have done that. Was he not supposed to show how he felt through his non verbal communication? I don’t know what a person is supposed to do when they feel that way? and she lied. I can’t even begin to think about it if the roles were reveresed and a man lied to his wife about his whereabouts for the weekend. Being lied to is hurtful and disrespectful.

    Everything else though…I was like yes Bassy, Yes! He does not have the emotional language. The dynamic is codependency. She is an enabler. She may feel like she knows he has panic attacks and thus she may feel like she knew going in that he has those issues and she may feel like this is what she has to do. It is up to him to say hey, I can be uncomfortable. and it is OKAY. Basically, Randall should watch the “our little island girl episode! lol I’m only 90 minutes into y’alls breakdown.

    This is an avoidable tragedy. Y’all said that! it is not a lesser show!

    The heating analogy….lord I am Randall

    I am a turn the heat off or turn it on kind of person and if people don’t literally just say what they want ….I’m bewildered.
    I have anxiety from and I used to sometimes overextend at work. All of that is rooted in anxiety IMO.

    The difference is, I have….no charm lol and I don’t actually hurt myself to help people….because I don’t help people…because I don’t like people…they trash. We all are.


    Such a human character.


  19. Miss1ko

    well I’m back from the weekend at the hotel (as you suggested from my last comment which was interpreted as shady boots lol)

    And yes, I agree that the Pearsons are an open books. Or maybe typical Black people don’t share like that…..could it be a subcultural difference? what do y’all think? Have you experienced oversharing with white Americans? I know I have but I was definitely raised to keep your business to yourself.

    I saw Susan Kelechi’s tweet and I was like….please find the door and hold the door!!
    I can’t wait for the finale so I can send another e-mail and make another comment on your review show. I may catch y’all live!

    and again, that message was the WORST!

  20. rodimusprime

    This episode. Was too much.

    I’ve been catching up on the second part of the season, and I’m glad I had a chance to write in before the finale aired.

    I can relate so hard to Beth. Tired of bending, tired of having to adjust fire on the things you want because your partner wants to do something else. Always having to protect and defend everyone else with no regard for what you want. I didn’t cry, I was just mad. I was mad at how little Randall listened. I was mad for how much disrespect he expected Beth to take sitting down. The goddam audacity of him.

    I hope she sticks with dancing. And if need be, i hope she divorces him so that she can maybe live out her dream the way he’s gotten to live out his every desire for over twenty years, TO INCLUDE marrying Beth.

    I never thought I would say this, but … fuck Randall.


  21. rodimusprime

    Another reason why she probably couldn’t tell him that she cried in the interview goes back to your other point about once you see someone broken you kind of always see them as broken.

    The variation with this one is that she is always the emotional rock/caregiver for him, the dynamic has never been one where she leans on him emotionally he always leans on her emotionally. It would likely be foreign for her to do that. I know this dynamic very well. If I can speak for her it’s as though she is saying “you are always spilling out emotionally and on to me so how could you possibly handle my emotional spillage. You can’t even handle your own”….so it’s easier to just tuck this shit away and just handle internally like I do everything else.

    Also, her mother set her up to handle things that way. Remember the cancer announcement with her dad. After about 2 minutes of shock it was get in the kitchen and get those dishes done. She wasn’t allowed to feel……..AAAAAAND to your other point Zoe was on some THE MAN HAS CANCER.


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